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Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 12:53 am
by Xed51
Herp derp, look at this Boomer speak. I'm actually just referencing what happened to Gypsy Crusader, who fucking lost his journalism job due to Antifa so they attacked his next job, which was at a gas station.
I don't know who this specific guy is but this seems to happen all the time, cultists will try to get you fired if you have an opinion they disagree with, and if that fails they'll attack the business physically.

My point is that if that happened to me, nobody could fire me because I am my own employer, and nobody could find my business to attack it because it's hidden. I didn't even do this to protect myself from cultists, to me it's just normal that a man would take precautions instead of advertising his entire life online. How the fuck do antifags find out where somebody works or lives? I don't know the specific case of gypsy crusader, but what this tells me about these people is that they want to act badass online, without being prepared to act badass IRL. I honestly doubt that if you were targeted, they'd actually manage to "ruin your life" in the real world lol.

Of course it's easy to do that on the internet because you have social media platforms built around propping up certain opinions.
That's not me justifying vandalism and all that shit by the way. I'm just saying that a man should be able to power through adversity and defend himself. There's always going to be people coming after you, trying to kill you or ruin you, you can't really count on the lawman to keep you safe

That's why I was glad that Trump tried to ban that Critical Race theory shit, coz it's legit teaching kids to be racist. Telling an asian person that the only reason why we're smart, is coz we're wannabe White. Is fucking racist to me, coz our cultures fucking predated White people modern culture lol!
Toilet paper came from Asians, but as usual White Progressives always have to steal what's ours, and claim it as their own.
It seems to me that Americans just can't shut the fuck up about race. I'm amazed they're not teaching critical race theory in elementary schools already lol, I guess that'll happen a day into the biden presidency.
When the amerilard way of thinking is applied to other countries it just comes off as nonsensical. Most italians aren't racist at all (every italian is some weird mutt ethnicity lol) but they will hate on immigrants who don't bother to learn the language or find a job. Romanian (i.e. "white") immigration was a social issue over here, until the romanian community ended up integrating with the italian lifestyle mostly seamlessly, to the point where second generation romanians are indistinguishable from italians, and identify as italian.

American culture would categorize that as "racist", even though the problem was actually with their behaviour, rather than with their race. The American idea of race is fucking crazy to anyone living outside of the US. I keep hearing some of my friends talk about the legacy of the white man in the USA and I'm like what the fuck does that even mean? Nowadays, irishmen and italians and (LMAO) even asians are considered "white" in america. So what's their common heritage? There is a continuity between me and my ancestors because we were all born and raised in Italy. Immigrants who adopt the italian way of life and become citizens, obviously can be considered part of the italian supergroup because they perpetrate the same traditions and behaviours I do.

Since american "whites" are just whatever the fuck, of course they can claim "whites" are responsible for every advancement of human history. What's the continuity within the "white" populace in america? They fucking fought a war against germans and italians less than a century ago, and now italians and germans are part of the same in-group? What the fuck? LOL. Is the italian mafia also an aspect of white supremacy and toxic masculinity now that italians are "white"? That's so fucking retarded, it's counterproductive to even engage in such a maddening conversation.
You're still a faggot if you don't understand the difference between Columbia & a first world country. Columbia doesn't even have functional toilets dumbass. When Brazil is the richest country of your continent, then that proves just how shit that region is.
All I'm saying is that an acquaintance of mine chose to live in colombia rather than stay in the USA, because he could see things would not get any better. I didn't comment on his quality of life in colombia but he seems to be leading a pretty normal life, though obviously I doubt he has all the accomodations he would have in the USA. However he can get out of his house without being surrounded by weird trannoid monsters, he can date women without being called a white supremacist alt right nazi incel rapist and he can eat food that isn't diluted with 9/10th of poison, while having to fear every day that his house and business will be burned to the ground by some protest that has nothing to do with anything he did or said.

Does that sound that fucking terrible? I'm sure Italy doesen't have all the accomodations that the average USA household has as well, for once our average living space is much smaller (most anyone lives in an apartment) but living a healthy and happy life is a lot more affordable and realistic than a country where your children have mandatory gender classes where the teacher gets to decide if a trannoid man has to check if your kid actually needs to get his dick chopped off, and if you disagree you are jailed.
Where you pay ten times the cost for average medications, for the priviledge of having your house and business razed to the ground whenever some robot mutant angloid who owns a social media platform decides that a specific city needs to be looted, and all the companies that handle your technology support it to the point where they'll send you notifications on your phones to alert you that you're racist if you don't let your store get looted. Where the police kneels to criminals as long as they claim to be committing their crimes, in the name of justice for racism or sexism. That sounds like heaven, because I guess you got better plumbing? LOL.

