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Hand in Killer7

Release Date: August 1st, 2005
Page number: 95 pages
ISBN: 978-4575164442

Penned by game director Suda Goichi and long time collaborator Ooka Masahi, responsible among other things for the Placebo chapters in The Silver Case, Hand in Killer7 rapresents a huge expansion to the world of Killer7. It includes character profiles, an extensive timeline detailing events predating and following those of the titular game, in-universe journalistic articles, explanations for the in-game factions and much more.

While only released in Japan, the book was fan translated by two different groups.
Deltahead Translations (Archive link) focused on the story-focused sections of the book, while Scenery Recalled (Archive link) translated the staff interviews and the horoscope featurette.

The book has long been out of print; however, youtuber Supergreatfriend has archived the entire book through his video series. Here’s an archive of screenshots from his videos, ordered according to the actual book’s structure.

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