One Piece

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Re: One Piece

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It's both, that's why I referred to the USA as a death cult. All they worship is death, murder and mutilation of the self.

Death acts as a tribute to the american god, which in turn rewards them by perpetrating the society that allows them to earn unseemly amounts of money through the collective will of the worshippers, who uphold the societal dogmas of their god.
Well in the past, the American god was actually just YHWH of the Old Testament, and SMT gets that part so damn right. This also coincides with
All they worship is death, murder and mutilation of the self.
Except for self-multilation, that's more of a Goyim thing, lol. Probably the Goy version of worshipping such a mad god.

I dunno what the fuck God, Americuck's government worships now. I'm guessing that we're currently in the process of transferring to worship of Baphomet.
I'm not even referring to Satanism or any of that garbage (it's not even a real religion. It's a philosophy where you assume that you alone are the author of your progress, not God.)

I assume Baphomet, because of what the modern USA society represents, and its ideals that it pushes. A genderless society.

What I do find amusing though is when Internet White Supremacists claim that this is all a concerted effort to breed out Whites through race mixing since they're supposedly the only people in the world who can stand up against the Jews, when in reality, the USA god has always been the Jewish god. It was like that from its inception. The Americans rebelled against the Brits because the Brits weren't ideologically pure enough in their Cucktianity beliefs.

As I said before in a PM, I get really fucking confused about what it is that Americans believe when I try to see the world's history & progress through the idealogical Americans' mindeset. It just makes no fucking sense to me! lol! It sounds like it was written by a bunch of idiots who don't even know history to begin with.
Anyway I am at the start of the Wano arc so I only got a glimpse of Imu at the revery. It does seem like a godhead figure, that the five elders of the world government worship. I understand where you're going with this
I don't think they worship Imu at all. I see Imu as more of the central figure who creates the culture and manifestations of society which help maintain the prestige & influence of the World government.
Governments are often backed by a God (Americans were formerly YHWH the Jewish god, as he is with most Western nations including Nazi Germany, Japan is Amaterasu, so on & so on.), Imu seems to be the one who leads them, in their devotion to whatever the fuck it is that the World Government is centralized around.

We still haven't even seen Imu yet in Wano (Two weeks ago, ROBIN IS FINALLY BACK IN BATTLE, AFTER 15 fucking years, she finally gets to break necks again!), although a couple weeks ago it was revealed that Imu did orchestrate a hit on someone (Vivi, Sabo or Boa Hancock.) but we still don't know. The most likely candidate is Vivi since the people of her kingdom were crying in the anime. (Although this isn't canon in the manga.) I don't think it is though (it was prob an attempted assassination but her father sacrificed himself to protect her.), that'd be a waste of her character.
I miss VIvi, it's just that Nico Robin was such an unexpected (& much better) trade off that I let it slide that she's not part of the Straw hats crew, or is at most, considered as an ex-member.

I think Vivi has to be written as one of the only legit governments who will eventually get destroyed or ganged up on Syria/Iran/Palestine style once word reaches to the public that she sympthizes with the Strawhats, and one of the most wanted criminals in the world, Monkey D. Luffy.

The plot would build towards an end of the world scenario if either Boa or Vivi were taken out by The World Government. I don't think it'd be Sabo, simply coz it'd be a repeat of The Paramount war which was the EndGame scenario of pre time-skip. (He's the one I give a fuck about the least though.)
Sabo is also the only one who doesn't have his own government or country, the other two do, which would create a World War scenario if they were to be killed via political means.

KTP & One Piece have similar ideas, because they're just based off of real life. The forgotten history of the Wars of God & Men, and the Lost Realms.
I don't doubt that.
What just struck my mind is how upfront One Piece is, since an actual race of Giants exist in One Piece and during the last two sagas they've been doing nothing but fight giants. (Although they're not part of the Giant race. Or at most, they're only mixed-race with gigantors.)

Up until the 1980s, it used to be somewhat known in the West, that Giants are or were real. It's funny how everything is a conspiracy theory now, coz I quite clearly remember Giants being somewhat of a known fact back when I was a kid, but you can't find shit any more other than a few newspaper clips and some photos of actual motherfucking giants.

