Rules and regulations

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Rules and regulations

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These forums are not heavily moderated, keep this in mind going forward. If you're looking for a more strict community this might not be the place for you. Everyone is allowed to express their opinion to their heart's content and with whatever dictionary they deem appropriate.

When I will step in and moderate, it will be to limit the amount of off topic threads and posts. That is to say, to improve ease of use. I say this specifically because our tendency to constantly go off topic, while funny, made it impossible to find information consistently on the older foruns. I would ask the users to keep their discussions on-topic for the sake of basic ease of use, and I reiterate I will never step in just to erase someone's opinions.

Obviously, posting any illegal content (gore / illegal pornography / doxxing / anything else you can think of that's illegal) is forbidden.
Again, this is a given and I feel like an idiot having to post this, but due to the nature of the modern internet I have to cover all my bases.

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