Paradise Hotel 51

Where Gaming Dies


A series of live movie discussions produced by Famitsu Wave, hosted by SUDA51, manager of the fictitious Theatre51, and Kei Sekine, owner of Bar Plastic Model.

It began in September of 2010 with a discussion on Jodorowsky’s El Topo, which took place at the Human Trust Cinema in Shibuya and was accompanied by a text version of the event on the November issue of Famitsu Wave. The following events took place in Udagawa’s SMiLE Cafe and were also livestreamed on a dedicated ustream channel.

It seems that, regrettably, the livestreams were not properly archived. It remains to be seen how many episodes were published in text format on Famitsu Wave.

The series ended on March 28th 2012, after which it was moved to 4gamer under the Cinema51 banner.

Volume 0 (30/09/10) – El Topo
Volume 1 (24/01/11) – Aibo retrospective Part 1Part 2
Volume 2 (24/05/11) – Twin Peaks retrospective
Volume 3 (28/03/12) – Aibo Season 10