This is the place where you get to bitch & whine about that highly undignified console war. PSBore, XBONE, Pii U? You have no dignity. Pssh, none have dared or even succeeded to levitate themselves to the level of the PC MASTER RACE. Personally, I for one prize the sweet primal instincts of Arcade games.

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FYI, when I call someone a communist. I'm not using the word "Communist" in a meme-way or even a "right wing" way.
I mean that they're actually communists, as in they were appointed to a job that they're ill-equipped to handle.
That's all my comment about the commie mailmen referred to. I was saying that they're not actual mailmen, they're probably just random janitors who were given the job. It's possible, considering the state I live in, which has a statue of Vladimir Lenin, that is still standing.
Every other statue of a White man got torn down in WA, except for Lenin's statue.
I call Trump a Communist, AYY LMAO! (He would be under 1950s standards.)

2016 Trump was coherent & he proposed The Two-State solution to Israel/Palestine. (Which is a far better argument than AOC's "The How & The What".) While 2019 was Trump's best year due to the economic situation & his foreign diplomacy in Asia, by the end of 2019, Trump was full blown fucking Lefty with his bumpstock ban that suddenly turned millions of Americans into criminals overnight.
He'd get impeached if he tried that in the 1950s due to a complete dictatorial violation of 2A through the executive branch, but 2020 American Right Wingers cheer for it, WTF!!!!!
I don't view Trump's actual impeachment as legitimate coz he just got in trouble for something that Biden did, & even said he did, with his own fucking words.

I'm just saying that Trump did a lot of things that actually were worthy of impeachment but he just got praised for it by both the American Left & the American Right!
It shows to me, how fucking retarded this country is.

It's a nonsensical ban, to where a basic 9mm could be considered as illegal if they're fitted with a bumpstock that passes the legal-length limit of the firearm, proposed by The State.
However, you could own a longgun that's slightly below the lentgh-limit & it'll be perfectly legal. You only go to jail for owning the peashooter that happens to look scarier due to customs retrofitted on the firearm.

That's THE GOVERNMENT in a nutshell. They're fucking incompetent, they don't know what they're doing. They're enforcing laws on entire industries that they know nothing about coz the only thing they care about is increasing the size of the government to create more federal jobs. Many innocent Americans are sent to jail coz of The State's nonsensical laws.

2020 Trump was a fucking Communist, despite that a fucking Commie is far preferable than the Centrist Corporate Fascism of the Biden Administration. That's what I don't get, why are Ameritards calling Biden a Communist & Trump a Fascist? It's the OTHER WAY AROUND, AYY LMAO!

That's what I always find hilarious about Americans, they always assume the Centrism is the path that steps on the least toes, when Centrism isn't a real ideology. Centrism is only in the middle of whichever is the current binary.
The current binary of the USA is some weird DNC American brand of Democratic Socialism (Wow you get to vote for how much a group of assholes can steal from me.), or another weird ass American brand that Trump created which mixes some Capitalism with some Socialism, which overall is milquetoast and doesn't satisfy anybody. If you're a pure blown capitalist, why would you want to work hard in 2020 Trump's gov? He's just gave away your taxes to potential voters under the stimulus package, lol. It's funny coz he wasn't a Commie in 2019.

You never get a fucking break in the USA, every single party is fucking retarded.
It's why I side with Anarchists the most, coz they're the only ones saying that the government doesn't know what the hell it's doing at all.
DaRealEvilone wrote:
Fri Apr 09, 2021 9:22 pm
Lmao talking good and wishing good for usa is bad if you have immigrants family lol
I have no idea what you're saying. Both of my parents are legal immigrants. Trump himself is from a family of immigrants.
His grandpa became rich in the USA but was actually not allowed to move back to Germany, which is how the Trump's became New Yawkers, coz USA was the only country that was willing to take the Trump's in. His grandpa didn't even do anything bad. The Germans were just jelly that his grandpa became rich in the USA, instead of Germany. It's weird though, he was still patriotic enough that he actually tried to come back to Germany along with the riches he made in the USA but homeland Germany still kicked him out of the country.

I talk a lot of shit about modern Whites & how unpatriotic they are, about how the only thing they care about is money. However when I see Drumppf's family history (that he himself will even tell you about.), it shows to me that White people used to actually be stoic & patriotic, to the point where Germany basically deported the Trumps from their own birth-country, due to Germany's xenophobia of the USA.
This type of behavior is still common in Asia. In both S.Korea & Japan, you cease to be either race if you've left the country for longer than 10 years. It's why I tried coming back by 2012 and now I've just abandoned the Jap identity around 2018, coz I'm way fucking past the due-date.

Because now biden wants to start building Trump's wall, but now isn't racist lol
He only wants to coz even the MSM is mocking Biden's job on the border.
The funny thing, Biden is just doing exactly what they wanted him to do, but now they're insulting him for it. It's exactly what they did with Trump. Trump would always do exactly what the News wanted him to do, and then they'd demonize him for it. Except now, the MSM is sounding like some fakeass Right wingers. When under Trump, they sounded like fakeass Leftwingers. It's why I always say FUCK THE MEDIA! They ain't nothing but a propaganda wing that only cares about inciting rage into the populace for clicks.

My immigrant family are stupid reason I can't deal with them and prefer biden over family

Trump was better
As I said bad was him siding with isis rael nwo jared and doing whatever they wanted
Jared was also working with soroz
Jared is part of Bibi's crew.
Name me the last POTUS who wasn't a Zionist. It sure isn't Biden. I think Jimmy Carter is the last time that the USA has ever had a Non-Zionist potus, and he was disaster. Deriding an American POTUS for being Zionist just seems redundant to me, coz every single one of them is Zionist. Even Obama was hardcore Zionist, he just pretended to be Muslim.

We can thank Right Wing nut jobs for that, it's just like when they call Biden a commie, yet they venerate Trump, the actual COMMIE. Trump is the one who shut down everything and started giving out free money. Granted, I actually think he was forced to, politically, but it doesn't matter. Actions speak louder than words, and Chump's actions show that he cares more about everyone sucking his dick, rather than the country itself. JFK prolly would've told the Government to fuck off, and then get shot. Donald Chump just goes along with everything if he knows that he'll get shot, lol.
Not that I think there's anything wrong with free munny. (I just point that out about Trump, coz it triggers Cuckservatives.) If anything, Americans should ask for more money coz fuck the government man. They've been printing money for themselves for the past few decades, forcing us to pick up the slack. When the government is not being legit, you shouldn't be either.

I take back what I said about Reagan's insanity, coz if I recall, he didn't start going crazy until after he was shot, LOL! Notice how common it is for American potus's to get shot if they don't go along with The State, AYY LMAO!

I overlook Trump's zionism coz he at least did good in Asia, and made Asia fairly peaceful for once. It wasn't peaceful in the slightest but China didn't want to fuck with Trump, coz he hits back where China is back to Obama-era China where the DNC-putz does nothing coz they love sucking that China dick.
Also don't forget trump wanted amazon to pay post office, usa post office delivers for amazon yet amazon isn't paying post office as is supposed to be, trump talked about it
But bezos doesn't even pay taxes since he is a mason from other mafia group that isn't trump
Is Bezo's mafia? I always assumed that he was just another Tech geek like Bill Gates. None of those tech geeks are Mafia. Mafia are oldschool, they hate faggots, queers, trannies of all kinds and would never deal with their kind, outside of kickbacks & money laundering.

Gates is all part of that Epstein shit. Mark Zuckernerd is just some nerd, enacting revenge on society.
Bezos always struck me as the odd one out, which is why Amazon is the least authoritarian of the big Tech monopolies. He's not someone cool like Elon Musk or Vince Mchmahon.
Bezos just strikes me as a dude who got rich quick, so now he's flexing his muscles. Fucking over the POTUS is about as good a flex as any. Not that I believe he did. I think Bezos is too low on the totem pole. The whole election thing just strikes me of typical CIA meddling which runs rampant in the Latin Americas anyway.

You Latins are constantly getting fucked over by American CIA. That's the biggest shock to me about 2020, CIA even fucks over the USA if the USA goes in a direction they don't want. Kinda reminds me of JFK's speech, that many people assume was about communists.
Even El Salvador's President is calling out Biden. ... resswoman/
I legit don't understand how anyone from America could actually believe that Biden is a step up from Trump.
Foreign countries actually feared Trump. Foreign countries just laugh at & belittle Biden. He may actually be ever more derided by the World's leaders than Justin Trudeau.

Yet another of Kaheva, coz her political views are very similar to my own. Not so much the deepfake shit though, I'm just referring to the geopolitics that she's describing.

She's saying exactly what most of us outside of America are thinking when it comes to Biden.
She compares the USA to fucking North Korea. Well she's trying to say that the USA shouldn't be compared to North Korea but it's hard not to when you see that they're currently being run by a committee or a council who have installed a puppet.
She even brings up the same point I made in the general thread about how all Empires fall once eunuchs take control of the government.

She didn't say Eunuchs though, lol. She was definitely referring to China from the 100s A.D
Seriously though, most of us actual Asians, we're not excited about Biden at all coz he just suddenly brought Obama-era Asia where China can just assfuck us over & over coz USA won't do shit about it. USA loves China!
Now even flirting can be considered sexual herassment
Yeah it's only like that in the West. That's why I'm always making fun of White people. THey're the ones who allowed this shit. I could never imagine this crap in Japan. I know you Latins don't allow this shit. Neither do Blacks. It's only the Whites letting their wahmen walk all over them.
Japan still smacks bitches when they get out of line. White boys simp bitches.
I haven't had a relationship since 2014 (Some green eyed White bitch with Blackish hair. She wasn't thicc or anything, just pretty.) since being heterosexual in the USA, seems to be against the law now, AYY LMAO!
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Yakt Shooter 2 or Wyvern Chaser with Long barrel mod & Rampage Attack boosts.
Switch Skills: I use the sidestep where your dmg increases when you fire immediately after the side step.

My second skill is the one that lets you wirebug with your weapon drawn, and allows you to fire shots mid-air, you can even drop wyvern ammo on bosses. It's badass!

Ammo loadout:
Normal shot 2
Normal Shot 3
Pierce 1
Spreadshot 1
Spreadshot 2
Piercing Fire Ammo
Cluster 1
Cluster 2

I use cluster before I start a fight with a monster since it does a lot of dmg when it hits, but you're wide open when you try to aim a shot so I only use it when an enemy is trapped or hasn't been aggroed yet.

I use Piercing, Normal2 & Normal3 at mid to long range, as my normal attack. These are the shots that I'm constantly spamming until the enemy weakens or breaks.

Spreadshot1, Spreadshot 2 & Shrapnel are my go to when I'm in close range.
With Yakt2, you murder fools with Spreadshot1, coz Spreadshot1 fires more than once which increases the spread of the shot. Spread2 I use sparingly coz it leaves me wide open when I try to reload. Shrapnel I use for both close & mid range, and it functions sorta like Spread1, but the spread doesn't multiply as much. It does a bit more dmg though.

Slicing & Piercing Fire are the shots I use when I go for the killshot, or after the monsters start limping away. I always go to Slicing when they try to run away since the shot sticks on them, but will still do a decent amount of dmg as if I were firing at close-range.

That's the pure genius of Monster Hunter, my mind is completely blown by how Rise has both some of the deepest melee mechanics (Nioh is deeper though, due to the breathing techniques.) and the deepest shooting mechanics I've ever seen in a game. If Resident Evil 6 had just been a game where you hunted down BOWs, or had it played out like Revelation 1's Raid mode, it would've actually been a good game, since the meat of the game would've been the combat instead of the stupid fucking story.

MHRise, uses RE6's gunplay, but it adds more to it. Sure you can dive, you can slide, but I can even ninja wire flip in the air and drop dragon bombs on motherfuckers, or I can go full blown Hong Kong Massacre and shoot & reload in mid air, then roll around, and slide toward the opponent and jam my gun up their fucking face.

A sad shame that I see many peeps in my Switch list, who I know would love the gunplay of MH Rise (they play nothing but shooters.), who aren't giving Rise the time of day coz they seem to think that it's just some gay rpg. I thought the same thing too, only to realize that it's not a rpg at all. It's kinda like how Zelda often gets grouped up with Rpgs but is also not an rpg at all. They're full blown action games.
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Its a failure

When I talked about immigrants family, I do not mean previous generations of immigrants, I mean current immigrants generations
Yet since they are relatives, they called me out straight racist for not supporting biden. I mean if you want Usa as a country to prosper, as keep jobs here, don't send jobs to mexico or other countries, wanting a wall to keep country safe to them is racist, therefore is racist to support trump.

bBiden was in power for so long yet never did anything positive lol

now biden wants to restart trump's wall but now isn't racist to main
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This phone is acting weird, I can't even edit
Without starting to type on first line
This side of my family is retard
Because we had a heavy conversation lol
They playing victimhood as saying cus they're immigrants they can't even start a business, lol
They don't even need legal documentation to start a business everyone knows that lol
A lot of BS as
And began threatening me lol
I am better without them, I was pissed
Family choosing over Biden lol
And this country is a disaster thanks to biden

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I already have Saga Frontier Remastered downloaded. I just have to wait 4 more hours before I can start playing Emelia's game. (She had the shortest, easiest & fastest scenario.)

