hi, how are you?

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Re: hi, how are you?

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Found out that there was a game in between The Silver Case & 25th Ward. Thought about how dumb it was that the fact I missed it out and then I got a DS emulator and got going.
It just sounds weird to me because I've been into this shit for fourteen fucking years. So I can't quite conceptualize the idea of someone just discovering Suda51's stuff through TSC's release on Steam. I'm glat it happened though, I gifted around 10 copies of TSC when it came out on Steam because I was so amazed that it actually came out at all.
To me it just seems the big boys got their eyes on the mp portion of games while sp stuff gets sidelined. Every dev seems to really love hopping on the whole "live service" model, which you've already stated here, with focuses on microtransactions and shit like that. Actually, seeing that shit become the standard is what really pissed me off to start with.
Jack is actually the guy who is into MP games and he'll say a bunch of interesting shit about them, such as the fact that if you're a good player you'll be able to get all the cosmetic and time limited shit that other people pay for. Single player games are being shafted completely, hence why I even praise games such as Astral Chain which I would have scoffed at during the PS2 era, but I actually quite enjoyed nowadays because there's not many alternatives.
I don't own a switch but from a short glance I made it does seem to me that the switch seems to have a well rounded library of games. That is games to be played, not a fucking money sink. It's quite surprising to me seeing how the most underpowered system of em all somehow gets the sweet stuff. I guess despite my ramblings on how all vidya becoming f2p microtransaction traps and shit, there may be some light at the end of this tunnel as well. Perhaps the indies out there may become thriving enough to throw a dent on the big boys, who knows? I just hope that things dont end up like those steam shovelware games tho, those are actual garbage.
I would argue indies were better a few years ago than they are now. I remember really enjoying some indie games from five or six years ago or so, while nowadays it seems to me every indie game that comes out is some celebration of american tranny worshipping culture with an hipster aesthetic and no gameplay. (Older successful indies were gameplay based like the binding of isaac, hotline miami or shovel knight.)
I will admit though that I'm not as caught up as I once was. So maybe there really is some gameplay based indie revolution going on that I am unaware of. I generally tend to like stuff released by devolver

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Re: hi, how are you?


i'm fine,my real life being is good,i can go to work so long i just follow the social distancing rules & wear mask,these days my entertainment is watching some American reality show like steve Austin' broken skull challenge or American ninja Warrior,or superheroes series like The Boys.i do visit the website sometimes & it seems its well updated.i don't keep up with politics much, at least i only care about what happen in my country & middle eastern.

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Re: hi, how are you?

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Wow, this some real shit.

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