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Killer7 as a follow-up to Flower, Sun and Rain?

As you may know from reading my What is Kill the Past article or simply through osmosis and personal research, most games Suda worked on during his career before Killer7 (even dating back to his time in Human Manufacture) were part of a single storyline tentatively called the “Kill the Past” series. 

(A common misconception being that it is an officially sanctioned name; in fact, the “Kill the Past” monicker originated on the original version of this website, based on the recurring theme of overcoming past trauma conceptualized in the phrase “Kill the Past” which is featured, in some way or another, in most of his titles.)

Even the most recent GHM games have recently been tied back to the same timeline through Travis Strikes Again, mostly with the No More Heroes series, but even smaller games such as the kinect exclusive Diabolical Pitch. 
Killer7, however, despite some cross cameos with some of these games (namely Moonlight Syndrome, Flower Sun and Rain and Travis Strikes Again) is actually set in a different timeline / parallel universe by Suda’s own admission in the Hand in Killer7 interview.

– Is there a connection between Killer7 and your previous games?
There are cameo appearances. However, there are copyright issues involved, so I created them so that if you asked me if there were a direct connection between the games, I’d say “no.” In my head, I’m creating them in one big world, but the individual settings of the stories are completely different, so it’s not like these stories can be told in the same timeline.

There is, however, ample evidence leading me to believe that in early stages of development, Killer7 was indeed meant to be a follow-up to Flower, Sun and Rain. 

Why does Killer7 take place in an alternate universe?

Thematic & structural overlap and why I consider Killer7 to be part of the same series

In what way would the game have connected to past games? 

Did some version of the events of Killer7 transpire within the KTP canon?

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