Sure the italian government is corrupt, though shit. Governments are corrupt everywhere. Most stores in italy have a specific amount of customers that they sell non-declared goods, to dodge taxes and have them save money in the process. It's such a common occurrence that nobody declares their actual income that even foreigners insult us for it.
This tells me that the italian people will at least refuse to support the government, if not outright fight it when it goes against their interests. Most lockdowns are being lifted as we speak, in part because people will throw molotovs and shit at the police if they start a lockdown, but refuse to pay everyone living wages. They can't really afford the wages so they're letting out on the lockdowns instead LOL!

Fucking christ, americans make me laugh. Every four to eight years they just bow down, and expect some guy to completely solve corruption and save them and take care of them like the based daddy they never had.
Most people in Italy don't even vote at all. Whenever there's an election coming, americans will get up in arms declaring their favourite billionaire to be the second coming of christ.
Oh gee I wonder what changed in society to make me realize that the USA is a shithole, ohh yeah the realization that I don't live in the USA anymore.
I'd stay if this were still America. FUck yeah I called you a coward. Would you fucking run away if you thought Italy was still Italian, or would you stay & fight? I thought the USA was still populated with people who carry the shared ambition for a greater future of all those within the nation, through hard work & bounty for all. NOPE, the USA is now just a giant day care center, populated with communist crybabies. I didn't know that at the time, and you didn't fucking know that either.
I didn't know the specificics but I've been pointing out this shit about america since 2010. The most evident example is how the american people have been voting against middle eastern wars for 12 years, with both obama and trump being elected on the promise of stopping foreign interventions, and then they never did lol. As you properly pointed out, the generals actually acted against trump's orders in regards of deploying american troops away from syria. Which I guess exonerates trump but what does it matter? What I said years ago is that Trump would not be enough to fight an entire oligarchy. I didn't mean that literally every single state entity between state governors and washington politicians are in on a collective conspiracy. I'm saying that the ultimate purpose of a politician is to enslave you and put you in a little box to grow you like a potted plant, so that the only things you do are work and pay taxes lol.
You the citizen having money, savings and property is actually a detriment for the government because it means you'll be able to get by without working and paying the least possible amount of taxes. Hence why they constantly try and tax your properties and savings. Dictatorship is a system to enslave the people, democracy is a system to force the people to enslave themselves LOL.

You have to understand that I belong to a specific subculture where the state is seen as the enemy, or at the very least a pest. Do I, in my heart of hearts, believe that somewhere there are politicians who are legitimate idealogues, who have the will to empower people rather than enslave them? Sure, but they're such a tiny minority that they'll never accomplish anything, and not only that but I would get laughed at and probably beaten up for openly engaging in political life lol.
The best state structure is what Italy had in the 80s and 90s, where corruption was rampant on both sides. Politicians would steal, and would let the citizens steal and cheat taxes as well. They would create useless jobs out of nowhere, which were a state-level version of mafia fake job scams, just so that entire households would get big nice paychecks and keep voting them in, LOL!
It was the land of milk and honey, where most people were rich enough to purchase a bunch of properties (that's how my parents managed to buy various properties before I was born and while I was a child. We own four properties and rent two for work, one for my dad and one for me.)
The politicians empowered the people, and were in turn rewarded by getting their vote. It's obvious to me that Trump was trying to do a similar thing, by improving the job conditions thinking that people having actual jobs when they were first unemployed would keep voting for him due to his results. The problem is that Trump is a 74yo normal person who still thinks the world is a normal place. Most people are now crazy ass religious zelots to the point that even most of his supporters (not you because you can actually articulate yourself, but most of them) just want to get fucked in the ass by daddy trump, and for him to rise up as a dictator and take down the sjw cuck libtards, or deport anyone darker than a norwegian LOL!

