The pigeons & god are one. Trust the pigeons

Ending Quotes

 The day when laughter disappears from the world draws near.
Laughter is the countdown of devastation.
The day he stops smiling is the day we remember his smile.
The maiden save the world with their laughter.
Unmask your heart,show us your smile.
The wonderful smile is gone for eternity.
Thank you for playing KILLER 7


Quick fact: Dogs do not lay eggs.


"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which. "

George Orwell



It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and many thanks for choosing me for the job.
My name is Johnny Gagnon, otherwise known as Speedster.
I get excited when I slit a guy's throat.
I know that may be sick, but I do the best work in town.
Thus a report on the job.
I'm sure you'll like what I have to say.
I watched them like a hawk, so I think a hefty reward is in order!
There are 7 in the Smith syndicate.

Dan Smith who uses a large caliber revolver.
Kaede Smith, who uses a large automatic rifle.
Con Smith, who uses 2 full auto pistols.
Mask de Smith, who uses grenades.
Kevin Smith, who uses knives.
Coyote Smith, who uses a modified gun.
Garcian Smith, who uses a small pistol.

They are an armed force that rivals a small army. You wouldn't want to be on their bad side.
In conclusion, it is in the interest of the United States to "keep" them around. There's no telling when they might come in handy. I'll be contacting you again.

Johnny Gagnon


Dear Emir,
Emir, we have a problem.
A terrible thing has happened!
I can hardly believe it, but
the money is not in my account!
I need your help. You got my last message didn't you?
I trusted you...
Now don't let me down.
Promise me!
Wire me the money immediately.
A hundred and twenty-five bucks
is peanuts, I'm telling you!

the Smith syndicate operates
in strange ways.

Garcian Smith manages the other
6 personas. and mainly act as
a negotiator for work requests.
Garcian never eliminates people himself.
His role is to retrieve bodies.
Even if another persona is killed, it appears he is able to to
bring him back to life.
Like a wizard, I tell you...

However, it's my hunch that
somebody off-stage is calling
the shots, and controlling
There must be a hidden
mastermind separate from the
active team.
And it's likely that this mastermind assigns the jobs.

Garcian is very loyal, and he
values the organization.
He controls the personas to keep organization safe.
He's a middle manager, you see the members switch using
the medium of television,
But I have yet to determine
what governs the switches.

The Smith syndicate is composed of one sensible
person, and six freaks.
I have never seen the personas
interact with each other.
Soon I expect to unmask the
myth behind this strange group.

I'll be contacting you again.

Johnny Gagnon


This is a warning, Emir.

Transfer $100 to my account. I'm absorbing a $25 loss. Final offer. Alright?

Nothing terrible has happened yet, It's time for you to send the money. Consider it a gift from me to you. Surprisingly, the Smith syndicate has many talents.
And I ain't talking about cheap tricks like swallowing goldfish or cramming your head into a rubber glove. They're on a whole other plane. I saw it with my own eyes.
Heroes for our age!

Dan Smith is straight out of Japanime. Launching balls of light and shit! Yeah, you bet it blew my socks off.
Heck,I wanted to shake his hand and ask for an autograph!
But I decided to put my life first.

Kaede Smith spurts blood from her arms. What a sick sight! And then what did she do?
She flattened a wall, right before my eyes.
She must have taken out some kind of barrier. That's what Kaede's blood can do!
Sometimes her arm sucks blood. That's some stuff I didn't need to see, either!

Mask de Smith is still a mystery, but I do know that he can do some sweet wrestling moves. He was a small-town pro wrestler who drew crowds to main events, but just before he made his debut in the New York scene, he mysteriously disappeared. This is common knowledge among fans.
The only thing for sure is that there's more than meets the eye. An update will follow.

Johnny Gagnon


Continuing my report.

Kevin Smith never fails to amaze. You won't believe this, But it's the straight up truth.
The sucker is a real-life invisible man.
At first, even I didn't believe it. This has gotta be a hoax, right
Well, shit.
The guy's for real.

And then Con Smith.
What pain-in-the-ass punk.
I can never catch him.
It blew my socks off, Nine times!
When he speeds off, he disappears.
That's right. DIS-A-PPEARS!
The Olympic records mean nothing with him running around.

