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Twilight Syndrome: Kyuumei-hen

Release date: July 19th 1996
Serial number: SLPS-00405

The town of Hinashiro has been drowned under the wave of urbanization. The new world left in its wake has abandoned the superstitions of ages past in favor of the material and the rational. However, an unfamiliar kind of madness is brewing within the cement walls of its apartment complexes, muffled by the loud music of its night clubs. This new society, where people can be exchanged and replaced like commodities, is the one where Mika Kishi and Ryo Kazan are walking along by themselves, in parallel lines, seemingly going nowhere. Hidden from sight, a white-haired boy is laughing at them. Above them, the moon observes them silently.

The second half of Twilight Syndrome, featuring the rest of the scenarios: “Fifth rumor: Hinashiro’s Grove”, “Sixth rumor: Twilight boy”, “Seventh rumor: Telephone call”, “Eight rumor: Gather Rust Cave”, “Ninth rumor: Occult Mistery Tour” and “Tenth rumor: Reverse Town”. The final unlockable scenario, “Prank”, serves as a teaser to Moonlight Syndrome. Scans were provided by BigManJapanSC, while the text was translated by PT with some help from Jolovey. Special thanks to Deep Wolf for formatting the .pdf version.

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Darkness comes to life within the silent school, and those who were forgotten once again join the world of the living. The girls’ bathroom on the north side of the third floor of the old school building: that’s where the first encounter happened. The three girls were chased by Hanako-san around the school, and then…

The 3D Sound System is even more frightening. Special guest voice: Kikuko Inoue.

The conclusion to the world of “Twilight” is finally revealed!!

MIKA: “Have you never heard of that, Hasegawa? About meeting an exact copy of yourself?”
CHISATO: “Are you curious?”
YUKARI: “Yeah…”

The Fifth Rumor… 「Hinashiro’s Grove」
Mika disappears into the sky as dusk falls on the mountain… Yukari and Chisato rush to the library to investigate the identity of Sakura Himegami, the one who was sending messages to Mika. They find Himegami’s name on the list of 1964 graduates.

The Sixth Rumor… 「Twilight Boy」
K.T.’s suicide shocks the students of Hina-shiro High. Was the boy’s life sacrificed on the altar of invisible bullying? Chisato senses something and heads for the gymnasium’s storage room, where the ghost of K.T. is said to appear.
The three girls delve into a case they shouldn’t have touched…

The Seventh Rumor… 「Telephone Call」
A phone ringing at midnight can only mean one thing: a call of death. If you do pick up, don’t hang up until it’s over. “Hey… Hey… Hey…” That’s what Yukari heard before hanging up.

The Eighth Rumor… 「Gather Rust Cave」
All sorts of rumors have been spreading about the construction site, and no work has been done in it for a long time. Yukari and Mika rush to investigate it, but they end up finding themselves in an old wartime shelter, where time seems to have stopped.

The Ninth Rumor… 「Occult Mystery Tour」
At Mika’s suggestion, Yukari goes to meet a girl who is rumored to be able to grant any wish. When a bizarre spell is recited in the silent school, the building suddenly begins to change. That spell broke the seal, catapulting Yukari into a world of chaos…

The Tenth Rumor… 「Reverse Town」
Yukari loses her inner balance. As she goes to look for a little girl from her neighborhood who had gone missing, she herself is spirited away: going through the slide in the park where the girl was last seen, her surroundings suddenly become unfamiliar.

On the subject of high school girls and “rumors” (page 5)


All sorts of rumors keep spreading through Hina-shiro high school.

The teachers, with their fossilized brains, can only attribute this to the creature known as ‘schoolgirl’, and its primitive instinct to deny reality.

“Have you seen the ghost of that guy who fell down the stairs? Kimika told me he’s been around a lot lately…”

“Do you know the rumor about the Music Room? I heard about it in Ryoko’s class, she’s in second year. Apparently, if you go near the Music Room at night, you can hear some strange sounds coming from inside, and if you stop and listen, you’ll get possessed.”

