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Moonlight Syndrome, the third game of the original Twilight trilogy.
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All Moonlight Syndrome info on this page is translated by
具衡 Tomohira

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Mika Kishi had recently graduated to the second grade of Hinakawa high,
She noticed that she had misplaced her key while coming home from school.
A boy with gray hair was standing behind Mika while she searched around the vicinity for her key.

The little boy with the gray hair seemed to have vanished or disappeared after he handed the key to Mika.
Mika wanted to rest in her room because she was exhausted, but she felt an eerie foreboding vibe.
Her ring tone rung in the middle of the night.
She was called, because she forgot to meet up with Sumio in the park.
Mika got dressed up & left home.

On the way, she crossed paths with Ryo Kazan on the road beside the banks of a river.
Upon glancing at the face of Mika...

Ryo is heard muttering.
"Is that Kyoko?"
As the two tensely awed at the motor cycle accident. The name of the dying woman with the slashed throat is
Kyoko Kazan
Kyoko Kazan dead
The full moon glimmered in the night sky.

 LUNATICS Mika lead a mostly ordinary casual life. She usually spent her leisure time participating in after school clubs & kept company with her friends, Yukari and Chisato. This was how Mika Kishi spent most of her days. One day Mika's daily life became warped & abnormal, ever since she turned around when she heard a voice calling to her. Later that night a student (A senior) died in a traffic accident.Mitra sighting

Her name was Kyoko Kazan. She was a senior at Mika's school who happened to have a visage that looked remarkably similar to Mika Kishi's.
Mika never really cared much for Kyoko. Mika was upset about a rumor that she heard about her.
It's been said that Kyoko may have been Sumio's lover, whom Mika had a crush on.

Left: Kyoko Kazan  Right: Mika Kishi
Mika Kishi and Kyoko Kazan

The accidental death of Kyoko was reported during the evening news.
Mika's father raised his voice to call out to his daughter when he saw the Kyoko Kazan news report.

Mika "you're safe with your father."

He was a bit bemused when he saw the eerie facial similarities that both Kyoko & Mika shared. That night, Mika's entire household paid closer attention to the news broadcast.
If only they knew, that this is only the beginning of a contract.

A contract that Sumio agreed to, because of his jealousy over Ryo Kazan.
Note: Although Kyoko is officially Sumio's lover.
The only person who truly captures her heart is her younger brother Ryo.
The breakdown & separation of incest love.
Oh how appealing.
Moonlight Syndrom Mitra sighting

Mika Kishi  (Moonlight Syndrome Protagonist.)
Mika Kishi Moonlight Syndrome

birthday: On August 11, she's a Leo 
blood type: AB 
type height: 163cm (5'4)
Breast/Waist/Hip: She plans to keep it a secret until she get's thinner. 
school year: First grader (10th grade) 2nd grader (11th grader) in Moonlight Syndrome. 
club activities: Badminton, and Lacrosse 
Mika is a 
Tsuyoshi Domoto fan girl. 

Mika in Twilight Syndrome:
A student from Hinashiro high.
She's pretty good at networking with peers, both in & out of school. Ms Kishi exhibits a curious, but haughty air about her.
Mika always carries with her a MD Walkman, a camera, and a pager in her yellow backpack. 
Mika admires Yukari and she sometimes gets jealous of Chisato. 
(Chisato & Yukari are childhood friends who are both in the same grade.)

Yukari Hasegawa (Twilight Syndrome Series Protagonist.)

Yukari Hasegawa Moonlight Syndrome

birthday: On April 15, She's an Aries 
lood type: A
A type height: 168cm (5'6)
Breast/Waist/Hips : Get your mind out of the gutter.
school year: Second grader (11th grade) Senior in Moonlight Syndrome
club activities: former member of the basketball club 
Yukari is a 
Charles Bronson fan, & her favorite song is "Wild Moon Swing" by THE CURE

At 16 years old Yukari exudes an aura of independence & cool, which was possibly due to the her parents divorce. 
She used to go out with a teacher named Kitamura, but the relationship did not go as expected. Her & Chisato are childhood friends. 
She thinks Mika to be gloomy/moody, but on the other hand part of Mika's personality is redeemed by her brightness/glibness. Yukari Hasegawa was the main character of TS: Investigation. 
The twilight syndrome was a story of her persona becoming whole. Yukari is the one (Out of the trio.) who people sympathize with most. She faces many dilemmas in her home, and love life.


 Chisato Itsushima

Chisato Itsushima

birthday: On June 24, she's a Cancer 
blood type: O-type 
height: 158cm (5'2) 
Three size:Oh, grow up!
school year: Second grader (11th grade) Senior in Moonlight Syndrome
club activities: archery club 
Chisato is a 
Kiichi Nakai fan. LET'S! of Catherine Exercise 

Chisato is the most reliable when it comes to the spiritual. Her gentle character & her paranormal abilities are a great asset to Yukari (sometimes, Mika). 
She seems to be the main character of 
Twilight Syndrome Search
, but I'm not sure. 
Chisato is the character that I know the least about. 
It's unfortunate, because she seems to have a massive background story.
Chisato became addicted to karaoke when Mika took her to a karaoke club.
Chisato is Yayoi's older sister.


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Izzy's Moonlight Syndrome translation Blog
Danganronpa Twilight Syndrome homage through Chiaki NanamiChiaki Nanami from DanganRonpa 2 is a Twilight Syndrome fan. The three girls that she referred to when she was asked to explain the game are Yukari Hasegawa, Chisato Itsushima and Mika Kishi.

Twilight Syndrome Reunion (SaiKai)
Twilight Syndrome Reunion

Aramata, Twilight Syndrome journalist
The journalist who records the events of the Twilight Syndrome. Aramata appears in every Twilight Syndrome game. documenting any new discoveries that he may find. He functions as the save point for Moonlight Syndrome. At first glance many people assume that Aramata is an antagonist, but he's actually just a character who keeps tabs on the effects of the Twilight Syndrome.

Sumio Toba
Sumio Toba Moonlight Syndrome
Age: 18
school year: Senior
He's typical playboy. Sumio was good friends with Kyoko, and he was also intimate with her.

Rumi Toba

Rumi Touba
Age: 17
school year: Second grader (11th grade)
She appears in Silver Case, with Ryo Kazan and his sister's severed head.

Ryo Kazan
Ryo Kazan Moonlight Syndrome
Age: 16 school year:High school drop out.
The younger brother of Kyoko Kazan. They shared a bond with each other that far exceeded even the kinship of blood. The Kazan's were involved in an incest relationship with one another. Sumio had Kyoko killed, because he was jealous of the affection that Kyoko had for her brother.

Yayoi showed Ryo to the v.i.p. room of a night club called "Lost Highway". Sumio was in the backroom waiting for Ryo to show up. Yayoi handed Ryo a bag. Inside the bag was Kyoko's head. Ryo kept her head after Sumio was killed during a double homicide by an ex lover.

Ryo received a phone call from Kyoko shortly after he returned home. However this is impossible, because Kyoko is dead. It's around this time that Ryo's mind starts to twist & turn the reality around him little by little. (This eventually escalates into full blown madness by the time we see Ryo in Silver Case.)

What connects Ryo to the story of Moonlight Syndrome is that he was blackmailed by both Yayoi & Mitra to agree with a contract that would ensure Mika Kishi's safety. Mika was supposed to have been killed by a stalker, but her death was prevented by MITRA when Ryo consented to the contract. Ryo wants to keep Mika alive, because Mika reminds him of his sister. He views Mika as his second chance to redeem himself. Ryo thinks it's his fault that Kyoko died, because he wasn't around to protect her.

To Ryo, Mika is the only remnant of Kyoko that he has left to cling on to. (Besides Kyoko's head.) For Ryo, Mika is the last remaining trace of his sanity left on Earth that keeps him from going insane. What actually happened is that the kid (MITRA) presented Ryo an ultimatum or a contract that would extend Mika's life & ensure her safety. Ryo consents to the contract, because Mika reminds him of his dead sister. However the contract is automatically nullified once Ryo or Mika make physical contact with each other.

Yayoi Itsushima

Yayoi Itsushima Moonlight Syndrome

She returns in "Flower, Sun and Rain" as
Yayoi Hanayama.



He appears in Killer7.