WARNING: This web site contains some mature content that may be unsuitable for minors or the light hearted.

Note: Clemence is a dumbass.

SUSIE,SUSIE SUMNER!!! was it Love or LUST when you FUCKed up my NUTZ? Regardless Love is War. You only hit me coz you love me!!! War is Love. I've came back from DEATH to repay my debt. As an act of LOVE & LUST I will destroy your HEAD. I've spoken to GOD yesterday. The great one told me to "!!!aKKuFahtoM flesruoY LLiK" was that an archaic language,or was GOD speaking in code?


Susie Sumner Q&A

Hello Mr. Smith \(^o^)/ nice sunny weather we have today.
(*^_^*) Weather such as this is ample for a nice cold banana vanilla fudge sundae.
You know how the saying goes...
You scream,I scream,we all scream for Icecream,
(>_<) but this one girl screamed in my ear so fuckin' loud
that I made her scream & scream & scream.
I made her scream so much you'd swear she was in a herbal essence commercial.
All of a sudden the screams came to a halt (^_^)V.
I was content at first,untill I realized that my ice cold
banana vanilla fudge sundae had melted from the heat.


In case you're new here,or have forgotten,this is how you navigate Killer7 SINdicate. t(-_-t)

.Killer7 SIN has 3 main pages that direct you to more specific areas of the site.

DATABASE: The database page will direct you to a series of directories listing every single piece of information under its own separate category.
For example Character information will be located in the subpage "Cast" of the Database page.
Investigative information regarding the surroundings, & story of the games will be located at the "Investigation Files" subpage of the database.
Political & Religious subplots will be located under their own sub categories within the "investigation files" page, and so on.

DOWNLOAD: Download will contain downloads from every single ghm game that we already have up. Downloads mostly consist of soundtracks, wallpapers, & data that was extracted from the games featured at this site.

FAN WANK: Fan wank houses all fan made content, & cosplay.


(._. ) ( ._.) What!!! Bastard!!! You still here!!?
This reminds me of the encounter I had with that tourist from Australia.
He kept speaking to me in this weird language "Ripper!!! Full dinkum nuddy!"
I'm like damn, I don't speak aborigines. (>_<) Speak english bitch!!
He kept talking about wrasslin crocodiles, and mite & such.
I don't know, don't ask me. (T_T) I have no idea what the hell message he was trying to convey.

So I tried to beat it out of him, but no matter what he kept speaking to me in his secret code.
So then I got out the aluminum baseball bat, and smacked him around a bit.
When that didn't work I tried out the sledgehammer.
For some reason the tourist would never say anything back.
(6_6) I took it as an insult so I bludgeoned him with a screw driver.
\(^o^)/ Then it occurred to me the tourist wasn't speaking some secret code.
It was just his stereotypical Australian accent!!!
(~_~;) I also finally noticed that I had killed the tourist by accident.
Well serves him right.





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