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  If Reality is Fiction,and Fiction is Reality? Does that imply if I were KILL to you right where you stand,would it be considered IMAGINARY or a TRAGEDY!!!? I've spoken to GOD yesterday. The great one told me to "!!!aKKuFahtoM flesruoY LLiK" was that an archaic language,or was GOD speaking in ?
The size of the world has changed. It's changed to where you can control it with your hands, just like a pda. The world will keep getting smaller.


"All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level
to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself."


-Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"), Vol. I

Quick fact: Adolf Hitler is Anti-Semite (He hates Jews) ... Therefore he hates
Optimus Prime!!!!!????

Disclaimer:When interpreting the story of Killer 7.
It's important to remember that the game should be evaluated in a figurative sense.

For example when we say
"I'm hungry, I can eat a whole horse."
We don't exactly mean that we want to eat a whole horse.
We are just stating how hungry we are.

This is the same logic that I feel should be applied when interpreting Killer 7.
More often than not most Killer 7 fans base their ideas
& points of view off of what they see & hear in Killer 7, and not what the individual scenes
& dialogue actually mean or represent.

Remember this game is post modern.
Killer 7 is not meant to be taken literally...

Unofficial Killer 7 Relationship chart XXXXXXXX
click photo in order to enlarge.

Read "Sphere of influence" for a more detailed account of the chart that I made.

The Applejack syndrome The Line What are the Killer 7? The Message Target What is the Yakumo? Who is Emir?
Harman Smith & Kun Lan Hand in Killer 7 End note


Disclaimer:The following is my interpretation of the Killer 7 story.

 What are the Killer 7?

One of the most common misconceptions about the game Killer 7, is that most individuals have been led to believe that the game actually revolved around an elite god like crew of super human assassins.
In reality the Killer 7 were really just lies of convenience instigated by the government.
In order to perpetuate the myth of an elite crew of assassins known as the Killer 7 who's sole allegiance is to the United States of America.

The K7 are just a plot device within the context of the game..
Killer7 are only useful as a marionette that is being puppeteered by an individual with the bigger "picture" of the world.
If Killer 7 were a weapon they would be the atom bomb that puts a stop to the war & all conflicts.
However just like an atom bomb.
Weapons of mass destruction are often only used for political advantage which in turn breeds more war rather than putting a stop to it.

K7 is like a wild card without the guidance of the government, because they (Emir) are able to operate with free rein with little to no regard of what the consequences may be.
The choice Emir makes about Matsuken's fate is the one moment in the game that the Killer7 have the ability to operate outside of the machine.
(Mostly because Emir resurfaced as the dominant persona.)

The game "Killer7" is more about the world that created the Killer 7 & how social hierarchies/class systems are created & maintained through the use of the manipulation of information that creates a fabricated law & order.

Without the Killer 7 there would be no need for the governments of Japan & the USA to try to manipulate them in order to gain the upper hand between the power struggle of the two countries.
(A power struggle which was orchestrated by a third party, not affiliated with either the United States or Japan.)

The K7 work merely as a plot device, because they're main function in the game is to show you the corruption of the governments/Entertainment Media in the world & how it's come to the point that lies of convenience have been formed in order to keep stability & harmony in check.
However that harmony in question was all based around a system of lies,deceit & false advertising.
That's where the "Kun Lan" idea comes in with his Heaven Smiles.
In Hand in Killer 7 it's been said that Kun Lan is trying to destabilize the current power structure through anarchy.

 The Message

Killer 7 was basically a critique on Japan.
The entirety of the game itself is a political metaphor.
The message is plain & clear.
Two of the most prominent messages that come to mind are
1. Killer 7 is saying that Japan needs to amend Article 9 of the so called peace constitution.
Because if they don't Japan will be doomed to meet the same fate they did in Killer 7.
(If you kill Matsuken during the ending of Killer 7, you will be directed to a cutscene of the United States bombing Battleship/Gunkajima island.)
I simply call this political quagmire as Asian politics since the three key players (China,Korea, & Japan. India is also another big player, but they aren't acting retarded like the other 3.) are all using the same tactic of "disinformation & manipulation of the human psyche" to the masses. Japan tries to do it through logic, & reason, whereas Korea & China have suceeded by manipulating the mind,ego & nationalism of the masses. To the point that even foreiners outside of Asia have also conformed to the same view of asia that has been propagated by China & Korea.
Allow moi to put it in perspective, Japan is a country without an official army.
They only have self defense troops.
If a country such as China or North Korea were to launch nuclear pulsars at Japan.
(As was shown in Killer 7.)
Japan's only hope for defense is within the hope that the United States will not back off on it's promise/agreement during the peace constitution.
If such an event ever did occur, would the United States feel that it is within their best interest to comply with an agreement that they made over 30 yrs. ago?

The above blog post goes into further detail.

2. Killer 7 is also saying that our history, laws & government were all based off a series of lies which were created in order to keep the higher echelons of civilization at the top of the food chain. Under constructioN.


Alter ego was about propaganda, and how it's easily spread across the world under the guise as entertainment.

Cloudman was about presentation, & how easy it is to fool the masses into believing you.
All you need is the right marketing strategy & presentation.
Hence First Life, a company that only ran commercials.

Encounter didn't really have much to do with the story,but it did show the grimy truth that even Government officials take part in shady dealings of the underworld that are actually sanctioned by the government.
(Like selling women's organs. In real life "Encounter" most likely refers to government agents selling crack to minorities in poor neighborhoods.)

Sunset,Smile & Lion are all direct scenarios that lead up to the climax.
(United States attacked by a united coalition or Japan being economically destabilized.)
The first target is just a prelude & it's only there to introduce you to the game.

 What is the Yakumo?

The Yakumo was a modified cabinet policy which was created in order to bring (political) power back to the right wing.
The right wing if given complete control will bring power back to the Japanese military forces.
The entirety of Killer 7 has you (Garcian Smith) scouring the globe in search for the Yakumo.
This led him from Japan to Texas.
After Texas the United States obtained the Yakumo, but it was then secured in the hands of Matsuken.
A member of the Japanese United Nations party.

 Who is Emir?


Learn more about Emir Parkreiner here

 End Note

The game's main focus was not Emir's personal struggle.
It's more about the shape of the environment & how our world is shaped & controlled through the use of disinformation.
Unfortunately the majority of the Killer 7 fan base have been misdirected & confused by mis information which has been laced through out the entire game.
Which is ironic in itself.

This is why I say that you need to look at the straight line.
The "line" being the political story arc in Killer 7.
When you look at this game through a political point of view & all the cut scenes as physical metaphors of the political messages that both Iwazaru & Travis convey through out the game.
The game Killer 7 starts to look more realistic & possible rather than that crazy religiously Christian slanted "The one" rebirth of black Jesus christ that the English speaking Killer 7 audiences seem to always regurgitate.

While the amendment of article 9 of the Japanese/United States peace constitution may be unimportant to all of us non Japanese. The other main political message in Killer 7 of our governments being controlled through well placed disinformation & lies of convenience should be relevant to all of us world wide.

Under constructioN



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