Beyond Coast Broadcasting: NEWS ORDER

Karen Hojyo:
Andrei Ulmeyda, the ceo of First Life.
Has quite literally blew a fuse in more ways than one.
Our sources believe that First Life was actually a trojan horse for a Texan based cult.
The United States launched a preemptive initiative on Ulmeyda territory...
As a result of Ulmeyda's rising influence.
Perhaps the U.S.A. was in fear of another Davidian Waco incident.

∑(O_O;)Shock!!So what if I am from Hideo Kojima's greatest masterpiece of all time, POLICENAUTS.
It's not my fault that one of the computer holograms that were based off of my likeness went rouge & found her way here to this deteriorating dump. It needs to be said K7 SIN needs at least one sane person around.
Besides I'm bored. Kojima keeps whoring out those confounded Metal Gear Solid games.
Why the hell does Meryl Silverberg get to jump ship from Policenauts, but I don't?
I'm much more attractive than that She-man ever was.

Those lips, those thighs, that untamed mane of hair, that ASS!
Oooooh, that Snake is one lion of a man!!!!!!!
*SIGH* I get it, I get it now... Kojima must hate me,
because of that ugly haircut I got during the end of Policenauts.



THIS JUST IN! Hideo Kojima sex tape t(T_T)t!


Update Jack Thompson Past Tense


From now on this will be a status report page detailing about how much of the content is currently up for my misc. Kill the Past pages.

Uploaded NMH review by Akura.

Updating psycho & sousa pages. Lospass, SIlver Case, Sumio, Emir, Harman & Kun Lan.

K7 SIN has been on hiatus since Feb. 08.
After a long hiatus I've finally decided to complete the update that I started during the new year.
I've had to rewrite most of the content that I was working on.
I was under the assumption that NMH took place in the same world as SC, MS, & FSR, but it has been confirmed that NMH does not.

The final chapter of SIlver Case 25 Ward was released last month.
Right now my sole priority is to build up a proper database & character profiles for the KTP games.
I also need to reformat, & re write the Silver Case & FSR mini sites.

It may take awhile, because I'm replaying the entire MGS saga starting with MGS3 Subsistence/MG/MG2 Solid Snake.
Yup, even the MGS4 hype has gotten to I.

I apologize in advance for the lack of content in the characters & investigation pages. I already have most of K7's & FSR's written up, but I never gotten the chance to add their links to the investigate page.
I've been sponging up information on the background of the characters from Moonlight Syndrome. Which has been causing the recent delay. It turns out that three of the main heroines were actually a trio from Twilight Syndrome Search & Investigate. Which happen to be the two Twilight Syndrome games that Suda 51 directed.

Here's an interesting discovery that I've found.

Back in 2001/2002. Suda 51 officially declared that Moonlight Syndrome, Silver Case & " Flower, Sun, & Rain" are indeed interconnected with one another & are part of the same universe. The only game that he has flat out denied any relation to in his multiverse is the story mode in Fire Pro Wrestling Special.

K7 SIN has decided to eschew it's former focus on Killer 7's politics, and has now branched off into being a general Suda 51/ Grasshopper manufacture site. NO MORE HEROES U.S. release today.

A lot has happened in the past two months, but I'm too lazy to write about it, because I hate writing the new page. I seriously need a ghost writer for this crap. Well long story short... We have a Michigan Review by K7 SIN mod Akura
There's a new ongoing project called Killer S7ndicate. Which is a fan novel by Earthbound Mother using art by Dcat.
There's also another fan project underway called the HIK 7 fan comic by Kitano Smith. I can't wait for that to drop, because it looks badass.
Here's some trailers

Killer 7 SINdrome Trailer

Killer 7 SINdrome Battle Demo


of a Killer 7 fangame that I was working on.
2 new File 7 files. One by Kitano Smith & one from The Bloody Heartland.
English translated lyrics to the FSR theme song. (Translated by Con Smith's Angel.)
I seriously need to update, but I just don't have the time to. This update will mostly consist of moi cleaning up the layout, migrating most of the old site to the new template. I need to rearrange the Fan made page.
I'm finally going to take out most of the sfx from the site.
(It's gotten to the point where even I can't stand it anymore, heh.)