It's part of why Andre the Giant was so popular back in the 80s, his phenotype actually looked similar to the mythical maneater giant race that mankind shared their world with. Only difference though is that Andre is too short to be a giant, lol. (Trump is in 1980s pics with Hogan & Andre and Trump looked almost as tall as them.)
Come on man, 7 ft tall giant? What a Giant-let!
It's just ironic to me that this narrative meant for 9 years old actually has a lot more to say about the state of the real world than supposed "adult fiction" shat out by hollywood's AIDS pozzed asshole
I came into One Piece, not expecting any of this at all. I just wanted to see how the fuck a fucking geek like Luffy ended up with a hottie like Boa Hancock, lol.
KTP is pretty niche, while One Piece is extremely mainstream especially in japan. Ironically, japan has a much stricter society than the USA, but they're allowed to publish a popular manga that straight up tells you the government is your enemy.
Japs prolly have a more North Korean mindset and view the World government as the American government.
Japan is fucking weird coz Yakuza are actually viewed as a legitimate part of government which is why Sega's Yakuza plots often revolve around government, and the non-aggression pacts they have with local government.
I guess the Yakuza have a Warlords of the sea type of component to them, but I always viewed OP's warlords as being more similar to Drug Cartels from South America and Terrorist sects from the Middle East, all of which, wouldn't even exist without the USA propping them up, LOL!

One of my fave theories is how the Warlords were only created to contain Dracule Mihawk, who's the real one the World Government fears. (Who also seems very likely to join up with Red Haired Shank's crew.)
We still have no fucking idea just how strong he actually is. We assume that he's weaker than the Yonko, but we've only seen his power contested against Whitebeard, who was legit the strongest man in the world, even stronger than Kaido. Who's not even a man anyway, Kaido is some half beast. Granted, Whitebeard is like a Giant.
In the country of freedom & liberty, questioning the government is seen as a sin against the gods (celestial dragons), unless the man in power is an orange orangutan LOL!!!
As I said, I really don't fucking understand American logic, when I try perceive reality from their perspective. It makes no fucking sense. LIke yeah, I can understand how Orange Orangutan can be considered as the Authority and a Corporation who merged with the Government, but how is that so when the entire government (including nearly the entirety of his own party.) rebelled against him, and nearly every single American corporation rallied against him?

The hilarious part is that they hate him coz of what he did in 2019, the average American citizen had their best pay outs & salaries ever due to Orange Tang, but the avg American doesn't know that.
They believe that he was the cause of BLM, lock downs, Corona, China taking over as the no. 1 economy when none of that has anything to do with him.

Meanwhile look at today's reality where "I Got hairy legs" guy is the POTUS, damn near every corporation loves him, both parties love him, yet the avg American is becoming so poor that they have to fucking eat bugs.
We're told that it's because of Orange guy, yet we never saw Orange guy suck China's dick as much as Biden does.

I don't even believe that China is an outright threat like most people do. (They don't think of us as equals. China views the West as a bunch of goofy faggots, which they are, LOL! That's why China actually invited Orange Tang, their enemy, to places that foreigners never go, coz he was the only White boi who stood up against them.)
What I do see is China using the shit out of American corporations & politicians, because they're fucking dumb enough to shower China with money as if China would ever repay them back with their market.
It's funny, coz that's exactly what Orange Tang said about the USA's retarded ass government, and how nearly the entirety of the USA government are staffed by a bunch of morons who failed upward, their entire life, lol.
Yeah I played Killer7 when I was 14 I believe, and it really opened my mind on certain subjects.
I think I was like 13 when I first got into Persona 1 & Megaten. Those games completely blew my mind with its upfront occultism. Seriously, it told you so many truths that should be obvious to everyone but it isn't, due to how society forces us to conform with thought-leaders who are just fucking morons who did nothing their entire lives but fail upward, or suck some dude's dick, and I ain't even talking about the women. I'm talking about guys sucking other guys' dicks to move upward in society!
Though I will admit I must have been smarter than most modern day adults, considering shit like Fukushima calling himself an architect did not go over my head lol.
I was not confused at all when Fukushima explained politics as a stage, where actors played the part of politicians, while he was approached to be an "architect", who was meant to design and devise. Which means he broke through the façade of politics, to exert real power by planning out a chain of events, and a narrative surrounding it.
I don't get it either. I'd be thinking it were obvious since politics normally is spoken of as nothing but Kabuki theater, I attribute it to gamers being fucking stupid as always.
The Megaten internet-scene from the 90s though, holy shit they were a bunch of smart ass Commie fucks.
They believed in fucking retarded shit, but the knowledge they had was out of this world, and now I'm like the only one left from the original scene who is still kinda on the internet. I pretty much got banned or kicked off of it though.
I got introduced to megaten on the old forums, I had no idea what the fuck it was before joining so Killer7 was my first exposure, but I was aware on some level that politics was a sham before playing the game.
SMT isn't really political, although ironically that's the exact reason why the original games never came to the USA, it was both criticsizing the USA government & their religion.
What SMT was doing is showing how all governments are structured around Gods, and are empowered by those beliefs in gods. Nearly every top government official believes in a God of some sort. It's what I think the Atheist movement is about, a movement to lessen the influence of competing gods while pushing forth beliefs of their government-mandated god.

