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Twilight Syndrome (Manga)

Release date: July 15th 1995 (approx.)
Page count: 55

The town of Hinashiro has been drowned under the wave of urbanization. The new world left in its wake has abandoned the superstitions of ages past in favor of the material and the rational. However, an unfamiliar kind of madness is brewing within the cement walls of its apartment complexes, muffled by the loud music of its night clubs. This new society, where people can be exchanged and replaced like commodities, is the one where Mika Kishi and Ryo Kazan are walking along by themselves, in parallel lines, seemingly going nowhere. Hidden from sight, a white-haired boy is laughing at them. Above them, the moon observes them silently.

A promotional manga, authored by Nagakubo Takakazu, meant to advertise the release of Twilight Syndrome in conjunction with the Kikuko Inoue Radio broadcast and the Drama CD. It was originally published in mid-July in Kadokawa Shoten’s “Horror DX” (ホラーDX) anthology, and then re-published as an ebook both as part of the Horror Silky web magazine and as a stand-alone release.

Much like the Drama CD, it bears little resemblance to the finished game, and was likely based on early notes: the three girls resemble Yukari, Chisato and Mika, but they are instead called Yukiko, Megumi and Aki, and they investigate an abandoned hospital where they come face to face with the ghost of a hospitalized old woman.

The version presented here has been ripped from the ebook.

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