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No More Heroes 1.5 + EXTRAS

Release date: October 28th, 2010

The Japanese-exclusive Hopper’s limited edition came with a special DVD and a soundtrack CD.


Special DVD

No More Heroes 1.5

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A short movie set between No More Heroes 1 and 2.

No More Heroes 1.5 English Remaster

Download | Watch on YouTube

A remastered version of No More Heroes 1.5 with English voice-overs released by GhM on YouTube in September 2021.

No More Heroes Japanese Cutscenes

Download | Watch on YouTube

Unlike the original, No More Heroes 2 featured Japanese voice-overs. In this video, the cast from 2 voiced the cutscenes from the original game.

No More Heroes 2 Trailer

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Original Mini Sound Track

01 – Mini Game [SubutaRemix]
02 – Dose of Innocence [Soprano Recorder ver.]
03 – Philistine [Us ver.]
04 – Feet on the Air [ver. Г¦]
05 – Titanium Batt [ver. v]
06 – Travesty [E3 2009 ver.]
07 – No More No [vocal off]
08 – Titanium Batt [J.B. Tim Tim Remix]
09 – Bizarre Jelly 5 Intro