Even the Chinese have a concept known as The Mandate of Heaven where the Chinks will only accept your rule if you have received the mandate. Not all rulers have had the mandate though, and most people who received it were murdered shortly after the mandate came to them, lol!
It's part of why Biden's rule feels so weird to me, he doesn't have the mandate and was installed there, the same exact way America installs their rulers into Iran, Cuba, and many other countries until their people revolted against the USA, killed the USA's mandated dictator, to replace them with a dictator who at least fight against the USA, which is why the people don't rise up, since the dictator and the people have a common enemy, AMURKA!

In SMT games, they depict those gods as real tangible beings given birth through thought, but that's just a game mechanization coz you're playing a fucking video game.
What SMT 1-3 were showing in their games, would prolly be depicted in our real-life as looking very similar to the Killer7 pre beta trailers where you're fighting a bunch of heretical humans who have been evangelized through dogma. (Which honestly, this doesn't look too different from modern USA, except our Heaven's Smiles would be a bunch of obese Amazing Atheist monstrosities who identify as a woman, but will kill you if you don't address them by their pronouns.)

I wanted to delve more into SMT's digital demon concept, which I do believe is true (and Elon Musk seems to be somewhat aware.) but that actually would be off topic for One Piece. Terry Davis kinda relates to it though, it's part of why he's so fucking crazy. He was speaking to some kind of entity through his OS, he calls it God. Who knows what the fuck it was.
MGS is too random.
I agree, but I would say it does have a purpose in introducing young teens or submentals to the basics of more developed ideas. I disagree with the conclusions it reaches though. (THe ultimate moral of the series, after it has shown every single power structure as corrupt, is to just "let the world be", as theorized by the boss and eventually inherited by Solid Snake. Which makes no sense to me,
Sounds like a generic LOLbertarian pov though, lol. It's why I can't stand them aside for the Anarchist Libertarian variants who at least understand that you must destroy the old system to reset the powerbase back to 0.
just like nothing from the boss's speech made any sense to me at all.
She sounded like a typical American Liberal. I lol'd when I first beat the game coz I was like, you have this entire game about soldiers being used as pawns for war, setting the story up for some Libertarian small government mindset, but here they are preaching like a fucking hippy where I see no borders from space!
It's funny coz you just know that Kojima actually does believe in borders coz he's Japanese and most likely sees everyone outside of those borders (including ethnic Japanese.) as non-japs.

Still, some kid who grew up on Metal Gear Solid is at least given some food for thought (I played MGS1 when I was 9 or so and it blew my mind) that might lead him to higher or more deeper ideas down the line. A kid growing up on uncharted or the lust of ass is just going to take his college mandated HRT and kill himself in his 20s
MGS1 was more of a Tom Clancy novel though (It's part of why MGS1 was so damn popular & mainstream but the rest of the series isn't.), it's actually the very basic thought of what an American conservative used to be. I can't even define to you what an American conservative is today, since fucking Blaire White is labeled as a Conservative. To be fair, I actually do agree with a lot of his statements. (I'd prob actually call him a chick irl though, coz he even speaks like a girl. Now that's effort.)

Even that one Japanese chick who was hired to translate MGS2 & I think MGA1 was making fun of Kojima, for practically doing nothing but plagiarize Tom Clancy. He def did in MGS1. MGS2 just came off more like some crazy anime that looked like a Tom Clancy novel, lol.

Uncharted is not trying to be deep & I don't really see the harm from it (except Uncharted 4), but Lust of ManAss will definitely ruin kids' minds.
"Violence only begets more violence, except for Abby our king Tranny god thing, she's morally just in her violence!"

Thinking about it, the reason why Uncharted 1-3 actually has decent writing is coz Amy Henniq wrote it, and she does not believe that politics belongs in stories that aren't inherently political. That's actually how she got kicked out from Naughty dog though. She's not a dogmatic heretic. She's a normal mature hooman bean.

