Paradise Hotel 51

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Bonus Footage

Have you ever wanted to follow the plot in the original Twilight Syndrome duology? Youtuber aRdW has translated both games on his youtube channel. You can find the Tansaku-hen (Search Chapter) playlist here:
And the Kyuumei-hen (Investigation Chapter) playlist here:
(Check out his channel for videos that may not be included in his playlists for some reason. Also, give the guy some love, he deserves it.)

The same youtuber has also translated the third Twilight Syndrome game. I will not cover that game in here, since it’s not part of the KTP storyline nor was it written by Suda51, though if you’re so inclined, you can check it out here:

Moonlight Syndrome is currently being hacked & translated by youtuber Griff Ham. You can check out his progress on his channel, here: