Paradise Hotel 51

Where Gaming Dies

Official Guide – UAA Ranker’s Bible

Release Date: December 20th, 2007
Page number: 127 pages
ISBN: 978-4757739659
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I know a lot of gamers out there don’t have much patience. At least that’s what Bishop, the dude at the video store said. So I’m at the register, then I realize I got no money. I was seriously broke. Why? ‘Cause I met this smokin’ hot chick last night at the Death Match bar. Man, she smelled good! So being the gentleman I am, I bought her a drink. Anyhow, I decide to get a job. The gig: assassinate the Drifter…

Besides the usual strategy guide content, this book includes several pieces of concept art and data files which mostly match up to the ones you can unlock in-game by collecting trading cards.

Its most interesting inclusion is a short story, called “Past killing To Future killing – One Day of Travis Touchdown”. A rough translation was produced by an anonymous friend.