Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

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Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Post by Jack »

Man, these Billionaire assholes who fund these political movements & campaigns, are really trying to push this StopAsianHate crap. ... unter_Rise
I just wanted to see how much game I had left in MH Rise, but the damn gaming website had to keep shoving SAH in my fucking face. I thought it was already dead.
This shit fucking offends me, as if we Asians actually like or get along with each other!
Japanese hates Koreans, Koreans hate Japanese, Chinese hate Koreans & Japanese, everyone hates Japanese & Chinese. Most Asians love Koreans until they meet them in real life and realize that Koreans are stuck up assholes, lol! The Indians hate the Pakistanis coz they stink, The Pakistanis hate the Indians coz they stink. They both hate the Chinese coz all 3 fight for the same territory.

It's easy to StopAsianHate.
BOOM, Problem solved!

What am I getting at? Why the fuck does some stupid hashtag, most likely masterminded by some self-hating White faggot, dare to presume that they could use Asians as a weapon against the USA when most of us who are here in the USA, did so TO ESCAPE COMMUNISM! Fuck White Communists piece of shit!

Makes me so fuckign mad. You think we're all the same. You think you can use us as Golems, just coz that's what y'all do with Blacks?
I ain't pointing fingers, but if you're an actual Asian, as in you're part of a community where most of us don't even speak English, then you're well aware that most Asians get killed by Blacks. It's always been like that. It's nothing new.

I'm not pointing fingers. I've linked to real life incidents that happened to some real life family friends where they were killed by a mugging in America, by way of a Black man. Only to show a balanced perspective, coz I've also had to deal with White people attempting to rob & murder us.
I don't blame the race though! Stupid people, just do stupid shit.
So we get this one incident of a White man killing a bunch of Asian prostitutes, so now there's this push to convince Asians that White people hate us, when if you're an actual Asian, you already know that we practically own White people. Whites generally love our cultures, and fly to Japan to live as Japanese. It's common, but America wants you to forget that White people are full blown Weebs, lol!

About the only Whites who hate us, are the Liberals and that's why I see this as an affront to the Asian identity coz the only Asian suckas who fall for this shit are Asian Americans, whom ain't never lived in Asia anyway. If they had, they'd just be labeled as a White boy or White girl, like Kamala Harris.
She's Culturally Yankee, she ain't no real Indian. In America, people always say they part Tahiti or some shit, but the only thing they'll know about Tahiti is the food, lol!

Shit, the Indians themselves declared war on Greta Thunberg coz her dumbass is out there, trying to tell us what to do. STFU Bitch. You a nobody. ... nage-icon/

See man, this exactly what I keep ranting about.
These motherfucking White poeple, thinking that they can tell my kind what to do. Simply coz they always do it with Blacks, and Blacks actually comply. That's them, that ain't us.
Asians have a long history of destroying weakened White societies, and it's happening once again.

I used to wonder why that happened, but now I'm living in those times and I can see clearly now.
It's coz us Asians as a collective, no matter what Asian ethnicity we belong to, WE FUCKING HATE WEAKLINGS!
It's even constantly in the Animes, where you see the Anime girls laughing at the shonen hero for being too weak minded of both body & spirit so the entire show revolves around Shonen hero becoming a strong family man.
We're like sharks, we see blood in the water with Whites.
The problem is, Whites still think they're abve everyone, still trying to bark orders at us like this little Greta bitch.

All it takes is one dumbass White boy (It could even be Biden.) to piss off the wrong Asian leader, and shit will pop off. Kim Jong's sister was already fronting Biden, as was Winnie the Pooh, Duterte, and shit even Vladimir Putin who counts as Eurasian. The continent, not his ethnicity. He's white, I think, lol! I dunno, Putin acts Asian. Most Asians (Real Asians, not cuck-ass American Asians.), we don't take no shit, from nobody. We'll tolerate it to a point, but if you push too hard, we squash you and that's how Putin acts.
It's why Asians are always at war with each other.

We fucking laugh when we see White politicians pretending to be lawyers. Whites act like politics is a hollywood film. Politics is war, DUMBASS! And you White people have forgotten how to play it. You will pay dearly for that. Hopefully long after I've left the West, coz I'll die along with you retards once shit pops off if I'm still here.
I know this for certain coz it's exactly what happened during WW2, my fam was killed by the Imperial Japs coz you with us or against us.

What they never tell you about the Japanese, is that Japs actually campaigned to make racism illegal before WW2 started. Japs got laughed at, coz back in that era, you truly weren't thought of as a person if you're not White.
Japs in general just want to be left alone though, but that's how they got dragged into war. They saw the rest of asia being taken over by White boys, with China getting the worst of it.

