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Suda51 Reddit AMA

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I usually don't care about such things but a few heroes actually asked some interesting questions about The Silver Case and FSR.

I'll repost the more interesting ones.
As a sidenote I fucking hate reddit's layout, I have no idea how anyone manages to post on this retarded website
Hi, Suda, I recently replayed The Silver Case and remembered that, in the manual for the game, it mentions a character named Marionette Mother. Do you plan to feature her in another title? Do you have any information that you'd be willing to share relating to her?

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
I actually wanted her to come out in killer7. I think she actually did in an early trailer for the game. I did want to use her in that game as and/or The Silver Case, but it didn't happen.

Now that you've reminded me of her, I would like to use her somewhere.
I don't think Marionette Mother was in any of the Killer7 early trailers, at least none that I could find, but it lends even more credence to the fact that Killer7 was originally meant to be a follow-up on the Silver Case / FSR storylines. I should probably add this quote to the article. ... -and-rain/
Marionette Mother is from the TSC playing manual. ... ual-scans/
On the website for The Silver Case, there was a timeline posted with various other mysterious case names such as "Angel X" and "Hyena Shot" that you've wanted to write in the past. Is it possible we'll one day see these stories, even in another form such as manga or novel?

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
I made this in 1998 thinking about what would come before the titular "Silver Case." I needed to make sure there were various crimes that the Heinous Crimes division to give the entire scenario some versimilitatude.
I can't say for certain, but in the future, I would definitely like to bring the to light -- particularly Hyena Shot.
These are from the silver case timeline.
Hyena Shot was always interesting to me because it seems to be the silver case setting in a nutshell.
●“Hyena Shot” Genichiro Hara the Hitman――A case in which Genichiro Hara, the imaginary hitman, actually exists. Invisible himself, his heinously evil crimes take physical form in the real world. Kusabi and Sumio uncover Hara’s true identity.
"Hyena Shot" also seems to call back to FSR with the Lospass hyenas and Sundance Shot, maybe in some early draft this was meant to be the Next Maspro hinted at the end of FSR. (I believe in the finished product, that was Shiroyabu)
Are all of the 11 children of Lospass Island characters that we have seen so far? If not, will we find out who they are some day?

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
They have not all been seen. They might come in the future as well.
Greetings! My question for Mr. Suda is the following:

"Do you still stand by your decision not to revisit or rerelease your work in Twilight Syndrome and Moonlight Syndrome? Are you interested in that format of gameplay in the present day? (2D movement based adventure game)."

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
It's not so much my decision to not do something, but rather this IP is not held by Grasshopper, so I'm not sure there is anything that can be done anything with this at that point from my side.
These types of games are part of my roots, but I'm not sure that this specific style would work for today. If I were to make another adventure game, I would want it to be filled with text, movies and a deep story, but I would want the presentation to be evolved. For example, I consider the work of Quantic Dream to be an evolution of this form. I'm not saying that I would make a game in the same style that they do, but I appreciate the work they do to move the genre forward and I would want to create something similar that brought something new to the table.
Hi Suda, I'm a big fan of your games and ever since I finished The 25th Ward I have been curious about the mysterious character "Hiiragi" from the YUKI chapter and his relation to Tokio. Can we expect to learn more about him in the future?

Also, why does Kurumizawa eat hair?

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
I think Hiiragi will be an important person to Tokio as his story continues to unfold.
I think it has to do with Shiroyabu not having hair. ;)
I never even considered the idea that Kurumizawa might have been trying to master Deathfiling, I just assumed he was a perverted man, who liked to eat hair lol.
Hello Mr. Suda, I have a question about the first chapter of "The Silver Case", Lunatics. When the Republic goes up the Cauliflower building, they see characters from your 1997 work "Moonlight Syndrome". I noticed there was a head in Tohba Rumi's lap - who was it? And was the body they found Kishii Mika?

Also, who is your favorite character from the Gundam U.C. timeline and why?

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
That was the head of a certain someone who came out in Moonlight Syndrome.

As for the second question, I have a feeling you already know the answer to it. ;)
Reminder that according to Twitter, that connection was made up by Jack on the old website
What's up Suda? I wanted to ask you what your inspiration was for Mokutaro Shiroyabu, if any. How was the process of creating this character?

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
I wanted to make a black character and white character (all the characters are color coded) and I wanted to have a rookie/old hand dynamic within the dynamics the main characters that also stood out from the other duos in the game.

Originally, this game was for old style smart phones and each chapter was released sequentially. Therefore, the character evolved throughout the entire process and received a lot of influence from what was going on with Kurumizawa. Actually, the character kind of went off the rails. The players actually had a lot of influence over this character via their feedback every time a new a chapter of the game was released, so this was a character that I created together with the fans, in a way.
Hey suda, i got some good questions for you. Will there ever be a 4.5 re release, that book i always felt was important to sakura and sumio as characters and their relationship in 25th ward.

Second question i have is, will kurayami dance ever get a international release and or anime in production?

And third question is How in the ever flying hell did sumio escape prison to get to losspass island. I saw you updated tokio's part in the silver case remaster and showed him flying there but how the hell did sumio escape prison and changed his entire personality?

Final question is if you ever remastered Flower,Sun, And rain, would you ever update the story and add scenarios in there like you did with the silver case?

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
That may be a little difficult, as the publisher may not exist anymore actually. I'm surprised you know this!

If there is a chance, I would love to. There was an English portion as well: Kamikaze Douga.

We'd have to ask Sumio. It's probably a special ability that he's really secretive about, which is his charm.

I would like to remaster this one day. I've already picked out a partner to do so, so the scenarios would really be up to our collaboration.
Apparently a company to work on the FSR remaster has already been picked but it sounds like no work on it has been done.
Hello Suda-san! I'm a huge fan of your work. The 25th Ward is one of my favorite games. I especially love the chapter YUKI, and I'm curious to know if you and Ooka-san have any ideas for Yuki and Tokio's future.

Also, I loved Kurayami Dance. Do you have any further interest in writing manga or working on other mediums outside of video games?

Thank you for doing this AMA!

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
If I were to ask Ooka-san, he'd say yes there definitely is a future for them. Not to mention, if I asked him to, he would definitely write a scenario about them.
If I can get some free time I would love to work on another manga.
Do you plan on giving Yuki her own game?

Goichi Suda | SUDA51
I think so :)
A few hints at a possible follow-up to the 25th Ward. I really hope it actually happens because the more I see of NMH3 the more I can't bring myself to give a shit. Yes I am aware it has some crossover with the older games, yes I am aware there is some form of Kamui in the game.

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Re: Suda51 Reddit AMA

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I also did same compilation by topics, but in more readable form, haha. Here it is - ... lSGf_/view
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