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Red, Blue and Green (Manga)

Release date: February 18th 2021 (JP), July 6th 2021 (ENG)
Page count: 48
Fan translation (Archive)

Thanks for waiting everyone. I’m here.
I’m at the point where points and lines cross in life.
I will always be waiting. I will kill the life. I will destroy the life. I will erase the life.
When everything is erased, it ends. Actually… it’s not the end yet. The true end is to kill the past. We shall meet in the past. Kamui Uehara is waiting.

This is an adaptation of the Red, Blue and Green short story originally included in the Suda51 Official Complete Book, drawn by Syuji Takeya (the same artist as Kurayami Dance) and released as a first print bonus for the Switch port of The Silver Case and The 25th Ward.

The main purpose of this story is to connect The 25th Ward to No More Heroes 3. The revelation that is most relevant to The 25th Ward proper is that Red and Blue (AKAma and AOyama) were double agents in league with Kousuke Kurumizawa, which helps to explain their appearence as “time cops” in Blackout and in Travis Strikes Again (Kurumizawa is shown displaying some form of time dilation powers in this story).
With this revelation in mind, when Akama refers to the awakened Shiroyabu as “one of them”, I am not sure wether he is referring to the Heinous Crime Unit, or to Kurimizawa’s group.

The group that Kurumizawa was heading (or at least working on behalf of) in the 25th Ward is given the name of “Union”, which could possibly be related to the Union Hotel chain, also featured in the story.

It’s worth noting that the Union group seems to act in opposition to ELBOW, or at least to whichever organization inherited their role after their supposed disbandment in 2001. Michiru Kosaka, who precipitated the encounter between Shiroyabu and Kurumizawa, is described as a Frontier loyalist (The FSO being Sundance Shot’s party, which was ostracised during the TRO/CCO powergrab which led to the founding of the 24th ward) and Kurumizawa’s objective of “Killing the LIFE” (As in the LIFEstyle of the 25th ward, which was possibly designed by Stephan Charbonie, an ELBOW operative) seem to indicate as much.
Sakura Natsume, working under orders from Kosaka, is also the one who helped instigate the war between the RAB & the 25th ward Heinous Crimes Unit, which throws the structure of the ward into chaos. (Kosaka’s unit seems to be at least adjacent to Kurumizawa’s.)

The titular “Green”, Midori Midorikawa, is revealed as a young girl, scouted by Kurumizawa through Aoyama to work as a hitman or cleaner.

While she doesen’t actually play a role in the events ot The 25th Ward, she appeared as a boss character in No More Heroes 3, alongside a new version of Kamui as her boyfriend.

The story contains various references to other games. For once, as I mentioned, the Union Hotel chain from Killer7 and Kurayami Dance is the setting for the first two chapters, complete with its own Edo / Edogawa lookalike.

The comic goes as far as to replicate the aesthetics of the hotel as it appeared in Killer7.

However it should be noted that this cannot possibly be the same hotel as the one in Killer7, as the Union Hotel branch visited in same game is in Philadelphia, while the story takes place in Japan.

When Akama is tasked with killing Shiroyabu, he is directed by Hatoba to room 303 in the hotel, where he ends up running into Garcian Smith, or at least a copyright-free lookalike. (The original story did not elaborate in regards to who this character was.)

Yotsuyama Electronics from Let it Die is mentioned in the Redout chapter.

While he is going through the Hotel, Akama seems to be aware of an Observer watching through his eyes.

The tropical paradise that Kurumizawa transports Midorikawa to, seems to be the same location shown at the end of the No More Heroes 3 reveal trailer, both of them featuring a Maitai. Implying that Sylvia might have been connected to the Union in some way. (Kurumizawa was shown as still existing in some shape or form in TSA.) Coincidentally, the words Red and Green are also mentioned.
Unfortunately, this scene was not present in the finished product.

Lastly, in that same location, Wataru and his boss from Kurayami Dance can be spotted on the beach playing catch. Yeah I have no clue either.