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Twilight Syndrome: Truth Files

Release Date: October 1st, 1996
Page number: 81 pages
ISBN: 978-4063292671

This is a retelling of the Twilight Syndrome duology in the form of journalistic reports written by third parties. It has not been traslated, nor have I taken the time to scan the book (mostly because I can’t really discern the relevant parts by myself.)
It is interesting to note that, unless I am mistaken, this book rapresents the first time that Suda Goichi and Ooka Masahi have crossed paths, as Ooka was the main writer of the book. Ooka would go on to become a member of Grasshopper manufacture and write the Placebo arcs for both The Silver Case and The 25th Ward, the guidebook for Flower, Sun and Rain, certain sections of Hand in Killer7 and the Badman arc in Travis Strikes Again, among other contributions.

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