I had to rearrange some of the links due to moi not having enough bullets. The page starts displaying in an awkward matter when I have too many links (bullets) on screen. The Trivia, Kurayami,Michigan pages will now be relocated at the Suda51.htm.
Since I've been a bit pressed for time lately. I'm thinking of uploading all the notes that I wrote for both FSR & the Silver Case.
It's taking way too long for I to organize all the content in a feasible matter. So I'll place a link to my documents through a text file. (They will be uploaded at their respective websites.)

Killer 7 SINdicate: 80% complete.
I just need to make a few more adjustments to the layout, & to finally complete my plot speculation pages.
(Which are about 20 pages long.)

Hotel Flower, Sun & Rain: 60% complete
The only thing I really need to do is add in more FSR story speculation which like the main K7 SIN itself will end up being at least about 40% of the content.

Silver Case Kill the Past site: 15% complete
I've been really lazy in updating this site, mainly because I couldn't find a coherent way to cram all the info lying around in my laptop to the actual site.
Plus I'm also too lazy to reword most of the info I have for English grammar. The content that I have written is too literally translated from Japanese to English. Which in most cases doesn't make much sense since Japanese has a completely different sentence structure when compared with English.

Moonlight Syndrome: 5% complete
I wish I could do more with this, but I don't have a copy of the game.

No More Heroes: Beta
I don't feel like working on this site at all. NMH looks way too drastically over the top & ridiculous for my tastes. I was hoping that Suda 51 would go for a more subtle approach like with Silver Case,FSR & Moonlight Syndrome. Instead he seems keen to perpetuate the stereotype that he's been synonymous with ever since he gained recognition with Killer 7.I'm hoping for the NMH to some how tie in with Flower, Sun & Rain though.
(It's being joint developed with Marvelous who also published FSR with GHM in the past.)


New: K7 Fan fiction & fan art
No More Heroes scans
No More Heroes index page is finally open.
Site being remodeled to make use of Sal's Killer 7 sound pack.
Updated Classified page, & an updated Story page in the works.
Currently in the process of deleting all BGM from the site.
I'm thinking of replacing them with ISZK radio.
Updating all pages to say No More Heroes instead of Heroes.

I've actually been updating periodically during the past few months I just never bother to write anything in the Update page.
Why you may ask, because it feels like I'm writing in a goddamn online blog every time I update the update page.
(Suffice to say some former K7 SIN affiliates have decided to remove their K7 SIN links due to the assumption that I never update.)
I'm still in the works of completing the Silver Case shrine, but I completely underestimated how time consuming it was to rewrite everything into proper English.
(I have dozens of texts & documents on my hard drive containing notes that I took during my Silver Case play through.)
The problem is trying to find a decent organized method to cram all that info into the TSC shrine.

Before I forget I must apologize for the lack of "official" updates lately.
While I still have loads of content stored into my hard drive that are just dying to be displayed at K7 SIN for the public to see...
To be quite honest I just don't see the point.
Most Killer 7 fans act like this website doesn't even exist.
(Regardless of the fact that this is the first website that shows up in google when you type in "Killer 7,fan site" or "Killer 7, fansite" Not only that K7 SIN is also linked in most K7 related IGN/Gamespy pages yet K7 SIN still flops,tremendously.)
It kindsa cracks moi up how the Killer 7 community treats K7 SIN as if it were some damn amateur made geo shitties site, but I digress.
I will guran-dam-tee y'all that I will always be around to provide the written work & graphics for K7 SIN.
It's just that lately I've been feeling a bit burned out, because the actual time & money it takes to deduce
& research some material & or translations for the K7 SIN just isn't worth it.
The work load that I have to endure on working on K7 SIN is just a lil' too much considering the minute payload that I actually get back.
I actually had to give up all my former sites & put them in a permanent comatose state due to how much content & current affairs that the game, Killer 7 actually covered.
(It's my desire to log every single political affair that K7 referenced,
although it's prolly a fruitless endeavor since I know most people don't really care or understand the politics being expressed in K7.
When K7 SIN first debuted on Tekcities back in August,05 it only attained the meager, but respectable 80 unique hits per day.
Now that K7 SIN is part of the Gamespy family, it only manages to net 20 to 30 hits
... Rather pathetic.
Thank god I decided to swallow my pride & found hosting at Gamespy,
because I probably would've abandoned this site long ago if I were the one who was paying the bill to host K7 SIN.

K7 SIN is the only decent Killer 7 related website on the web yet it still does not attract much attention nor the traffic that it should be receiving.
K7 SIN is in dire need of a new webmaster,because it is quite clear to moi that I am not the right man for the job.
BTW if you're wondering what's actually new with the site, I'm just trying to refine the main K7 page, so I can finally concentrate all my efforts on the TSC shrine.

See I told y'all that posting & reading the update page feels like a goddamn online blog.

A couple days before I moved I received a copy of GHM's first game "Silver Case" through the mail.
(A quasi sequel to Suda 51's "Moonlight Syndrome", and is also the first game in the series of GHM titles that I call the "Kill the Past" series.
(Silver Case,Flower,Sun,& Rain, & Killer 7.) I finally got a stable internet connection up a couple days ago. Right now I'm in the process of transferring my files from front page to dreamweaver.
Microsoft Front page completely scrambled coding so now in days I pretty much rely dreamweaver editor.
The lay out may look a bit jumbled for the time being.
You're going to have to deal with it though, since one man could only do so much by himself.
I have enough info & content to make a Silver Case mini site that's has massive as the K7 Sin main site, but first I need to convert all the material into readable files.
P. S. I have to re write the majority of what I in the FSR site.
It appears that FSR has a bigger connection with the Silver Case than I originally thought.


Blood is the sign of life. Sweat signifies the need. Tears symbolize the fear.
That death comes to us all.

Jack Thompson

You can't have a Killer 7 site without mentioning the Jack Thompson controversy.

What's my opinion on the matter?
Nothing really,just another comical episode of lazy un responsible individuals placing the problems of society on a videogame.
Especially since Killer 7 has several scenes of explicit violence that could be extremely disturbing to an underage consumer.
(Pedro & Maria death scene, The Union Hotel incident.)
Yet Mr. Thompson chose to attack the so called sex scene in Killer 7 that was merely implied, and not exactly what I would consider as full frontal nudity.
(Unless you view two fully clothed individuals & and a young skank moaning a full frontal sex scene.
IMO that's only PG-13 worthy & very tame. Nowhere near the level of porno,or even soft porn.)

IMO I never understood why blood & gore is okay with the citizens of the United States yet sex
is deemed contemptible by damnation.
I actually thought there was legit reason to target Killer 7,
but Thompson attacked K7's implied sex scene. (The sex scene was meant to be disgusting rather than sexual)
If anything he should've attacked the exaggerated artistic violence,
while not as violent as the movie Ichi the Killer,
Killer 7 sure as hell is every bit as disturbing.
The only other game released on American shores that I can think of that depicts images more violent than
K7's random civilians being torn to shreds, and blown to bits.
(Well not so random every individual in the first stage of Killer 7 were actually terrorist that were sacrificed for the Heaven Smile.)
women blowing themselves up (Julia),
decapitated children (Maria), young nude females being harvested for organs (Blackburns mansion),
old men literally getting their brains blown a part (the two JPN U.N. representatives) ,etc.
Would have to be Shadow of Rome, which is also made by capcom.
If you thought Killer 7 & Manhunt were grotesque wait until you see Shadow of Rome.
(Damn I love that game.)

Yet Jack Thompson is too erratic, and ironically he perfectly exemplifies what Revolver Ocelot said about
MR. Dolph during MGS2.
"You Americans love to hear the sound of your own voice."
Which means that the individual may preach on & on, but at the same he is saying very little of merit/value.

NOTE: If you played MGS 3 you would know that Revolver Ocelot is actually an American disguised as a Russian spy.

The only sad occurrence about this whole Killer 7 affair is how it
didn't do much to increase revenue made from the game.

I use to think that Jack Thompson was just some nitwit looking for shortcuts
(scapegoats) to make $$$,but judging from the e-mail responses
Thompson has made in this cat's blog Keep your killing clean
He appears to be one of them arrogant asswipes who places all dilemmas of society & culture on others before placing one's blame on their self.
I had assumed Jack Thompson to be a respectable man with a compelling command of english grammar
& highly reputable debating prowess.
(At least way more efficient than I could ever be.)
Turns out I was wrong since Thompson responds in an immature manner & resorts to name calling.
(Shit I'm as arrogant, sociopathic, immature & brash as they come, but even I'm appalled by Jack Thompson's
poor manner of linguistics & etiquette.)
Here's a quote from the blog...

Quote"alice said...
I e-mailed Jack Thompson in late 2003 in an attempt to correct some errors on his website stopkill.
His response was as follows :
"Dear idiot: You know, it is moral morons like you that are responsible for the decline of this civilization.
You should be thankful that your parents didn't play an infanticide game.
Go crawl into the hole your hero left today."
(I should probably note, that this was the day Saddam Hussein was found)

He's a real charmer that Jack Thompson."Quote

I can't believe Jack Thompson is actually a lawyer.
I always thought lawyers were required to have smooth tongues that could sway any argument to their cause.
Unfortunately he speaks like an elementary school miscreant.

Hmm as usual Jackky boy is worth nothing more than a chuckle, and a couple of rants.
I hope he continues his crusade, as it provides me with more satirical entertainment. (heh heh)
Seriously though the wild allegations that this cat posts is more comical then most sitcoms.
Jack Thompson is even more hysterical than the sad sobs who audition for American Idol.
(I only watch that show for two reasons
1. to get a cheap laugh or two.
2. Paula Abdul's hot, damn I remember her when I was still a kid,
and her looks are still as astonishing as they were 14 years ago
...Damn how old is she anyway?)

Past tense


I m moving to Seattle this month so I won't be around for awhile.
The next time I update K7 SIN will finally be compatible with Firefox & Mozillia once again.
(Just like the old days on sitesled,I'm finally able to kick that microsoft frontpage to the curb. While I won't code the website through blank html pages like I used to, I will be using a more reliable web builder such as dreamweaver or what not.)
NOTE: Sadly I have to import this whole website by hand to my lap top since that government owned pc that I was borrowing has a broke ass disc drive.
(Even though I was the individual who broke it...heh heh.)

Tomorrow marks K7 SIN's one year anniversary.
In the past K7 SIN had to move servers three times.
It was to a point where I wasn't too sure about K7 SIN's future.
Though I decided to stick with K7 Sin a bit longer,
because of the good feedback I received from visitors of K7 Sin.
(I get a lot of hate mail as well, but hey it comes with the territory.
I didn't start getting hate until K7 Sin moved to Gamespy.
Hopefully 3D action planet will be K7 Sin's permanent resting place.
K7 Sin started out as a mere sub section of one of my former sites.
It was originally just a project I made to keep track of all the info I absorbed while playing Killer 7.
I never thought that I would actually end up recruiting at least four other staff members to help out with the site.
Though they're really only staff in name only. Hence they are the K7 personas.
I still do all the written, graphic, & layout work for K7 SIN.
When K7 Sin first started I also did a lot of advertising, now in days I rely on word of mouth.
Since I don't want to draw too much attention to the site.

To commerrate the one year anniversary I have completely (or working on at least) remodeled the website.
I'm also going to try to ad more info on Silver Case, & Flower Sun, & Rain. These games are part of a series of games that all share the theme of ~ Kill the _ (You fill in the blank.) Killer 7 is some what considered part of the same series of games, but at the same time K7 is not.
Since K7 is a capcom co-owned property.

P.S. I am working on ripping audio file from FSR. Most of which were not included with the FSR soundtrack.
A sad shame really, as I feel that overall FSR's soundtrack is just leagues above Killer 7's.

For some reason the K7 SIN forum has been shut down, I have no idea why as it happened without warning. Anyway keep your eye on the look out for upcoming updates. (I haven't had a chance to update lately because of Elder scrolls III Morrowind & Kingdom under fire Heroes.)

