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Flower, Sun, and Rain – Music Clips DVD

Release date: March 31st 2000
Catalog number: GHM-0007

L’isola di Lospass, in cui risiede l’hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain, è il miglior resort al mondo in cui dimenticare il passare del tempo.
L’isola di Lospass ha perso il suo passato; lo stesso giorno si ripete continuamente, senza fine.
L’isola di Lospass è stata presa di mira da un vile terrorista. Se la sua bomba non verrà disinnescata, un aeroplano esploderà ogni giorno, lo stesso giorno.
L’isola di Lospass chiama a sé il cercatore Sumio Mondo. Qual è il ruolo di un cercatore, se non quello di ritrovare ciò che è perduto?

This promotional DVD, which was meant to promote the release of the game, was originally distributed to journalists during the press day of the Tokio Game Show event in the spring of 2000 and was later sold to the public in limited quantities in December 2000. As such it was still distributed by ASCII, the company would ultimately back down from publish the game itself due to their gaming division closing down, and one of the music videos presented therein contain beta footage differing from that in the final release.

The DVD itself features the two introductory videos for Flower, Sun, and Rain, the introductory video for The Silver and a remix of the homonymous PYG song which served as an inspiration for the game itself. It also includes two remixes for the main themes of FSR and TSC as audio tracks.

BigManJapan’s WORDS:

Live action movie featuring Susumu Nihashi and Mia Murano was shot on Saipan island. Whether filming equipement or the location itself belonged to PAL region at the time is unknown but the footage ended up set with PAL parameters: interlaced frames were encoded with Bottom Field First order. The final project was authored back in Japan and metadata for the entire DVD was set to NTSC standard which means Top Field First order. This conflict leads to improper playback of the live action movie in particular. Motions end up stuttering instead of being fluid. The solution is to inject correct metadata or apply deinterlacing filter with field order manually set to BFF.

Scans and video rips were provided by BigManJapanSC.


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Welcome to「Losspass」
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花・太陽・雨 51th Dr. (Radio Edit)
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F.S.R. [アナタノタメ]
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F.S.R. -Torn S mix-
THE SILVER CASE – Itoh’s mix-