The latest Nintendo Indie direct is trash. Every single game sucked except for the TMNT beat em up, which looks... aight.

Is that what Zoomers look like, or were those game devs Millennials? In either case, they look completely androgynous, and disgusting.

DaRealEvilone wrote:
Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:22 am
When I talked about immigrants family, I do not mean previous generations of immigrants, I mean current immigrants generations
Yet since they are relatives, they called me out straight racist for not supporting biden.
Ain't you from Salvador? Your own Salvordoran president doesn't support Biden and refuses to meet with him. Nearly the entirety of Asia & the Middle East don't support Biden. Trump made a deal with the Taliban to pull out the troops from the Mid East by May 1st, but Biden won't do it. He's gonna wait for the Taliban to attack, coz the deal was that the Taliban would stop killing Americans if the USA troops get the fuck out of Afghanistan & the Middle East.

Your parents need to be deported man. They're turning the USA into a Latina American shithole by voting for the same exact government that they fucking left.
I'm actually 2nd gen on my mom's side, but both of my folks are pro America. My pops started at the very bottom on welfare, but he worked his way up into the Top %15 within only one generation. Too bad it's back down to zero under me, lol! That's why I just bum off of him instead. Today's economy is a joke, it's all crony capitalism where the corporations dictate the rules, and the government fortifies the corporations' mandates into law.
It's impossible to pull yourself up by the bootstraps in today's economy coz the government taxes your for everything and the corporations keep you enslaved in their own little consumerist bubble so that you never have enough money to challenge their State.

My mom didn't even come to the USA until the year that Inter racial marriage became legalized. (Her first husbands were White dudes,but I'm from the Jap guy who stole her from one of those dudes. I just don't look like it, lol.)

I'm glad that in my family, when I told my pops to tell my sis to vote for Trump 2016, it led to every American I've ever known, suddenly hating me except for my fam. My fam bought me a $3000 Macbook Pro, $500 Apple Watch, $300 Iphone, coz my support for Trump (OrangeFatguy even called me back in 2016) made my pops suddenly realize that I actually have a brain. it's like the exact opposite of everyone elses' story.
(Yes I'm aware of the irony of funding one of the main conglomerates that stole the election since Crapple is deeply in bed with China. Apple products are insanely high quality though, at the price of the enslavement of Chinese children.)
We ain't no motherfuckin Uncle Tom's either. We just understand that you can't depend on hand outs. You want to be a King, you either be born one, or you make yourself one through sheer force of will & work effort.

It's funny, people usually assume that I'm a Liberal coz of the way I look. I guess it makes sense. I look sorta like Jason Momoa, and that dude is dumb as fuck. The dude is a straight up bimbo, nearly every stereotype that you can think of for Blonde White girls, it actually applies to Jason Aquafaggot, AYY LMAO!
(There's a reason why he's typecast, people like his look, but the man has zero brain.)

Jason was bragging about Kamala harris for being a Black Indian. I'm like cool, you don't care about her policies or what she's actually done. You only care that she's Black Indian? AYY LMAO! Why the fuck are Hawaiins considered as American anyway? I don't think they deserve it, Hwaiians (I'm spelling Hwhyan wrong on purpose. I don't respect those fat sons of bitches, who don't even bother to speak English, and unlike Blacks. These fatfuck HWhywans weren't even slaves.) are some of the most Anti-American people I've ever met.
The most pro American I've seen are actually Japanese, Cubans & Filipinos.

I only come across as Anti-American these days coz I've always hated Obama's AMurka, and now we're back to his Amurka again, where everything is overpriced and my property values are deflating once again.
I also get doxxed all the time in Obama's Amurka. I see my name showing up in all of these registries where it tries to decode what party I'm for. It says "UNKNOWN". (Good, coz I hate both parties! LOL!)

The whole Trump experiment showed me that silent protest doesn't work (people like me hated Obama style governance so much that we retaliated with Trump.) coz it just forced the Corporate Fascists to take control over the government, to make us into cultureless consumerist automatons.

When I say Obama, I actually mean George Bush Jr., They're the same fucking Alphabet agency cabal, and the same exact family bloodline, but Obama is more closely linked with the Clintons & the Chicago Mafia. Trump is a front of the New York Mafia.(The Five families want Cuomo dead, coz he murdered their grandmas through the guise of the covid lockdowns.)
All of them kiss up to Zionists though, which is the oddest thing. Even fucking DeSantis is Zionist.

Tulsi Gabbard is the only non-Zionist I know of, but she quit being a politician which proves to me that she was one of the only real anti-establishment figures.

