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The Silver #01: STRUCTURE [First print]

Release date: April 20th 2001
Composer: Masafumi Takada
Catalog number: GHMR-001

Second printing

This is the very virst printing of The Silver’s soundtrack under Grasshopper Manufacture Records; the track titles are arranged, in the back cover, to form a note (credited to Tokio Morishima) detailing the plot of the game. It is especially interesting because it confirms that Ryo Kazan, shadow protagonist of Moonlight Syndrome and serial killer in the Lunatics chapter, is in fact connected to Uehara Kamui and might be a product of the Kamui Maspro, something that will be hinted at in the Prequel Comic as well. Moreover, it implies that the urbanization of Hinashiro was, in fact, part of the development of the 24th Ward.

Due to the high demand, a reprint was issued for this soundtrack; it has the same contents and catalog number, but the cover, which you can see on the right, was slightly altered.

The back-cover note has been translated by Twitter user Steelballrunner.

Track list

01 – The Silver Case
02 – Akira
03 – Morishima Tokio
04 – Yukimura
05 – Kokusai Bldg.
06 – desktop
07 – 24 Modern
08 – Investigation
09 – Public Security
10 – Neutral
11 – Kinjo Bldg.
12 – Kouichi
13 – Tearoom
14 – Kusabi
15 – Cauliflower
16 – Triangular Tower
17 – moon
18 – Furuya
19 – Disappearance
20 – Furuya & Nakama
21 – Mikumo
22 – 24wave
23 – Ryo
24 – Resolution
25 – Uehara Kamui
26 – Last24
27 – Underground
28 – Reminiscences
29 – kill the past
30 – Silver_Remix (Itoh’s mix)
31 – The Silver Case (Unplugged Ver.)


[01]The Silver Case – The case where the legendary killer [25]Uehara Kamui repeatedly took out government officials. [03]Morishima Tokio, unbeknownst to him, gets caught up in this “Silver Case.” An [08]Investigation is secretly under way.
This is no [28]Recollection of the past. The ghost of Kamui takes the form of Kazan [23]Ryo, the boy with the thorn in his side, who lived in the Hinashiro apartments, to be reborn in the modern 24th Ward.
An emergency deployment of a [09]Public Security special ops unit. [17]moon, you illuminate everything, as if you know all. The [15]Cauliflower is a strange building.
Development of the 24th Ward was based on the new urban planning program, which was filled with architecture that could be called as [07]24 Modern, playing an eerie dissonance.
To an old-fashioned detective like [17]Kusabi, the moaning of this city, giving off waves you might call (22]24 waves – the soundtrack of the 24th Ward – could be heard.
The apartment room where [20]Furuya & Nakama hide silently, the child [12]Kouichi, dreaming alone. Even now, the three virgins of [21]Mikumo stare up with envy at [04]Yukimura’s impressive “thing.” In a way, the [11]Kinjo Building is the most dangerous place.
If you made your [24]Decision, you should visit there. [02]Akira? That’s your secret identity after your [19]Disappearance. You always have to look at the case from a [10]Neutral position. Look, [18]Furuya is leaning towards dangerous ideologies.
The [05]International Building is a symbolic building that could be called as [26]Last 24. If you ever see the [16]Triangle Towers, you’re getting closer to the truth about the case.
Oh man, my [06]desktop isn’t doing that well. Maybe I’ll go to a [13]Cafe or Jack Hammer then. The bartender there is really well-read. And he’s a gay masochist to boot. What a guy.
Man, I wanna see Erika. I wanna see her. Help me, man. I gotta be careful, because my conscience is sinking [27]Underground. This is when I gotta be careful, the ghosts of The Silver Case will come back to haunt me.
It’s like a [30]Silver Return. Can’t let them catch me. [29]kill the past! Kill the past! Kill the past! KILL THE PAST. Don’t let the ghost of Kamui catch me. It’s a bit like paranoia.