Paradise Hotel 51

Where Gaming Dies


In this episode, Suda and Kojima discuss their respective beginnings in the world of Text Adventure Games.

Following from the previous episode, Grasshopper Manufacture’s live event HOPPER’s is discussed.

HIDECHAN! Radio 89 (2006.07.21)

The radio show’s segment “HIDECHAN Café” has Suda Goichi as a guest.

HIDECHAN! Radio 90 (2006.07.24)

Second part of the previous episode.

HIDECHAN! Radio 108 (2006.10.05)

This episode is the TGS 2006 Special, where Kojima has a discussion with guests Koichi Hamamura, Suda Goichi and Kazutoshi Iida. Unfortunately, this episode appears to be lost: It is uploaded on, but access the file itself is restricted and it does not appear in any other private archive.

In this episode, Suda and Kojima discuss their taste in UK-based musicians.

An audio recording of the GhM-held live event “HOPPER’s Vol. 2”