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The Silver Case 2425 – Nintendo Switch Deluxe Edition

Release date: July 6th 2021

Thanks for waiting everyone. I’m here.
I’m at the point where points and lines cross in life.
I will always be waiting. I will kill the life. I will destroy the life. I will erase the life.
When everything is erased, it ends. Actually… it’s not the end yet. The true end is to kill the past. We shall meet in the past. Kamui Uehara is waiting.

The western debut of the 2425 bundle came to Nintendo Switch through NISAmerica. This release includes the bundled artbook previously released with the Playstation 4 Limited Edition, a double-disc soundtrack, and the two mangas PreLunatics and Red, Blue and Green, the latter of which was initially released as a pre-order bonus for the Japanese Switch release.