Simple Metaphors in the Smiths Deaths

These are just some simple possible metaphors I've noticed throughout Killer7 and I think I might have something with a few of them, anyway here it goes.

The smiths deaths could symbolize their individual stereo type in American(or possibly Japanese) society.

Kevin's Death: Kevin I think symbolizes the working man, notice that he is simply doing his job and is dispatched with barely any effort from Emir. I think this shows the way the working man is laid off or screwed very simply or effectively in society. Also note he is the only member of the Smiths to take a head shot showing how he was the most effectively and excessively killed/screwed.

Con's Death: I think Con shows a typical care free youth. When he is shot he is not even paying attention showing ignorance that is often associated with youth. He also relaxing when he meets his downfall and looking/snoring out at the world he wants to see and enjoy rather then noticing obvious trouble coming his way(also note that he is blind).

Mask's Death: He symbolizes the celebrity in society: First off he is naked and not wearing his mask which shows a famous persons vulnerability when away from the spotlight. The mask he wears is off which shows he is out of character in is in a relaxed state of mind. Celebrities in real life society often meet their end(metaphorically by spending time away from the spotlight and losing public interest or literally by the way many famous personas met their end at a more relaxed setting(Jon Lenon, Marilyne Monroe, James Dean)) at leisure or in a more commoner mode. He's also showering which shows celebrities often outgoing focus on grooming by taking a shower.

Kaede's Death: She mirrors a woman in modern society. First off she sees the danger coming and takes action to avoid it(which could symbolize the preparation women take to avoid danger or despair which is a common female reaction or common stereo-type of a female reaction). Then she hides out in a closet(closets usual store clothing which women are stereo-typed to commonly seek and buy in mass which often breaks their careful planning on a financial level). The closet could also represent the way women are tucked away in society and always take a back seat to men. She dies quietly and in hiding(which could show how passive tactics taken in real-life by women never work against male aggressiveness and how more aggressive action taken by females could work better).Also notice that she is the only member to keep the clothing she was killed in when becoming a part of Garcian/Harman this could be showing a female's attachment to clothing again.

Coyote's Death: He represents the way an ethnic person is or is perceived in society. Alright first off he is in very good shape which is often a conception drawn from the heavy amount of athletes not white. He
is the only Smith to get shots off at Emir which shows how many ethnic people have fought somewhat effectively against white society(Native American Rebellion, African American Riots). He meets his end by a simple trick, which could be trying to convey the way less educated minorities have been financially screwed. The reflection could also symbolize the way decisions and lifestyle choices taken by minorities could be used against them(these are mostly made up of racial prejudices that may or may not be true).

Dan's Death: He represents the all powerful white male in society. First off he's sitting(in a very relaxed position) possibly symbolizing the commonly perceived laziness of white Americans. He also shows the most cockyness which could symbolize the unstoppable domineering(note he criticize’s Emir) attitude commonly perceived to be conveyed by male white Americans, he also meets his end due to this attitude(which could symbolize the decline of the American economy often contributed to cockyness and laziness).

Other things to take note of in considering symbolism in the Smiths deaths

The working man is screwed first by society
(this could be because of how hard they have been taking it in recent years in real-life).
The youth second often a son of the working man.
Celebrity takes it third possibly showing the loss of financial support due to the loss of youth and the working man/materialistic middle class American's(fans).
Woman takes it third only after the loss of their children
(could symbolize the way lose their child for financial reasons)
and husband(working man) which could show the way society takes care of the male first,
then the celebrity a possible emotional crutch of a women
(a famous person to admire).

The minority takes it fifth possibly showing the way help has recently come their way in society(
Kaede also was the one to warn Coyote about Emir which could show the way many female dominated organizations have helped minorities).
Finally the dominating slacker takes it last from society(which shows the way business men or other more successful members of American society have more to fall back on).

Also notice Dan gets the most attention throughout the game, and then Mask and then Con then everyone else
( this shows the full power of the successful white male the influence of the celebrity then the insignificance of youth that through society’s full help they are able to overcome by financial aid extra help with schooling and the way reality tv shows often focus on seemingly meaningless youth).
Notice the woman the minority and the working man get little or no attention plot wise.

Note: In this scene I see Emir/Garcian as society itself, he's efficient and creates some of the symbolism simply through the way he does it. The only thing he doesn't control is order he just goes from floor to floor in order going up (what that might mean I'm not sure).

Note#2: In the article I pointed out how mask symbolized a famous person, and how celebrities often meet their end at home in seclusion. They often meet their end in the mind when people stop caring essentially, so they die in a symbolic way by having their hearts broken, Mask takes all of Emirs bullets in the heart region of the chest.
Which might be symbolizing the famous Icon thing further.


All I have written here is pure personal conjecture and none of this may be what Suda51 was trying to convey but hopefully it will at least get you thinking.

Written by Dale Musashi Discussion thread for this file