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The Silver #02: Destructor

Catalog number: GHMR-006
Release date: October 10th, 2006
Composer: Masafumi Takada
Arrangers: Sugiyama 303, Die Trax, Kohei & His Computer Band, MARU, Ryuji Nishida, Kayou Ihara, Shinya Tanaka, Taku Yoshioka, Itoh-Kun

This is the second of three soundtracks that were released for the original version of The Silver Case. It features several remixes of the original Masafumi Takada tracks.
The title, “Destructor”, is a reference to Kamui Uehara, the one who can destroy the “Structure” of the 24th Ward.

Track List:
01 – The Silver Case [Film Window Mix]
02 – Kusabi [Love or Die Remix]
03 – Moon [Ws Lecture Pt.1]
04 – Moon [Ws Lecture Pt.2]
05 – Moon [K & HCB MIX]
06 – Uehara Kamui [NYNY Mix]
07 – Moon [Humanity and Justice Mix]
08 – The Silver Case [Tuesday Bloody Tuesday Mix]
09 – Investigation [K & HCB MIX]
10 – Moon [Ws Lecture Pt.3]
11 – Kusabi [His Big Will Mix]
12 – Kouichi [From Kansai to Kanto Mix]
13 – The Silver Case [Absolute Zero Mix]
BT – The Silver Case [Itoh’s Remix]

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