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Official Silver Case Character chart
Left: official chart that ships with the game. Right: A haphazardly English translated chart by both Topdrunkee & Con's Angel.
The Silver Case Characters Japanese The Silver Case Characters English
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Faction leaders of ward 24's most prominent political parties & citizen groups


FSO Party
Sundance Shot
TRO/CCO Coalition Government
Kai Zaburo TRUMP
  Mulholland President
Marionette Mother
24 ward District Chief
Kaoru Hachisuka



Under constructioN
  Sundance Shot Kai Zaburo  

Marionette Mother

Kaoru Hachisuka    

Convicted Felons

  The Silver Case
(The silver case murders originally occurred over 20 yrs. before the events of the game.)
A hitman who served for the FSO conservative party.
Kamui Uehara



Profiles have not been uploaded yet.
    Uehara Kamui
(Fujiwara Kamui)

  Case#0 Lunatics Ryo Kazan   Rumi



    Uehara Kamui
(Ryo Kazan)


  Case#1 Decoyman Uehara Kamui   Ayame Shimohira



    Uehara Kamui

Ayame Shimohira
(Kaiji Enzawa)

Case#3 Parade See no evil
Hanao Hiseki

Speak no evil

  Sumio,The ring leader of the Mikumo boizu Hear no evil
Sumio Kodai



Mikumo boizu Hanao Hiseki Fyuki  

Sumio Kodai    
Case#5 Lifecut







The Tramps Nuiya Rui  



(TRO) "Republic" / The public peace special forces

  Public peace special forces captain
Daigo Natsume
Kenichi Sakamoto   Haruhiko Inomata Ryu Munakata



Main Character Transmitter Case
Silver Case Main Character Akira
  Daigo Natsume Kenichi Sakamoto  

Harahiko Inomata

Tariyuu Munaka   AKIRA

(CCO) Central police consultation room

    Direct business senior advisor
Daikichi Sakaguchi
  Direct business management official
Michiru Kosaka



    Taikichi Sakaguchi  

Michiru Kousaka


(CCO) 24 ward central police criminal investigation unit
24th Precinct Crime Unit

Shinji Kotobuki
Division 2
Tetsugoro Kusabi
Division 2
Sumio Kodai
Division 1
Morichika Nakategawa
Division 1
Chizuru Hachisuka
Division 1
Kiyoshi Morikawa
Riley Kawabata
Shinji Kotobiki Tetsugoro Kusabi Sumio Kodai Morichika Nakategawa Chizuru Hachisuka Kiyoshi Morikawa   Kawaba
Transferred to 24 ward central police criminal investigation unit
Kenta Mikoshiba Sakura Natsume Main Character Transmitter Cases
Silver Case Main Character Akira
        Kenta Mikoshiba Sakura Natsume     AKIRA

Main Character Placebo report
Silver Case Main Character Tokio Morishima

Erika Yukawa

Silver Case Bartender

Kaiji Enzawa

Ayame Shimohira

Hikaru Kobayashi

Koichi Sugita

Shelter Children Silver Case

Tokio Morishima

Erika Yukawa


Ensosawa Kair\tsu

Kaiji Enzawa
(Ayame Shimohira)

Shibikaru Kobaya

Kouichi Sugita

Shelter Children

Pop idolSayaka Baian Pop Idol

Silver Case Placebo

Tomonori Furuya

Ril Yukimura

Chairman Yukimura

Snow Tower Executive

Snow Tower Executive

Sayaka Baian



Furuya Tomonori

Ril Yukimura

Chairman Yukimura


Tower executives

Cigar Store Grandmother

Silver Case Placebo 2


Cigar store clerk








Flower, Sun, & Rain
Many of the conspirator's who manipulated the events that lead up to the Silver Case make their first game appearance here.
Flower Sun and Rain illusrtation Flowe Sun and Rain art

Note: This section only contains characters who are relevant to the overall mythos of
Kill the Past".

The myth of Lospass Resort


The Silver Eye
Sundance Shot
The Hachisuka family
Tokio Morishima Flower Sun and Rain
  She knows the secret of Lospass



  Sundance Shot Tokio Morishima  


    Kai Zaburo
Hotel FSR
Ed Macalister
The Searcher
Sumio Mondo
  His search for a missing person has led him to Lospass Resort.
Peter Bocchwinkur

Tetsugoro Kusabi



Toriko Kusabi
Ed Macalister Sumio Mondo  

Peter Bochwinkur

Tetsugoro Kusabi   Toriko Kusabi
Ed's successor
Pull the trigger of tomorrow
Remy Fauzlie
Yoshimitsu Koshimitsu

Rits' Nun



Stephan Charbonie
Sue Remy Fauzlie  

Yoshimitsu Koshimitsu

Rit's caretaker   Stephan Charbonie

Yayoi Hanayama




Yayoi Hanayama
(Sayaka Baian?)


Killer 7

Killer 7 takes place in an alternate reality where the planet has achieved world peace, & all trans communications have been outlawed.
As a result of the majour disparity between the setting of Killer 7 & the rest of the Kill the Past multiverse.
It is unknown whether or not if K7 is officially part of "Kill the Past".
However those who are familiar with the games that came before Killer 7 will be able to pin point many ideas & themes that were borrowed from the
"Kill the Past" mythos .

Garcian Smith Killer7 Killer7 killer
Note: This section only contains characters who are relevant to the overall mythos of
Kill the Past".

The myth of the Killer 7


God Killer
(The Silver Eye)
Harman Smith

Bloody Heartland
(Shelter children)
Garcian Smith

Harman + Emir EQUALS
God Hand
(Uehara Kamui)
Kun Lan



  Harman Smith   Emir Parkreiner

Divine Avatar (KAMUI)

Kun Lan    


  Union Hotel
Ed Macalister
  See no evilMizaru Killer7

Speak no evilIwazaru Killer7

Hear no evilKikazaru Killer7

  Ed Macalister    


Wenzel Diel Boris the VIIth, Iwazarskof, Iwazaru Kikazaru  

Silver Case Ward 25
Direct sequel to the Silver Case.








New World Order
















Moonlight Syndrome
Origin of Kill the Past .

Strange events occur during the event of a crescent moon.