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  To take another life,is to SIN...... but what if I were to KILL hER in the name of self defense & the 7th HeaVen? Does that too make I a SINner? I dreamt I was a butterfly. Or was it the butterfly that dreamt it was I? Jack & Jill went up a hill,for they have discovered the latest thrill. To desecrate,slaughter,maim,& KILL. I've spoken to GOD yesterday. The great one told me to "!!!aKKuFahtoM flesruoY LLiK" was that an archaic language,or was GOD speaking in code?

"All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself."

-Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"), Vol. I
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Quick fact: "Jack Thompson cited Killer7, among other games, for being responsible for the deterioration of modern society, claiming that 'profanity, sex and bloodshed are commonplace'. This quote was later used on the back of the third comic book for publicity."


Killer 7 Enigma Closure Elucidation
Quite possibly the largest vault of information dedicated to deciphering the puzzle of Killer 7.
(Which is the story itself.)

The content of that site is composed from 2ch threads.
They concentrate on every aspect of the story from politics to the metaphysical.
The K7 2CH site also contains speculation on the relationship between Killer 7 & Suda51's Kill the Past games which are Moonlight Syndrome,Silver Case, "Flower Sun & Rain",etc.

Suffice to say this is one confusing, but enlightening site.
(This link has shown moi that even those in Japan come up with some rather absurd theories.)

Here's a link to the
Google English translation since I feel that everybody needs to read the wealth of content contained at that site at least once.

Chizuru Hachisuka from the Silver Case:"If Killer 7 SINdicate were a sexual position it would most likely be a deep penetrating fellatio that causes you to vomit & swallow your own throw up with the chunks & bits still intact. Topped off with a fresh gallon of whipped creamy cum & a nice bloody delicious cherry full of gore on top of my face.
Or an orgy where everybodie's invited to take a hot steamy pile of shit in your mouth...

Some Asshole from the Silver Case 25 Ward: "Take it from I, K7 SIN is bloody fantastic!!! K7 SIN revealed to me...I'M NORMAL! Let the HEALING COMMENCE!
Now I know, I'm not the only mothafucka out there that bangs their mothafuckin' head on a fuckin concrete wall until I motha fuckin' pass out.
Topdrunkee is truly our saviour in a time of need."




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heretics slaughtered & maimed in the name of Harman since 8/28/05


Currently updating. For the time being check out newly added FILE 7 files by
DaleMusashi & Punisher.

WANTED:Calling all potential writers &/or webmasters to write or create content for the No More Heroes section.
I am also in need of some authors to write reviews for Michigan & Contact.
(Along with screen caps.)
You will be provided with the necessary web space to conduct your work.

Send your submission.


The most professional Silver Case, "Flower,Sun & Rain", & Killer 7 fan art that I have ever laid eyes on.
The art style looks exactly like the one that's used in the Silver Case & FSR.

An informative Suda 51/ K7 related blog by an exceedingly attractive cos player.
It's actually a personal blog, but there's more info about K7 contained in her blog than most places that I've checked.

Suda51 blog
Suda's blog
He seems to have abadoned his blog,
but hey look an Iwazaru toy!

In the midst of life
This link takes you directly to a section of his blog. That is dedicated to his musings & rants concerning the unofficial trilogy of the
"Kill the Past" games.
(Silver Case,FSR, & K7)

Killer 7 Japanese wiki entry
Combines info from both the game & HIK 7.
What I find rather interesting is that the Japanese view of the story is strictly political & tends to revolve around the yakumo cabinet policy.
Whereas the English wiki K7 entry is populated with religious allegories.

Deltahead Translation group
The group that made the
English translation for Hand in Killer 7.
(Although they seem to be ashamed by that fact, since their is no visible link to the HIK 7 translation.)

I find it ironic how the website was named after a character from Killer 7. (Harman Deltahead)
Yet they only translate Metal Gear Solid related subject matter.

Gamon Girls ~ K7
When not examining Japanese sources,
I feel that this editorial from a girl gaming site is one of the most enlightening pages that I've ever laid eyes on about the game Killer 7.

She brings forth one of the most convincing arguments I have seen pertaining to the religious content of Killer 7.
Now I feel stupid for never noticing the connection that Ulmeyda's First Life had with the David Koresh "Waco Siege".




Kane & Lynch

Persona 3

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