I was planning on updating today, but I kept getting sidetracked & distractedI uploaded part of the Hotel FSR site to this server.
Go to Union Hotel for the link. More updates may come today it depends on whether or not I have the time.

First off I want to apologize for the delay in the transition between layouts.
A package arrived at my door the other day,
containing the games The Oneechanbara 2,& Kenka Bancho.
Needless to say I've been occupied with both titles so it's going
to take awhile before this website gets back to normal.
P.S. I'm planning to bring back my Oneechanbara section,
since I own just about every single Oneechan game released so far.
The sequel is a vast improvement over the original.

I wasted two whole days trying to decide how I want the new layout to be like.
Every time I found a layout that I thought was perfect,
it would end up looking to' up in firefox.
When I reconfigure the code to format decently in firefox
the layout would all of a sudden look messed up in IE.
I had to drop the whole Harman's Room theme.
So I decided to settle for a standard two column header layout.
Aight Ima pimp this ish out.

The sooner I get this done the better.
This site needs some more content that I haven't had the chance to upload yet.

I am currently reconfiguring the layout.
The theme I am going for is Harman's Room.
Since it's going to take me a long while to convert, and reformat the whole website,I am going to postpone the Hotel FSR fansite.
Right now my main concern is finding a layout that's easier to navigate.
I've uploaded a couple of scans to pretty up the confidential page
,but I won't upload them up until I confirm a layout.
I've also deleted the MGS affiliate, because he got rid of my link ages ago.
It's all good though,
I can't stand websites that use that deplorable TK redirection service.

Two months ago...I was thinking about abandoning the website,
due to lackluster support from the masses.
Don't get it twisted a lot of hardcore K7 fans support the site.
Hell some of these cats are way more crazed about Killer 7 than I am.
(The only reason I run a K7 site,is because I dig the themes,& issues that K7 brings up.)
I just have a hard time trying to gain support from the corporate elites, and non K7 heads.
Hell who cares about that, though. As long as folks learn a thing or two from K7 SIN than it's all good.
Since I've been getting a lot of positive feedback about K7 SIN,
I've decided to back it up full force.
I've been updating, and revising the site like a madman.
The website is so damn massive, that I'm having trouble correcting all the links & errors.
K7 SIN just gets harder to organize, as the content keeps piling up.
Originally I only planned on focusing on the politics,
but sooner or later I'm going to have to add the celestial
& psychological aspect of Killer 7 to the website as well.

Finally commenced work on the Flower,Sun & Rain site.
Unlike Killer 7,there is no Deltahead translations (Shockley Holme's crew)

that you can count on for some fast & accurate translations.
So the construction of the FSR fansite is going to take me awhile. (A month or two)
I'm planning to do the translations myself. They won't be accurate, but good enough at least.
BTW if you plan to visit the FSR fansite it's best to just uses the link on the Suda 51 or Union page.
As I don't really have the time to add the full FSR url to the rest of the website yet.
P.S. I've changed the default theme back to American Diplomacy.

Opened up new section called File 7. It's my attempt at imitating the fascinating specualtion shelter of
SARS (Suikoden fan site made by the god of Suiko,Sars admin AKA Blue Moon.)
I've also decided to place the Hand in Killer 7 info pages in the File 7 section.
Keep in mind most of the links will be broken for the time being as I have a hard time trying to stay away from my copies of RE 4 & SC III.
BTW the bgm is back up. I'm planning to place UA's track up again once I convert it to the proper format.
I finally caved in, and made "Rave on" the default cut when you enter k7 SIN.
IMO "American Diplomacy" was a better suited theme as it helped create a certain type of atmosphere that I was going for.
Rave on is just silly....catchy beat though.

Whoo whee it took a whole month, but I was finally able to acess my damn tekcities account so
I can salvage my remaining files that were stranded in the tekcities server.
I've also finally had the chance to redirect the index page to this url.
God damn took a long ass time though.
I lost a lot of hits due to the whole tekcities fiasco.
Sadly it took so long for them to get their act straight that Soul Calibur III & Resident Evil 4 are out for the PS2 now.
While I would prolly take this time to upload the FSR pages to this sitesled url,and transfer my bgm from the tekcities server.
I think I'd rather invest my time in some more RE 4.
Now if only a game existed that had RE4's gameplay & K7's attention to detail, dialogue, style & presentation.
That would be one perfect ass game.

