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Chapter 5 – Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

NOTE: This chapter always plays out the same, regardless of any player choice.

After reaching the top in his promotion of choice, Sumisu challenges the world of Mixed Martial Arts as his psyche is on the verge of breaking. He defeats Thomas Smit and Masayuki Sadake.

The logo on the ring used in this chapter, HWA, stands for Human Wrestling Association, and is not based on an existing promotion; It’s just the generic ring that’s been used since at least Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2, Human being the name of the developer.

Thomas Smit
Maurice Smith

Sumisu’s first opponent, Thomas Smit, is based on kickboxer and MMA fighter Maurice Smith. Born in Seattle, he made his MMA debut in UWF, where he defeated Minoru Suzuki (Mitsuru Mizuki in FirePro) with a knockout punch.

His second opponent, Masayuki Sadake, is based on Masaaki Satake. During K-1 GRAND PRIX ’93, which this chapter is likely based on, he was one of the few Japanese fighters in the heavyweight class, meaning he mostly had to fight against foreigners. The Director Ishidate he mentions may be a reference to Kazuyoshi Ishii, founder of K-1.

Masayuki Sadake
Masaaki Satake