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The thousand references of Travis Strikes Again and what I think they mean.

Travis Strikes Again, due to its nature as a celebratory title for the 20th anniversary of Grasshopper’s founding, contained references and cameos from nearly every title in the company’s catalog.
This led to some confusion within the fanbase on what exactly is to be taken as canon and what as a simple homage;
Since my opinion on the matter is completely worthless, I decided to waste my time going through these references in order.

The connection with The 25th Ward, which I consider to be a lot more substantial than the other one-off cameos, is detailed on this page:
How does No More Heroes connect to the other games?

The Killer7 Intro:

Master Taro Gida:

Akari Tsukiyono:

Nigel McAllister:

Sundance (Shot?):

Mondo Zappa:

Juliet Chesterfield:

Damon Riccitiello:

Shadows of the Damned:

So what does this all mean?