Because Tekcities sucks,I have decided to ditch their asses,and move to sitesled.
The layout will be a bit different due to the fact that some of my files are stuck in the Tekcities server.
(Those of y'all who have had problems downloading from my site will know what I mean.)
Currently in the process of moving all pages to the new server so
don't mind if the page looks a bit weird.
Since I couldn't retrieve half of my K7.swf bgm files,
I have replaced them with three spare K7.wavs & two .wavs
of one of my favourite Japanese music artist the luscious UA

Shun Ying Lee,gang leader of Chinatown.
Urban Reign official site
I won't be updating for awhile, because I'm too occupied with namco's Urban Reign.
One of the deepest brawlers to ever been released since the 16 bit days.
It's a sad shame the game has been receiving a lot of bad press from the over weight imbeciles that call themselves video game journalists.

I've added more to the merchandise & downloads section
I've also included instructions to download the media files.
Still fixing the layout, and adding in more content to the pages.
The Trivia section is still rather barren, because I've decided that actual content is far more important.
I have a hard time trying to attain webspace since hosts such as gamespy & give me rather lame excuses of why they can't host me.
The main one being a lack of content. The other reason is, because K7 SIN is supposedly in Japanese...

All sites hosted on Tekcities were offline for 5 days straight due to an abusive tekcities account in Virginia.
This doesn't bode well for I since the K7 SIN has only been around for 3 weeks.
To go offline for almost a week really damaged this sites credibility.
Which pretty much sucks since K7 SINdicate has fallen off the rankings during the 5 day absence.
This site use to be in the top 3 now I'm not even ranked in the top 50.
Use to average about 80 hits a day now I get a measly 10,ah well shit happens.

Right now I'm in the process of rearranging the layout & content a bit,and adding in content for The Oneechanbara games & Suda 51's Flower,Sun & Rain.

I'm currently trying to fix the problem with the mpegs still which come out in codes.
I've also been hearing that in the image galleries in some of y'alls servers come out in code.
I have no idea what's causing the problem since the links work perfectly fine in my pc.
Though I must inform y'all that firefox does not function properly on the tekcities server.

BTW check out The Kremlin at my affiliates section.
That website greatly inspired I to make one out of Killer 7.
You can tell, because it's dope.

My shipment of merchandise has arrived in the mail today. My Killer 7 soundtrack, Despair's Ray cd,Oneechanpuru,Taikou Risshiden IV,
SEGA AGES Dragon Force,& Suda 51's Hotel Flower'Sun & Rain.
As if it needed to be said I'm going to have to occupy myself with these games especially
Oneechanpuru & Hotel FSR as I feel the need to cover the Suda 51 games plus the Oneechan games.
Hell part-nah Oneechan is the shit,what man out there could resist a bloodbath starring a sexy ass string bikini clad J-honey.

I'm in the process of converting the faqs to html files, making a separate page for Hand in Killer 7,and still constructing my Oneechanbara page.
P.S. My damn mpegs still don't work.

My hand in Killer 7 book arrived yesterday so I am now uploading some scans to the merchandise page.
I'm also working on some new wallpaper using illustrations that I have compiled from the Handinkiller book.
Still trying to get the damn mpegs to function correctly. Damn have to stop being so lazy, and finally try to upload the Oneechanbara pages.

8/28/05 Well it took awhile, due to the constant power outages & rainstorms that occur round here, but Killer 7 SINdicate is finally up.
The site is nowhere near finished as I still plan to upload scans from the Hand in Killer book for the merchandise page,
K7 Q&A for the classified section, I have two Killer 7 mpegs I need to compress, the trivia page is still in the works, etc.
Been having trouble trying to get the downloads to work, I'll fix it some day.
Going to take a break from the site for awhile.
I have other websites that I need to work on.
They've been neglected for quite some time now because of this site.