Paradise Hotel 51

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Paradise Hotel is a fansite dedicated to the work of Suda Goichi (nicknamed Suda51) & Grasshopper Manufacture. Namely on the Kill the Past metaseries.

WUT!? You don’t know what Kill the Past is? Check out this (mostly) SPOILER FREE page, explaining what the hell I’m going on about.

The site is meant to collect factual information, alongside the insane ramblings & speculations of the Author.
In case you’re wondering what’s going through my skull as I write my editorials and you don’t have the time or patience to track me down and crack it open, here’s an editorial where I explain my thought process in analysing these games:

Did, didja get, get get all that!? Hmm, me neither. I got no clue what the hell the writer of PH51 is ever talking about!

So where do I start?
Just pick the game you’re interested in the top menu.
From there you can use the left hand menu to check out character profiles, story & thematic analysis, a list of available merchandise, relationship charts & whatever the hell I feel like posting that day.

Keep in mind this website is a work in progress. Many pages are incomplete or inaccessible at this time.
You can find out more about the insufferable team of misfits running this garbage dump at our Staff page.
If you want to hang out, feel free to join our forums. Keep in mind, they are general forums where all sorts of issues are discussed, they’re not strictly focused on GHM.

May the Lord smile, and the Devil have mercy.