Who or what is the 10 million secret Japanese members that Chris Mills alludes to?/ What happened during target Sunset?/ Why did the Liberal Party intervene?/ What was implied by the true "test of Japan's value"?/ What is Jean DePaul's objective?/ What is Julia Kisugi's objective?/ The Asian Security Protocol/

International Mass-Scale Transportation System

Above Top Secret

Source:Text ripped from Linda Vermillion's File 7 conjecture page. Linda Vermillion's File 7 page

Who or what is the 10 million secret Japanese members that Chris Mills alludes to?

A few moments before Chris Mills was shot he relayed information about how Matsuken held the control & loyalty of 10 million secret Japanese members scattered across the globe. The term "Japanese members" doesn't exactly imply that they're actually Japanese. It refers to individuals who were brought up under Japanese ideals & doctrine either naturally or through subliminal messages. One such facility that is like a factory for children of this upbringing would be the Coburn Elementary Institute. Since Elementary schools are attended by mostly kids & young teens they have the easiest minds to influence therefore it would be a cinch to implant thoughts into their brains of who to vote on. (Schools have the most ballot booths.)The irony of Coburn is that the building is one of the U.S.A.'s most important factors in deciding on who becomes the next president, but at the same time it's also secretly used as a breeding ground by the Japanese government to train kids utilizing Japanese wartime WW II education methods into becoming assassins, key political figures,etc. for the Japanese government to infiltrate the U.S.A. under the guise as American democrats & republicans. Garcian Smith was one of the individuals that was educated at Coburn Elementary, which could explain his Japanese mannerisms.

Source: The following are excerpts from Hand in Killer 7 Translated by DELTAHEAD Translations Click here for the rest of the Hand in Killer 7 translation.

What happened during target Sunset?

When Fukushima was killed, the party briefly fell into chaos. Fukushima was supposed to attend the Japan-U. S. meeting in the Kaku Building; in his place, the Liberal Party sent its members. Negotiations between the Liberal Party and the U. S. Government had concluded well before the meeting in the Kaku Building, so the meeting was intended to be a mere formality. Unexpectedly, the U. S. Government broke off negotiations; as a result, both sides ended up killing each other.

Why did the Liberal Party intervene?

When the Liberal Party learned about Fukushima's annulment of the Asian Security Treaty, they sent Julia Kisugi to assassinate him. As well, Kisugi was instructed to retrieve the Yakumo. The Liberal Party wanted to reclaim control of the Japanese Government, to protect the Japanese people's interests. It regarded Fukushima's action as reckless. Since the Liberal Party desired a more complex relationship of support with the United States, it was only natural that they should try to assassinate the leader of their Japanese competition.Kasai asked the Killer7 to eliminate Jean DePaul. He wanted the Japan/U. S. Government meeting in the Kaku Building to succeed, in order to strengthen the security treaty. Fukushima, however, had known for years that the U. S. Government was plotting against Japan. He took his anti-U. S. position in preparation.

What was implied by the true "test of Japan's value"?

Jeffers (The caucasian) and Dudley (The African American) --the U. S. representatives at the meeting in the Kaku Building-- were sent to the meeting in order to break off negotiations with Japan. They were expendable pawns, who were sent to end the negotiations by killing the Japanese representatives--and being killed themselves.As a result, Japan was thrown into total chaos. Some wondered whether Japan's disorder was the President and the U. S. Government's intention from the start. However, the President's delay in response was due to the prolonged settlement on the distribution of Japan's land and natural resources, with European countries. The true "test of Japan's value" for the U. S. Government was nothing more than determining what benefit the U. S. would receive from Japan's destruction. If the U. S. had received fewer concessions and benefits from Japan's destruction, the Fireworks are likely to have been launched.

What is Jean DePaul's objective?

The International Ethics Committee sent Jean DePaul to Restaurant Fukushima with orders to eliminate Kisugi, to destroy Japan's Liberal Party. (If Fukushima was allowed to live, Japan's isolation would be maintained.) The rationale behind sending DePaul to the Kaku Building was similar: to break off the negotiation by killing members of Japan's Liberal Party, who wanted to extend the security treaty. However, DePaul encountered MASK De Smith before he reached the meeting room; DePaul's mission failed. His life was wasted, since the IEC's desires were fulfilled without the need for their intervention.

What is Julia Kisugi's objective?

Julia Kisugi was hired by the Liberal Party and sent to the United States, to retrieve the Yakumo. She was hired as a secretary by Toru Fukushima, who she later killed. However, the Yakumo had been taken by Jean DePaul (a spy from the International Ethics Committee), who had taken work in Fukushima's restaurant as an apprentice to the head chef. The whereabouts of the Yakumo were unknown, after that. However, it was rumoured that a young mail clerk in a small Texan town named Andrei Ulmeyda had found part of the Yakumo, somehow. Ulmeyda established a company called "First Life." As his company grew, he employed most of the town's residents. "First Life" developed the town and became much more than a simple business.

The Asian Security Protocol

One of the primary causes of international conflict is the limited number of energy resources, in conjunction with different economic systems and environmental concerns.In 1975, in Hakone, Japan, an international conference met to find solutions to energy security problems, specifically as they related to Asian countries. The Hakone Protocol contained three different possible routes:[1] The Pipe Plan. This plan was advantageous to oil producing countries in the Middle East.[2] The Civic Plan: This plan was advantageous for China and its allied countries, all of whom had a high dependency on coal. [3] The Massive Plan: This plan was advantageous for the United States and Europe, who desired oil concessions from the Middle East.One of these three plans was adopted by the countries who attended and voted during the international conference. However, there was no formal announcement regarding which of the three plans was selected.

International Mass-Scale Transportation System

The United Nations feared that it could no longer control the international market, owing to the hastened development of means of distribution of materials. Therefore, it enacted greater restrictions on the air transportation industry.Additionally, research institutes reported that an unknown virus was transported via airplanes; this virus had the potential to spark a global epidemic. A decline in the use of airlines was inevitable. In order to replace air transportation, a network of "Intercontinental Expressways" was planned for construction.After the construction of the Intercontinental Expressways, a next-generation distribution system was slated for construction, using the Intercontinental Expressways as their foundation. For its successful operation, a newly discovered power source would be used to move a a gigantic metal plate across the sea floor. The plate would have a base area of several kilometers. This next-generation distribution system was called the "Intercontinental Mass-Scale Transportation System."Construction of the new transportation system began in 2003; by 2005, forty percent of the project had been completed. As of the events of Killer7, construction continues. Many politicians became rich from under-the-table concessions granted to private corporations, who supplied materials for the large-scale construction.As of 2005, the project had concluded its experimental phase. It was proven workable. However, nations still struggle between each other, over concessions promised at the beginning of the project, regarding the maintenance of the infrastructure.


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