The size of the world has changed. It's changed to where you can control it with your hands, just like a pda. The world will keep getting smaller.

Disclaimer: Killer 7 is more of a collection of themes, and ideas rather than an actual fable. As a result K7SIN emphasizes most of the focus on the politics of Killer 7. The reason being is because the politics of K7 is the only aspect of the game that is concrete, and doesn't rely on conjecture & theories.

Due to the nature of K7, which is a game that is meant to be looked at as a piece of abstract art. Everybody is bound to interpret the game differently. It is not K7 SIN's goal to tell visitors what exactly is going on in Killer 7. Rather the SINdicate merely wishes to point individuals to the right direction of what the main conflict is in Killer 7.

Which mostly centers around "information warfare", between U.S.A. & Japan. The majority of the characters are politically motivated with the exception of the Killer 7. The K7 are nothing more than a marionette that can be controlled at will. All you need to do is pull the right strings. The right strings being Garcian's immense bushido like loyalty to a man that he believes is his mentor, Harman Smith.


1998 All international disputes resolved ,July 3rd marked the celebration of the birth of a global community that brought about true peace across the globe.

2000 The great powers began peace-keeping activities on a global scale under the banner of suppressing terrorism, completely shutting down all air transport, and getting rid of every network terminal, all in the short span of two years.

2002 A network of intercontinental expressways opened, spanning the oceans, and bridging the continents.


An Intercontinental delivery system was constructed on a massive scale, nuclear energy was banned, all radioactive material was disposed of, and all intercontinental missiles were eliminated, removing all threats to peace from the world.

Then there was a terrorist attack at the signing ceremony for the UN World Security Treaty, with these "Heaven Smile" terrorist bringing the UN to a complete halt. Terrorism in it's truest sense - an act done to instill terror. And the world stood in silence at this new fear. So the great powers enlisted the help of the "Killer 7",the only ones capable of wiping out the new threat known as the Heaven Smile.





"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. "

John F. Kennedy