“There’s a girl who’s always whispering in my ear, I’m sure I can hear her whenever it’s silent… Do you think it’s a poltergeist? It must be, right?”

Still, it can’t be denied that this ‘schoolgirl’ is a human being like us, and that we inhabit the same world.

If one were to trace the origin of these humors, they’d probably find it inside the formless shape of a ‘schoolgirl’.

“Rumors like these are nothing but make-believe. The ‘schoolgirl’ knows this, and yet it still dives in, looking for excitement. I guess that our society, where hoaxes are the norm, is just too boring for them…”

Sincerity and falsehood: there needs to be a balance, but their lives are completely skewed towards one end. Falsehood becomes a spell that keeps them forever young and shields their innocence. It lulls them into a mysterious, alluring dream, one where they never have to grow up, unlike the ‘adults’ who have grown fat and ugly by eating the fruit of knowledge.

As they get shared among ‘schoolgirls’, rumors gain a life of their own, and silently lurk in the unseen corners of our school, of our town…

Rumors that you’re better off not knowing…

Previously, on Twilight Syndrome… (page 8)


The Original Rumor
The school is eerily silent at night. There are many rumors revolving around Hina-shiro high school, which spread like wildfire among its students. Mika Kishii, a curious first-year student, invites Yukari Hasegawa, a senior she looks up to, to investigate one of them. Chisato Itsushima, Yukari’s best friend, who has a keen sense for the supernatural, has this to say once they’re inside: “There’s someone in this building…”

The First Rumor「Ghost Photo Mass Production Park」
A mysterious red streak appears in a photo taken by a couple Mika knows. As soon as she sees it, she rushes to tell Yukari; however, Chisato, who is also present, looks worried. The three of them decide to team up and investigate the park where the picture was taken.

The Second Rumor「M.F. of the Music Room」
A female student commits suicide in the Music Room. It doesn’t take long for the news to start spreading through the school. Rumor has it that this middle school student had a secret relationship with a teacher, Mr. Okuno. Yukari has conflicting feelings about this, as she is in a similar situation.

The Third Rumor「Last Train」
Mika has gotten her hands on a fresh new rumor. Yukari takes her up on her invitation in order to take a break from her stressful family life. The rumor leads them to the train station, where several accidents have occurred one after the other, with many witnesses reporting the presence of ghosts. The three girls sneak inside the station unbeknownst to the staff.

The Fourth Rumor「Seven Mysteries of Hina-shiro High School」
There are seven fabled mysteries in Hina-shiro high school. Mika persuades her friends to investigate them, and Yukari borrows the key to the Biology Room from the trainee teacher Kitamura. Terror lurks in the darkness, waiting to ambush the three girls…

One More Rumor
Mika finds a message written on one of the desks in the library. Half-jokingly, she decides to write a response. As the two exchange messages back and forth, they learn to know each other and begin forming a bond. Then, suddenly, Mika disappears.
Yukari and Chisato rush to the forest…

Yukari Hasegawa (page 8)

Birthday – April 15th, Aries
Blood type – A
Height – 168cm
Bust size – “Are you crazy?”
School year – 2nd
Club – “Going home” Club1The term 帰宅部 is a colloquialism to indicate students who don’t actually belong to any school clubs, and therefore “go home” after class. (Formerly Basketball)
Type – Charles Bronson
Latest CD – The Cure – Wild Moon Swing2This isn’t a typo; the title is changed from “Mood” to “Moon” in the manual itself.

A super-cool 17-year-old.3The Japanese text actually reports her age as 16. However, this must be a typo, as her birthday is in April and Japanese high school years also begin in April, meaning that by being in the second year, she must be 17. This is consistent with the previous game, so I took the liberty of correcting this. However, as her heart is wounded time and time again, it’s becoming difficult to keep her emotions bottled up. Even her childhood friend, Chisato, doesn’t seem to be of much help at this point; however, bonding with Mika helps her take her mind off of things. Yukari faces a major turning point in this story.

