The size of the world has changed. It's changed to where you can control it with your hands, just like a pda. The world will keep getting smaller.


"The Status Quo"

The (Japanese) United Nations Party
After the climax of World War II, Several ex members of the Liberal Party banded together, and founded the United Nations Party. Since its establishment, it has become Japan's leading political party. Toru Fukushima is the party's leader.


The Liberal Party
The Liberal Party is the second most powerful political party in Japan. Intent on destroying the U. N. Party, the Liberal Party wants to reclaim its lost place as the forerunning political party in Japan. The Liberal Party desired an extension of the Asian Security Treaty,and therefore kept its relationship with the U. S. Government in good condition. Oppositely, Toru Fukushima annulled his relationship with the U. S. Government. His intentions to end the security treaty were for the interest of establishing Japan as a truly independent state.

The Liberal Party wants to reclaim control of the Japanese Government, to protect the Japanese people's interests. They regard Fukushima's action as reckless. Since the Liberal Party desires a more complex relationship of support with the United States, It's only natural that they should try to assassinate the leader of their Japanese competition.


The United States of America
Since the foundation of the United States of America, many organizations and political parties struggled for power. Although history recognizes the United States of America's government as a democratic republic, it is rumoured that a shadow government really runs the country.


The U.S. Government
The U. S. Government holds contemptible feelings toward Japan due to Toru Fukushima's decision to severe all ties with The United States. The Killer7 receive their missions from the U. S. Government, through Christopher Mills.


The U.S. Opposition Party
Behind the scenes, the U. S. Opposition Party is connected with Kun Lan's catastrophe from the EAST. The Opposition Party's goal is to help Kun Lan crush the United States. The U. S. Opposition Party controls the U. S. Immigration Bureau. (They greatly contributed to Curtis Blackburn's & Pedro Montana's black market organ trade ring.)


The International Ethics Committee
The International Ethics Committee is a peace-keeping organization that mediates in international conflict. The IEC intends to make the United States attack Japan. The International Ethics Committee plan to colonize Japan with Russian and Asian populations. They have already occupied Hokkaido and Kyushu; now, they are arguing over concession of Honshu (Japan's mainland) with the United States. In Singapore, the negotiations regarding the division of Japan continue.


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