I mean if you want Usa as a country to prosper, as keep jobs here, don't send jobs to mexico or other countries, wanting a wall to keep country safe to them is racist, therefore is racist to support trump.
Funny how nobody says shit when Israel has a wall. Mexico has a wall too, to keep South Americans out of their country, LOL!
America is the only country in the world I know of, where we actually pay Illegal Immigrants $16,000 to delay them from illegally entering, yet that motherfucker Biden won't even give Americans $2000 stimulus checks, lol!

The USA government is nicer to you, if you ain't American. This country is retarded.
The USA is exhibiting every single trait that the early 100AD China once did.

I just realized that Kaheva actually did do a more informative take on that era, and she actually made the same exact connection with the USA to ancient China, that I did months ago.
She actually named dropped the Eunuchs!

Ka used to get millions of views until youtube deplatformed her, after she compared Biden to the Latter Han-Empire but that's exactly how his administration comes off. I was hoping that Trump was our own Cao Mengde, but he's just Zhang Jue. USA's Cao Mengde needs to come from the military, coz Trump showed through example that he's too much of a pussy to Alea Iacta Est this fucking joke of a government.

She went on to explain why Gays, Faggots, Trannys are frowned upon in Asia, coz Oriental people have observed a pattern where the entire country & culture falls into ruin after you normalize the LGBT wackos, due to how they always over-legislate the country into ruin. It happened in Ancient Rome too. Wasn't Nero a tranny? LOL!
It's usually a sign that the culture of your Empire has degenerated into a broken system that no longer works for the people. It only exists to serve the elites, but the elites are all faggots who literally eat out each others' asses!

Family choosing over Biden lol
Honestly, I always thought that you'd act exactly like your family, lol! I just assumed that you were confused but based off of these latest posts, yes I would consider you as a real American. You at least seem to understand what America was supposed to be. The USA is a country where you build your entire future with your own two hands.
Your parents are pieces of shit who believes that the government needs to deliver a business to them, AYY LMAO!
That's why I should try to leave the country though. In a few years, Alexanda Ocasio Cortez will be president coz we'll finally be over 80% South American, and they're going to vote for AOC by the billions, lol!

And this country is a disaster thanks to biden
Biden is just a pawn of the Blue Bloods.
The system wants you to blame Biden, same way that people still blame Trump.
I'll never understand why eveyrone hated Trump though when he nearly created peace in both Asia & Middle East during his one term, and 2019 was the most profitable year that the USA has ever had, which is why I fucking laugh at Xed every time he goes on about how you should'a moved to Columbia!
I'm like motherfucka, after a very successful year that was 2019 (Even better than Reagan.), how would anyone in their right mind ever guess that after the end of 2020, the USA would turn into a 3rd world country? Europe was never as rich as the USA was during 2019. No place on Earth was as rich as the USA back in 2019.

USA is so fucking crazy right now, that even Libertarians are labeled as White Supremacist Nazis. The country is fucking lost. I do want to fight for it, I deserve this country more than these illegal aliens faggots and those New England elitists faggots who only import Illegal aliens to serve as their personal slave caste.
I'm descended from Farmers, Merchants, Politicians & Warriors. I'm from bloodlines that Build & Sustain.

The USA political elites lived off of the backs of slaves and they still do it to this day by blaming people like me, the only people in the world who actually call them out.
Trump was an immigrant, and he too wanted a reality similar to what I wantd, one were people don't have to illegally enter the USA. One where you have to work your way up through a meritocracy.
The problem is, the USA that he wants is gone, coz at least 80% of the USA population thinks that worth based off of merits, is "racist".

What I don't get is how come we don't fight for it? We just let the country get stolen by Yankees.
These people aren't our kings. The American Political elite aren't monarchy, nor gods. They're just nerds, nerds that I could easily flush down the toilet if they didn't have so many bodyguards.
Back in the 90s, you could just walk up to Bill Gates and pie him in the face like the little (EPSTEIN) nerd he is.

That's what I find absurd about today's society. Today's society worships Bill Gates, yet back in my day (I'm only in my 30s and I'm already speaking like that. I still look like an 18 yr old too, LOL!), everyone knew that he was just some nerd who plagiarizes everyones' work.
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My mom knows tr trump was better than biden
Is my aunt and her husband I had problems with

Nintendo domination ... 31700.html


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Screw nintendo
Don't buy digital games, you have to be online for them to let you play games
It's dumb I got niño kuni and okami digital

Nintendo lamest move yet

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