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Instruction manuals

While browsing, I happened to find a copy of the european manual for No More Heroes. I was surprised to find out that it’s in full color, and that it actually includes an uncensored version of the comic featured HERE. Unfortunately the scanning quality is quite low and as such it can be hard to make out and lacking a european copy of the game I can’t provide better scans myself. You can check it out HERE.

By comparison, the US manual is very bare bones, with a few character blurbs being the only addition to the gameplay tutorials. You can find it HERE.

BigManJapanSC has provided me with his collection of No More Heroes manuals scans. Here they are:

Russian wii manual
Heroes’ Paradise Japanese manual
Heroes’ Paradise PAL manual
Red Zone Japanese manual

While the western manual for No More Heroes 2 was just a very blasé, black and white explanation of the game system, to the point where I didn’t bother scanning it, I was surprised to find out that the Japanese manual is actually a lot more interesting, including two ads for Bizzarre Jelly Five (an in-universe anime show that Travis is a fan of) and the Heaven’s Smile peep show (where Sylvia is working during the game itself, a reference to the terrorist threat in Killer7) respectively and a short comic reminiscent of the one included in NMH1’s japanese and european manuals.

While I had scanned my own copy, BigManJapanSC provided me with a higher quality version of the manual. You can find it HERE.

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