Coyote Smith has a thing.
A thing for being a crook.
But he's not like other thugs.
He's fit; he jumps like an animal. Incredible athleticism.
Not to mention, he can pick any padlock.
He must've picked this up as a method of survival in a rough neighborhood.

And then there's Garcian Smith.
I really haven't seen him much.
So everything I know is based on conjecture.

Rumor has it he can spot the Heaven Smiles a mile away.
This character is no joke, going up against monsters like that.
My investigation continues.

Johnny Gagnon


To my dearest Emir,
The world is falling into chaos
as those ruled by a deep darkness increase in number.
There is one group they fear...
Have you heard of the Harman Assassins?

I don't want to call them on you.
Consider setting up a payment plan.
I found the target of their first job. His name is Travis Bell.
He disappeared 30 years ago.
It's no mistake he was

Few people remember him,
and nobody has said they were with him.
It seems he got himself in some dangerous business.
I will follow the murderous trail, no doubt a bottomless pit.
I can't stop shaking, but I will put my life in line and find out.

I'll be contacting you again.

Johnny Gagnon


Dear Emir,
Once there was a boy.
The boy's mother didn't keep her promise. So the boy screamed,
"Buy it, or I'll kill you,
Because everyone knows liars,
even if they're your own parents, deserve capital punishment.
This is your last chance to pay up.

My sources tell me that people go "missing" all the time in this town.
Some dash off in the night.
Entire families disappear.
It's like a horror story, But the town has adapted, And with surprising alacrity, at that.
"First Life" is a popular company.
It's very competitive.
It's not uncommon for people to quit.
You'd be surprised by the turnover. First Life was established three years ago.
Only half of the original employees remain.
The other half are recruits and new graduates.

All the disappearances have made the hiring of new arrivals common.
There was another disappearance this week, at 210 Terry Street.
I'll have to look into it.
I'll cover the scoop in this town, and return to the assignment.

Update: I've learned of the circumstances surrounding her,
but I still need more evidence.
I'll be contacting you again,

Johnny Gagnon.


Dear Emir,

II tend to be a little stubborn.
Even so, you'll probably forgive me.
Of course you will,
since you're the one who hasn't paid me!
You'll pay for every last
dollar one way or another,
I assure you!
I'll crush your palpitating
heart in the palm of my hand!
I'll bend your wings backward!

Her name is Susie Sumner.
She's a loose cannon with
vicious criminal intent.
She was apprehended under
the national watch program,
but killed several of the program directors.
After requesting work from the Smith syndicate,
she was eliminated.

The boy's name is Kess Bloodysunday, and like his
namesake, he was killed on
Sunday. His criminal tendencies
were such that even the Smith syndicate
were reluctant to kill him at first.
The boy was a remorseless killer.
Born with murderous
tendencies, and a latent talent
to construct complex bombs.

The informant's name is
He's the owner of the Union Hotel Group.
He met an untimely death at the Union Hotel in Philadelphia.
Many celebrities were at the reception, but nevertheless,
there were few witnesses to
the murder, and many of the
facts don't add up.

Yet one thing is for sure: he
was involved with the Smith
syndicate. Rumor has it that an incident that happened at
the hotel was swept
conveniently under the rug.
The Remnant Psyches
surrounding the Smith syndicate
have come together,and every last one of them is
a hardboiled criminal.
Members of the Smith syndicate
are no ordinary killers.
They're superhuman monsters
that consider psychos fair

II will contact you just one
more time.

Johnny Gagnon


Dear Emir.

I'm preparing to leave my
house. There are six bullets in
my trusty gun. Their purpose is
to put you out of your misery.
I sincerely wish that each and
every one of them nails you
squarely between the eyes.
And now I'm off to kill you.

I asked Master Harman.
Asked him to kill you.
Harman is right here with me.
The maid is with us,too.
We're all going on a little
outing. A picnic with your
name on it. This took all
my resources. I bet you're
at school now. Which means,
you'll face the wrong end of
my pistol in just moments.

Wait for me in the principals
office. This is the code,
The lock is secured with a
double code.
You'll need the second code to
open the lock.

Even I don't know the code.
It's your job to find it.

Everything is ready.
I'm delighted that I can
finally meet you.
Harman is laughing with me.
Even the maid is laughing.
What the?

What the hell are these guys

Master is waiting for you at
the hotel. We will kill this
man for you.

Samantha Smith