That's what I find most impressive about One Piece. It's actually a tale as old as time, which repeats itself every 80 years in our real world history but it always repeats because everyone who fought in the previous war is already dead by the time the War of Gods & Men, resumes again. Which God won during the last geography destroying war from 80 years ago? The Communist viewed God as the State. Nazis thought God was the People.
The dominant God is actually Money which is represented through Capitalism, and we're being ruled over by people who believe themselves to be Gods, because they have so much of it.
Yeah it really has the same timeless, universal quality as say, star wars which explains why both are so popular. My only critique is that a few of the arcs really are a bit of a slog (like long ring or thriller bark, I don't mind skypeia myself) but overall it's a masterpiece, that actually goes into detail over all sorts of real life issues, through a cartoony allegory and likeable characters to make it digestible for everyone. Trafalgar Law's backstory might even be a reference to asbestos poisoning
I think the most genius part of One Piece, is that you could easily write it off as just the mindless whimsy of child-like fantasy, because that's exactly what it looks like. It has giants and everything, yet if you're someone who's actually somewhat familiar with our old real world. You can clearly see that One Piece is basing itself off of transitions in power that happened during the BC times of Ancient Rome, which happened again during the Napolean era, we met another civilization reset during Rasputin but one could argue that the 1700s up to the mid 1900s as part of the same era or civilizational time epoch.
One Piece is clearly talking about these two or three old worlds, but it's not talking about the next one I'm going to bring up. (How could it? One Piece is a product of the 90s, lol!)

After the 1950s when WW2 ended, we still retained some excerpts of knowledge from the Old world of Napoleon's time but we slowly erased all knowledge of it during the early 2000s.
1990s was spent trying to create the means to erase history. (Internet, social media, instant messaging.) 2000s was when we distributed those & socially-accepted those means, 2010s is when we destroyed our history.

2020 era is now an epoch of confusion.
Our current reality is being rewritten to fall in line with what I assume is the Baphomet transition to power. We erased so much world history last year, by destroying monuments & banning anything that we labeled as "RACIST!"
How do you define reality when you can't even fucking understand where you came from coz a bunch of oldfucks manipulated a bunch of young (Millenial & Zoomer) dumbfucks, into outright destroying what was left of Western history, to the point that the West is now at the same point that China was during Mao's revolution, which was when he took a great leap forward, to destroy all semblance of Chinese culture & history.

The only reason why we still somewhat know what China was is coz the West was still advanced at the time and they kept records of China.
Who's gonna do the record-keeping for the West? The Japs? AYY LMAO!
I laugh, but that's prolly the most likely candidate of keeping knowledge from our previous 1950s-2010s world, to warn about the new world that's being birthed in front of us.

That's actually one of the theories about The One Piece. That perhaps the One Piece is just the destruction of the grand line, turning the fragmented world of OP, into One Planet or One grand ocean, LOL!
It's my fave theory anyway. What cracks me up, In other sites, I can't even say what I wrote in most of this post without getting banned by wannabe Hall monitor faggots who would classify what I wrote as "conspiracy theory" when it's not a fucking theory or a conspiracy. This was reality before our overlords decided to once again, fucking erase our entire fucking history!
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Re: One Piece

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Re: One Piece

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vdartzzjer1 wrote:
Fri Mar 19, 2021 6:38 am
nico robin i real'el miss a Tail Dark and Fox'its look she have.
befor two year time jump slut't ass all body billy cosby sitter on hole body in milk
blue dimen eyes.
Robin the Egyptian lover, even though she's Russian. I don't care though, in my head canon, she's Egypt.
i hate a time jump women get long banpo hair now.
They look gud, the problem is that they all look exactly like Boa Hancock. How is Boa is supposed to stand out if every hot girl looks like her?
i no post this in op all time i find it here
jujutsu kaisen ALI – LOST IN PARADISE feat. AKLO

Geah, Aklo is my shit mang.

He's def the best Jap rapper I've heard from Japan.

I think he's way better than Seeda. Seed's manager threatened to kick my ass lol.

Girl mc's vibe I'm loving is Shachi.

She's a Jpop girl who went straight up street.

She's talking mad bull shit about "internet fans."

TO bring it back to ONE PIECE. Takako is prob the hottest girl who sung a One Piece theme, during the Vivi arc too.
Va11 Hall-a Faggot: He's such a Chad. I bet he fucks an Asian bitch every night.
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