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I know a lot of gamers out there don’t have much patience. At least that’s what Bishop, the dude at the video store said. So I’m at the register, then I realize I got no money. I was seriously broke. Why? ‘Cause I met this smokin’ hot chick last night at the Death Match bar. Man, she smelled good! So being the gentleman I am, I bought her a drink. Anyhow, I decide to get a job. The gig: assassinate the Drifter…

“PLAYSYLVIA” was a weekly column on the official No More Heroes blog in which different Japanese models would show off their Sylvia cosplays in order to promote the release of the game. It ran from November 12th to December 3rd 2007.

Week 1: Yuzuki Aikawa

Measurements: T157cm B100cm W60cm H89cm S24cm
Date of Birth: 1983.5.16
Birthplace: Ehime Prefecture
Blood Type: B
Hobbies / Special Skills: Classical Ballet / Taekwondo / Swimming

Week 2: Shoko Hamada

Measurements: T157cm B80cm W54cm H83
Date of Birth: 1986.1.1
Birthplace: Kyoto
Blood Type: A
Hobbies / Special Skills: Watching Movies / Ballet / Canoeing / Tennis
Blog: Shoko Hamada’s Strawberry Shortcake

Week 3: Akane Suzuki

Measurements: T166cm B88cm W58cm H82
Date of Birth: 1984.4.2
Birthplace: Akita Prefecture
Blood Type: B
Hobbies / Skills: Cooking / Manga Cafe / Watching Movies / Reading / Research on beauty / Impersonations
Blog: Akane Suzuki’s written feelings powered by Ameblo

Week 4: Seiko Ando

Measurements: T162cm B90cm W58cm H87
Date of Birth: 1987.5.8
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood Type: A
Hobbies / Special Skills: Diving / Golf / Collecting DVDs / Collecting Care Bears / Classical Ballet / Hip Hop / Eiken 3rd grade / Diving (rescue)
Blog: Seiko Ando is LaLaLa☆Rai powered by Ameblo