Strategy Guides

Bradygames Killer 7 strategy guide.

American Killer 7 Strategy guide. The presentation is gaudy, and very unappealing.
Pretty decent, though it's only worth purchasing for the conversation with the designer of Killer 7.

Official Killer 7 Master guide scanned by Emir



Killer 7 OST
The soundtrack of Killer 7. The packaging is bare bones, and doesn't really come with any extra pics, except a Dan official photo.
(The one feat. in the official Killer 7 site.)

Promo  DVD overseas version
Killer 7 DVD that came with American pre orders.

Music by
Tama Tama Mix


Hand in Killer7 -Kill the past, Jump over the age.
The Killer 7 confession, of what Killer 7 was originally intended to be.
(Much of what you see in the game are either the remains/bits & pieces, of the original story that were planned for Killer 7.
Most of which have been rearranged or eidted for the game)

Contains all the background information/mythology concerning Killer 7.
Including the entire alternate history of Killer 7,deleted scenarios, interview with Grasshopper manufacture, etc.
Any true die hard fan of Killer 7 should pick up a copy of this book ASAP.

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Promo Items

Promo DVD Scanned by Emir.
Killer 7 DVD that came with Japanese preorders of Killer 7. Feat. a Killer 7 music video to a song performed by the Jazz band Mondo Grosso
Promo Comic
Scanned by Estabon01,and used without permission.
If you are Estabon01 & wish for these files to be taken down, please inform I.

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Promo comic of the Killer 7 comic book series by Kinetic KomicZ.
They were being distributed at the 2005 San Diego comic con.



The series will be 12 issues in 2 six-issue story arcs beginning this February.
Each issue will retail for $2.95 with Art Director David Forrest, Writer Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi), Illustrator Bong Dazo ( The Irregulars, The Trist),
and Cover Artist Sanford Green (Army of Darkness, Rival Schools).
There is also a limited edition killer 7 lithograph offer with the release of the first issue.


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Amazing Toys
The toys have been canceled.
Click thumnail to enlargeScanned by Emir.
Quote" We just received word from X-Plus USA (5/9/06) that this line will most likely not be produced. Because of this we are no longer taking pre-orders. If anything changes, we will offer them again. If you have these figures on order
with us, you may either cancel your order, or we can hold the order until we hear something "official


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