Most people lack the basic cognition to even recognize what's good for them. As in, having a job that pays more and paying less taxes, is good for you. Eating food and breathing air and drinking water that aren't fucking poisoned, is good for you LOL.
It's by design that people were made incapable of thinking for themselves or even recognizing basic information, because the purpose of "the elites" (which I am using here as shorthand for anyone who has a vested interest in controlling voting blocks) is to proselitize like a religion, rather than appeal to rational sensibilities. Most retards who go to vote think they are doing so, for "justice". It's either "social justice" or "justice against the white genocide" but it's actually a tiny minority that can physically make use of their brain, and vote according to their economic interests.
This modern rendition of this kind of propaganda has been going on since televised news became a thing at the very least. Italian philosophers back in the 80s already warned people how dangerous it was to have a magic box in every living room telling you what is real and what isn't. Nowadays, people have these magic boxes with them all fucking day, they're called smartphones and they get daily notifications that if they don't vote for a specific party, they won't "have sex" because they're nazi incel alt right murder machines who shoot minorities with shotguns LOL!

Now these retards who go voting in italy, are less than 50% of the population. They're actually slightly more than 50% but that's because a lot of people take bribes to go to vote because they don't give a fuck who wins, but they might as well get a hundred bucks LOL.
In america, it's actually 110% of the population... wait, that doesen't sound right. I'm sorry, math is white supremacy, so I'm gonna have to disregard that number.

When people spout platitudes such as, tools are good or bad depending on how you use them. Technology is not inherently good or bad. They are being complete fucking retards because obviously the quantity and efficiency of your usage of a tool is dependant on your purchase power. Owning a smartphone that lets you go online everywhere empowers you in the measure that you can now go online. Meanwhile it empowers oligarchs to a much higher level because they can invest billions and billions of dollars into using said technology to build a collective conciousness where being enslaved is seen as virtuous, and empowering yourself is seen as fascist.

The only way to keep a balance between higher powers and individual rights is through violence; when I mentioned that politicians in the 80s had a vested interest in pandering to their electorate to the point where they would print money and manufacture jobs out of nowhere to make sure that people would keep voting them in, I should also mention that Italy was violent as fuck back in the day and domestic terrorists or political extremists would have full blown gunfights with politicians' bodyguards, would cripple journalists just to send a message and that's not even mentioning what mafiosos would do to politicians who did not tow the line (some of them would actually just disappear LOL! Others like Salvo Lima would get shot down in public to send a message.)
Hilariously, italian antifa would actually protest against globalism to the point where italian secret services would use them as a trojan horse to infiltrate black block paramilitaries from the secret service to disrupt their protests, and give the police an excuse to beat up protesters LOL.
(Fast forward 20 years and antifags are actually tranny men, who are in favour of globalism and think that sovereign nations are fascist. What the fuck? Have they just forgotten that globalism makes it so third world countries cannot ever be in the position to compete, because first world countries have more opportunity to undermine their sovereign rights? What? WHat?)

When's the last time anyone in the USA actually took a shot at a politician or a journalist? I'm legitimately asking, I'm not leading you on, because I never hear about that shit. I keep hearing about americans being violent gunslingers, but it seems to me, they only ever point those guns against other civillians or criminals lol.

I'm focusing on empowering myself at the moment, not just because I like being rich (though I do like it lol. I certainly like it better than being poor, just because some government employee has decided to pick on me and fuck me over with my taxes.), but also because it will allow me to put my economical weight behind a cause if Italy is truly going to become non-italian. To answer your question, yes I would fight for my country, but I would want to be ready to do that right away instead of being surrounded by weird ass communist trannoids which are actually men going around in thongs and che guevara t-shirts for years and years, and he gets invited at elementary schools so the kids can have the priviledge of getting diddled

Hell if I had the means, I would run a minecraft server where put my weight behind anti-lockdown protests even now. Unfortunately the lockdown earlier this year is actually what fucked me up, because it dropped specifically at the worst possible time. If I had a war chest back then, I would have invested it into subverting the state, the minecraft state, that is to say, mojang, LOL. What I have right now, makes for a nice living but it's not really enough to make a difference.

Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2020 6:58 am
by DaRealEvilone

I don't trust guliani but rest of information is truthful

Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2020 7:20 pm
by DaRealEvilone
China military in Canada, practicing with Canadian military

This cartoon goes with one of my previous posts
It just need the Japanese flag on the ship


Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2020 4:43 pm
by DaRealEvilone
Time to.wake up g0yim

Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2020 1:12 pm
by cake
I remembered when i did masterbation for 7 and half years continously i got diseases and my life came to death and i was dying after having so many problems and diseases in my body and i prayed for torah and i became a genie, a human who dies and becomes genie and it was torah and torah genies and hashem (jewish god) who saved me and made me torah genie because i believed in him otherwise i would have not lived more then 1 or 2 years.

