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Welcome to Paradise Hotel. Its abrasive language is directly intended to perturb imbeciles. To everyone else, enjoy yourselves.

Mr. DL

Paradise Hotel 51 is a satirical website. As such, it contains offensive and disturbing language and imagery. Minors and otherwise fragile individuals should refrain from consuming its contents.

Unfortunately, age warnings did little in terms of staving the flood. Therefore, we kindly ask you for a symbolic token of 51¥ (about 0.40$) to prove you are of age and well adjusted enough to hold on to a bank account.

Keep in mind that this is only necessary if you intend to engage with my writing and editorializing. Scans and translations are (and hopefully always will be) FREE on and YouTube.

If you are easily triggered by violence, black humor or real-life events, you should NOT move forward.


Censorship is telling a man he cannot eat a steak because a baby cannot chew it.
– Oscar Wilde

FUN FACT: Oscar Wilde was gay.

We are working on an alternative solution for our Middle Eastern and Russian users who are cut off from online payments. I know this is not ideal, but if you are unable to use the interface, just send us an email at and we’ll try to figure out an alternative to comfirm that you are of age.


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