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Suda51 Official Complete Book

Release Date: June 30th, 2018
Page number: 173 pages
ISBN: 978-4835638577

This book is a treasure trove of interviews, behind the scenes details and illustrations on every single game Suda51 & GHM worked on, dating back to his career in Human Entertainment (thus including Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, and Moonlight Syndrome).
The book is still in print at this point in time, and you can purchase it on Amazon Japan.
Unfortunately, the entire book is in japanese (obviously), so most of this info is going to be lost on english speaking audiences.

Among other things, this book includes the Killer is Dead short story, which was originally written as a prequel to Killer7 but has since been reworked into a prologue to Travis Strikes Again, Red, Blue and Green, three short stories set in the world of The 25th Ward, the original setting for Shadows of the Damned, and the original setting for Killer is Dead.

I am not going to unbind my copy of the book, since I only own one of them for now. (I may do that later down the line if I get a used copy for cheap or something.) So I understand my scan quality might not be the best, but feel free to use it or spread it around for translation purposes.

Red, Blue and Green are three stories set in the universe of The 25th Ward. They are centered, respectively, on AKAma and AOyama, two agents of the 25th ward Heinous Crimes Unit, and Midori Midorikawa, a Cleaner in league with Kousuke Kurumizawa.

Red, Blue and Green have since been translated by Twitter user Falions, also responsible for the Kurayami Dance translation, in the form of an interactive text adventure. You can find it HERE.
RBG was subsequently adapted into a manga.

Killer is Dead is a prequel story to Killer7; You can follow THIS link to learn more about it. These scans are from the final two chapters, as the first four can be found online in text form.
I UNDERSTAND THESE SCANS ARE NOT THE BEST however due to the positioning of the story in the book, I couldn’t do much better than this. If anyone needs me to for translation purposes, I may supplant some additional pictures for the more unclear lines.

The original settings for Shadows of the Damned and Killer is Dead were extensively tampered with by producers, to the point where the end products barely resembled Suda’s initial concept or pitch. Both of them are included in this book in text form.

Keep in mind that these scans, are just a small percentage of the content included in this book. It is filled with interviews, background details & illustrations, and taking time to scan the whole thing just for the nebolous possibility that something might want to translate it is not something I can afford at the moment. I would raccomend anyone who is interested in Suda’s career to purchase a copy through Amazon Japan.

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