That's the scary part though. China wants revenge and they ain't going to ally with Japan. Japs fucking embarrassed & raped the Middle Kingdom during the 1900s. More likely, China will force Korea to unite under a monarchy, their combined forces destroy Japan & take over Taiwan.
Daring the USA to make a move. The USA won't do shit, coz modern Americans are fucking pussies.
I thought we were past this nightmare once Trumpy came into power but Biden had to step, and fuck everything up by runing the careful balance of Asian powers that Trump somehow engineered.

Under Trump, Russia was too impeded by his tariffs to make a move (not that Putin cares about Asia. Putin focuses more on the Middle East.), China was also impeded by Trump bring back Chinese jobs to the USA which lessened China's sphere of influence, which was why India, Japan, Hong Kong & Taiwan were so eternally grateful to Trumpy.
Trumpy eased tensions between the two Koreas. Japan finally went a year without North Korea firing a nuke over their heads. North Korea fired a nuke over Japan just last month, lol! It's coz no Asian leader is afraid of Biden. They all know he's Winnie the Poo's puppet & he won't do shit.
Under Trumpy, India & China were actually forced to get along. Under Trumpy, Duterte was free to murder Drug dealers who once held complete control over the Philipines, similar to a Mexican Drug Cartel.

It's hilarious to me just how goddamn beneficial Trumpy was to Asian politics, coz it really shows the ignorance of these StopAsianHate retards, trying to push some BLM shit on Asians, as if we Asians didn't already hate other Asians to begin with, AYY LMAO!

I'm mostly mad, that shits all in the gutter now due to clueless ass White Nordic & Anglo people, not understanding what culture is at all. Acting as if we're all just as gutless & nutless as they are. They can easily be placated through money. With Asians? Yeah we'll take your money. We'll also take your country, and then your women. Better yet, we'll take it all.
The reason why I stand against that, it's coz I'm American and I know through history that the real Asians, they'll behead me once they finally invade. It happened before in my family history, by my very own people.

This all could've easily been prevented if White people weren't so fucking stupid, and learned to mind their own business. Stop acting as if you're educating Asians. China has been around for thousands of years. The USA hasn't even been around for 250 years. Even Napolean Bonaparte warned you dumbasses about China, but instead, you White motherfuckers just laughed at him for being short, lol!

That's the level of intelligence that we're dealing with here. I'm fully convinced that Nordics have no fucking clue what they've been doing throughout the entirety of society. Every time something goes wrong, they just blame the Jews, and then create massive conspiracies about how Jews masterminded the modernity of Chinese & Japanese culture, lol! I just can't even with these White motherfuckers any more. I used to just sit & listen but after seeing how badly Anglos & Nordics have been fucking up society since 2013. That goodwill I had for them, it's nearly gone.

Sure their typical reaction is that I don't matter coz I'm not White. I'm like yeah yeah what ever. Say that to the 7 foot tall Chinese Super Soldiers when they come to push your shit in. You're going to be wishing for Deebo from Friday to protect your Snowman ass.
I just really don't understand why White people have a hard time understanding that their society is dying. I've read enough Chinese history to know what the fall of empires look like, and it's almost always kickstarted by Eunuchs, hungry for political power.
WHich geez louise, that sounds exactly like what's going on in the USA right now.

TLDR: StawpAznHaet is condescending as hell to me, coz it shows to me that White people don't know their place in society. They still think they're the top of the hierarchy. You're being led by a bunch of trannies for fuck sake. No real country respects that. Asians generally still know where their father and his father's father came from.
The average American doesn't. Shit, the avg American probably has two dads and no mom. The kid was just born through a sperm bank, lol! Sperm donated by a random Middle Eastern Trillionaire, so the Middle East is constantly fucking White people, in more ways than one!

I sound rude, but all I'm trying to say is," White people, man the fuck up. Sooner or later, real men are going to push your shit in to clean up your fucking mess coz you won't fucking fix it! Fix your damn mess before it becomes everyones' problem!"

You know what I want to see, The Roman perspective of where Whites went wrong. As an Asian guy who actually grew up in Asia. I just don't fucking understand why White people don't discipline their kids or women.
Tis shit would never happen in japan, coz kids still get smacked across the face in school by their own teachers, and women also still get smacked across the face if they did half of the stupid shit that Americans do every day.
Va11 Hall-a Faggot: He's such a Chad. I bet he fucks an Asian bitch every night.
CapN Jack: Who the fuk These moFuggaz? :lol:

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Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

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Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

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I have to check like 3 times I didn't know what the ign screenshot was showing

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Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

Post by cake » ... 40460.html

rip yahoo answers, spent way too much time lurking retarded threads there in my younger days. even though that place is/was a miserable pile of junk it feels rather strange seeing how many of these older sites are slowly being put down as goolag and facefuck keep on expanding their own webs

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Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

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Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

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Re: Dedicated shitposting thread for russian bots and corona shills

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