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Suda 51

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Suda Goichi is also known as Suda51.
Suda51 is a play on words for Suda Gouichi Go=5,ichi=1.
In english we would pronounce his name as Suda Five One.
Suda51 has been in the gaming business for quite some time all the way
back to the 16-bit era.
Suda mostly works as the director & scenario writer.
The following are a list of his work leading up to Killer 7.


Title Platform Publisher & Release status Credited as
Super Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Final Bout Super Famicom (Human) Japan (1993) director
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special Super Famicom (Human) Japan (1994) director/scenario
Twilight Syndrome: Search PlayStation (Human) Japan (1996) director
Twilight Syndrome: Investigation PlayStation (Human) Japan (1996) director/scenario
Moonlight Syndrome PlayStation (Human) Japan (1997) director/scenario
The Silver Case PlayStation (Grasshopper/ASCII) Japan (1999) director/scenario
Flower, Sun, and Rain PlayStation 2 (Grasshopper/Victor) Japan (2001) director/scenario
Michigan: Report from Hell PlayStation 2 (Grasshopper/Spike) Japan (2004) and Europe director/scenario
Killer7 GameCube and PlayStation 2 (Grasshopper/Capcom) Japan (2005), North America, and Europe director/scenario
Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked PlayStation 2 Released in Japan (2006) and North America
Contact Nintendo DS Released in Japan (2006), North America and Europe Producer
BLOOD+ One Night Kiss PlayStation 2 Released in Japan (2006)
No More Heroes Wii Released in Japan December (2007), North America and Europe (2008)
Kurayami PlayStation 3 proposed
Fatal Frame IV Wii In production
The Silver Case Nintendo DS In production
The Silver Case Ward 25 Nintendo DS In production
Untitled Xbox 360 game Xbox 360 proposed
Flower, Sun, and Rain: Unending Paradise Nintendo DS In production

Suda 51 & Hideo Kojima. They seem to be quite intimate with each other...


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The original list that was translated from the source link below:

PS2 Killer 7 (Grasshopper/Capcom) director/scenario
PS2 Michigan (Grasshopper/Spike) director/scenario (known as Michigan: Report From Hell in Europe)
PS2 Flower,Sun,& Rain (Grasshopper/Victor) director/scenario
PSONE The Silver Affair (Grasshopper/ASCII). 1999.10.07 director/scenario
PSONE Moonlight Syndrome (Human) director/scenario
PSONE Twilight Syndrome: Investigation (Human) director/scenario
PSONE Twilight Syndrome: Search (Human) director
Super Famicom Fire ProWrestling Special (Human) director/scenario
Super Famicom Fire ProWrestling 3 Final Bout (Human) director

Before Suda51 entered the world of electronic gaming he was employed as an undertaker.
The money was good. He earned 50,000 yen just to retrieve the corpses from a hospital morgue.
Suda couldn't really handle the job, as the fumes & odors of the dead caused him to vomit many times.
Such an act is considered unprofessional, and is highly frowned upon.

Suda51 saw a help wanted ad for the videogame company known as Human.
The game in development was "Fire ProWrestling Special."
Suda51,who has quite a substantial amount of wrestling knowledge. As well as being a fan of puroresu (Japanese pro wrestling) since childhood.
He had great confidence in himself that he would be accepted for the job.
A month passed since Suda applied for the job, and he never received a reply back.
Suda51 figured that he might as well get married & settle down as an undertaker.
One day Suda51 was contacted by Human relaying him the message that his application has been accepted.
The change in heart was mainly due to the fact that they were lacking in employees who held extensive knowledge of puroresu.

Although Suda51's first game was about Japanese pro wrestling you can still see signs of Suda51's trademark writing style.
The story mode of Firepro Wrestling had one of the most shocking endings of all time.
Largely due to the fact that it was so unexpected.
Let's just say that the ending wasn't a very happy one.
(The hero falls for Akira Maeda's fictitious sister, she dumps him. He becomes undisputed champion of the world, decides it's a hollow victory, and kills himself.)

Suda 51's favorite athlete of 2003 is Bob Sapp. "Bob the beast Sapp" .
List of Sources: Suda51 article Suda51 data

Note: Suda 51 still works with his former company, Human.
These days Human goes by the name Spike.
(Of Clock Tower,Fire Pro Wrestling,Kenka Bancho & Samurai Michi fame.)