I came to know religions gods and religions genies believes and still believes that torah and torah genies and hashem (jewish god) made me torah genie and left me alone to get trouble on not knowing how to live after becoming a genie but that is wrong because i got my torah genies family who regularly saved me and protected me and taught me and helped me a lot but they could not come in front of me because shia genies remembered that there imam mahdi gave me 7 and half years of masterbation fate because they believed there allah will die because of me after seeing future. So they forced me to sin and sin and do mistakes after i become torah genie so they keep taking genies from me and finish torah family and torah genies and hashem (jewish god) by saying torah has made me genie and left me to die and dont even want me to convert to jewish religion.

Torah means jewish and i am jewish in originality and shia genies regularly forced me to think bad and understand bad so my torah genies gets in control of them and they kill me by proving i have sinned by doing big sins and mistakes on there religious places which cannot be forgiven by anyone.

But finally the god of torah died for me by believing in me at back of my bone who set time of beginning and current and end but still nothing happened because agha hussain (shah hussain) was in time of me after he came to know i am one god of time after becoming torah genie.

Agha hussain (shah hussain) regularly knew status about me after he came to know i am torah genie and i get genies he even married my genie nazia without my permission fopr sex and forced me to sins which cannot be forgiven by any gods to get property of me and theft genies from me who are of torah and hashem (jewish god) and keep blaming to torah and torah genies and hashem (jewish god) by saying its your mistake that you have made him torah genie.

If there is god then its hashem who is beautiful from mind and heart but i am too beautiful because life is beautiful after death and i cannot stay without my genies and my torah genies and my hashem family.

I see my torah genies and my genies and my family in bollywood movies and i sometimes cry very badly by remembering them but muslims doesnt let me even keep my mind clean by saying its torah mistake that they have kept you alive because you must be dead as you had to die.

If there is any god who gets danger by anyone in future then they send genies in there past or current time to kill them by forcing them to sin or hate someone or think bad on someone so they doesnt dies and they say its not sin for them to kill anyone.

its very tough to communicate with my genies because islam allah doesnt let me talk to my torah genies and my genies and my hashem family from voice and see them from my eyes because he kept protection (bandish) to not let me hear genies or see genies until i believe in him to be true and he brings world war 3 so everybody believes he is true and he is not wrong and i am wrong because i didnt believed in him and died for torah and hashem (jewish god).

Its very different life after death and its not easy to live a life without love who is my torah genies and my torah family and my hashem family because genies doesnt stays in control of them if they are not in love and i needed my love to stay with me who are my torah genies and my genies and my hashem family but they were thefted again and again so i and torah genies and hashem (jewish god) are declared as wrong and sinners and die, muslims wanted to finish judaism and even hindu god did prophecy before bringing world war 3 that first torah will be finished.

I pray to god torah lives with me forever if i am forever and my torah genies who are my love and family and hashem family to live with me forever.

Hope someone who is dead and still alive understands my story of truth and justice if they believe i am true by practically testing truth.

Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 4:54 am
by DaRealEvilone
I tried to understand your post but when you died? You mean like you are possessed now?
I don't even know is a joke, gibberish?

Jinn aren't bound to a religion, god

They are summoned by magic, rings, symbols
Secret intelligence agencies use them and call upon them by rings
Just as the smt persona games
They are manipulators of physicality
Just as King Salomon made them built his temples
Jinn were created before humanity, unlike humanity when they died they are gone
Even though they can live up thousands of years
Unlike Humans that have souls are eternal just changing different bodies eternally throughout the whole universe

Jinn aren't demons

Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 8:33 am
by cake
I tried to understand your post but when you died? You mean like you are possessed now?
I don't even know is a joke, gibberish?
It is gibberish indeed, I think I found this wall of text somewhere on Quora or Yahoo answers a long time ago and saved it on a txt file out of sheer amusement.

Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 9:57 am

Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 1:40 pm
by DaRealEvilone
G0yim be like its a hoax
Its zars lol

Wake up g0yim
Nw0 is herez

Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2021 8:35 am
by DaRealEvilone