Paradise Hotel 51

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Chapter 10 – Skyscraper Melancholy

After GFC, Sumisu and his partner join the national circuit. They eventually land in New York, where Sumisu meets up with Dynamic Kid, who has rescinded his retirement, re-formed the Brilliant Bulls and became the Tag Team champion with his partner, Mightyboy Smith.

Sumisu decides to enter the Tag Team circuit in order to face off against Dynamic Kid. Through the tournament, he and his partner defeat Small and Big Steiner, the Urban Blasters (Knight and Iron) and finally the Brilliant Bulls.

After his defeat, Dynamic Kid decides to retire for good, which causes Sumisu to have a breakdown.

WWC is FirePro’s stand-in for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), known today as WWE.

Small Steiner and Big Steiner as The Steiner Brothers

The Tag Team of Small and Big Steiner is based on The Steiner Brothers, Rick and Scott. They were highly regarded for their perfect teamwork and they wrestled in WWF between 1992 and 1994.

Weirdly enough, Small Steiner is actually based on Scott, the bigger man of the two. His reverse piledriver, the Frankensteiner, is based on Scott’s Steiner Screwdriver.

Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner as The Steiner Brothers

Regardless of which partner you picked, the Steiners will recognize him; this is because all three of them are listed as WWC (WWF) wrestlers in the game.

In reality, The Undertaker and Rick Rude were indeed WWF wrestlers, but Sting was fighting under WCW when donning his surfer persona, which his portrayal in the game is based on.

Knight Blaster and Iron Blaster as The Urban Blasters

The Urban Blasters, Knight and Iron, are based on The Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal. They took their gimmick from the homonymous Mad Max film, and they are credited as the first wrestlers to base their gimmick on a movie. They wrestled in WWF from 1990 to 1992.

Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal as The Road Warriors.
Dynamic Kid and Mightyboy Smith as The Brilliant Bulls

Dynamic Kid and Mightboy Smith, The Brilliant Bulls, are based on Dynamite Kid (Tom Billington) and Davey Boy Smith (David Smith), The British Bulldogs.

In reality, the Tag Team broke up in September of 1990, when Smith left AJPW by lying about his physical condition only to join WWF (where he fought until 1992) and advertise himself as “The British Bulldog”, which he held the copyright for.

The tag team never reformed, and Kid kept fighting in AJPW with Johnny Smith as The British Bruisers.

Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith as The British Bulldogs

Dynamic Kid announced his retirement soon after, in December of 1991, after The British Bruisers managed to win the All Asian Tag Team Championship, due to years of substance abuse catching up to him.

While he did occasionally return to the ring, thus breaking his initial retirement, he never joined WWF or reconciled with Davey Boy Smith, let alone become the WWF Tag Team Champion.