Chisato Itsushima (page 9)

Birthday – June 24th, Cancer
Blood type – 0 (Can keep calm in any situation)
Height – 158cm
Bust size – Growing
School year – 2nd
Club – Archery Club
Type – Kiichi Nakai
Latest CD – Katharine’s “LET’S EXERCISE!”

A traditional high school girl who always manages to keep a cool head. You could say that the existence of a girl like Chisato in this day and age is a miracle in itself. Normally, she’s very non-confrontational and even calmer than Yukari; however, when she’s faced with spiritual phenomena, she becomes surprisingly bold and proactive. As long as Mika and Yukari stick to Hyper Chisato, nothing will hurt them.

Mika Kishii (page 10)

Birthday – August 11th, Leo
Blood type – AB
Height – 163cm
Bust size – “I won’t tell you until I lose some weight.”
School year – 1st
Club – Badminton Club (and another one)
Type – Tsuyoshi Domoto
Latest CD – “I can’t remember everything.”

The very image of a high school girl from the city. Her arrogant words, innocent behavior and her status as an antenna for all things trivial are vital tools for surviving in modern society. She keeps three sacred treasures in her signature yellow backpack, and is steadily growing closer to her beloved senior Yukari.

Mika’s three sacred treasures (page 11)

1. MD Walkman MZ-R3 (Sony)
A high-end device used to record all sorts of paranormal sounds and ghost voices surrounding spiritual phenomena. Mika’s “Lovely Special” MZ has been customized by adding a microphone.
It is loved by all for its ease of use, as expected of Sony, the world’s leading manufacturer of audio devices.

2. Big Mini Limited (Konica)
An indispensable tool to take pictures of the various spiritual phenomena. As soon as she saw Sofia Coppola use a Big Mini, Mika rushed to buy one at the Saku**ya4Sakuraya, an electronics store. The censorship is in the original text. in Shibuya. She paid for it with the money she earned with her secret part-time job. It’s a huge improvement over the disposable camera she used in the previous game, though she still only uses it to take pictures of ghosts.
It’s a classic, long-running product by Konica, which allows you to take pictures for any occasion.

3. mola (Tokyo Telemessage)
Her ace in the hole when it comes to communication. Without one of these you could never contact your friends, no matter how close you are. Rental pagers were going out of style, so she rushed to buy one; as she is secretly a Music Fair5Shionogi Music Fair is a long standing TV program about music. The implication here is that Tokyo Telemessage was one of its sponsors. fan, she had no hesitation when picking a model.
Please, enjoy the convenience of Tokyo Telemessage, as it delights you with a wide variety of ringtones.

How to investigate (page 15)


The locales explored by the three girls are filled with secrets and traps. There may be something waiting for you on the other side of every door, a mysterious onlooker or a nefarious trap… Will you cross the threshold?

The stage, Hina-shiro high school (page 17)


A town in Musashino, a city on the edge of Tokyo.

The school is located on a hill, overlooking the skyscrapers and suburbs of the city. The site, which has been providing an education to local children for many decades, has changed its form as the region developed.

The original wooden school was rebuilt with concrete, and then a whole new building was annexed to it. Its history was swept under this wave of renovations, but this only served to fuel interest in its mysteries…

No matter how many new students sit in its classrooms, or how much the wind of modernity blows through its halls, this ancient school will always hide a secret side behind its façade…

Be it in the old school building, with its horrors hiding behind filthy walls and creaking doors, or in the new one, a gigantic mass of concrete threatening to swallow its students whole…

There’s a huge number of tragic stories…

Like the one about the bob-haired girl appearing in the bathroom,

or the rumor about a girl full of dreams who hanged herself in the Music Room,

or the one about a hidden, nameless shrine on the mountain behind the school,

or how about…

The flickering shadow that appears in the gymnasium,

and that story about the Swimming Club member who drowned in the pool many years ago,

and the rumor about the female student who committed suicide by throwing herself off the walkway,


The three girls explore the school at night to uncover the truth behind these rumors…

And maybe… The tale of these brave girls who dared to peek beyond the veil will be engraved in the long history of this school…