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  If Reality is Fiction,and Fiction is Reality? Does that imply if I were KILL to you right where you stand,would it be considered IMAGINARY or a TRAGEDY!!!? I've spoken to GOD yesterday. The great one told me to "!!!aKKuFahtoM flesruoY LLiK" was that an archaic language,or was GOD speaking in ?
The size of the world has changed. It's changed to where you can control it with your hands, just like a pda. The world will keep getting smaller.
"Unshakeable vote" Is Killer 7 Anti American? Propaganda

Information warfare

A prominent aspect that needs to be known about the situation between Japan & USA in K7 is that in real life all governments around the world are fighting battles both diplomatically & politically (Small scale battle operations.) In order to get the upper hand against their rivals. Mainly through influencing the minds of the human populace,military leaders,government officials etc. Methods used can vary from News reports,School education system,Military training,Internet,Famous Pop stars (Subliminal messages contained within the lyrics.) the list goes on. This is usually what we call "Information warfare".

In other words a psychological battle,that is being fought in order to avoid an all out "Total war",and to weaken the opposition till they become a minor threat. "The Cold War" is a prime example of information warfare at it's fiercest. Everybody was aware of the threat from the U.S.S.R.
"The 'Nam" is also another perfect example of information warfare. As the sole reason the US lost this war can be attributed to the the left wing Hippies who constantly preached anti war.

Most accounts of Information warfare are never known or reported to the public due to the secretive nature of the countless wetwork operations. While Information warfare mainly involves the government other figures such as hitmen,mafia,underworld organizations,etc. are also invovled as well. The Killer 7 (Garcian) is a hitman trained & hired by the USA government. (It's later revealed that Garcian wais trained by the Japanese.) Julia Kisugi is an assassin hired by the Japanese left wing party to kill Toru Fukushima. Jean Depaul another assassin hired by a third party not affiliated with either Japan or the USA for the sole purpose of creating a war between the two countries.

The following is a current example of a war being fought with the manipulation of information instilled to the masses by the government.

Mizushima Satoru:
"I think this is a war. 
The war is called “Intelligence War”. 
We Japanese must win against China’s black propaganda."

"Unshakeable vote"
Christopher Mills: "Most ballot votes are at schools. The Education ministry is in charge of the schools. The results of the election are rigged from the start. Voting is just for show before votes are counted, The education ministry does a switcheroo. The biggest magic trick on earth.

In other words... The most powerful man in the country is the education secretary. But a Japanese put him out. The dog bit back at it's owner. Revenge for being left for death. This is big trouble. Corrupt officials are at a loss. The country has been revealed for what it is --- a monster. But will anything change? You expect some revolution? Well a dog can't do shit. Has a dying country ever created anything worth it's salt?

NOTE:Mr. Mills is referring to the murder of Greg Nightmare,and he feels that "Matsuken" is the culprit.

The U.S. presidential election is in the hands of the education ministry. They manipulate the votes, and bring forth political leaders. Toru Fukushima once held control of the "Unshakeable vote" of the second generation Japanese- American citizens.

Due to the Restaurant Fukushima debacle, Toru Fukushima was no longer able to attend the negotiation talks, and two members of the Japanese Liberal party were appointed Fukushima's task in his absence. The negotiations of a security pact with the U.S.A. were nothing more than dogs barking (U.S.A.) & monkeys jabbering (Japan) The two parties couldn't come to terms, so both Japan & U.S.A. representatives eliminated each other. Talks of a possible security pact with the United States were called off.

Kenjiro Matsuoka "Matsuken", the only remaining member of the Japanese U.N. party, took over Fukushima's role, and is now Leader of 10 million secret Japanese members that are scattered across the world. He is a major force. If the secret Japanese members gathered in one state, and organized their votes as one large block vote. They could influence the vote into their (Japan's) favor.

Is Killer 7 Anti American?
Prime minister Koizumi visiting the Yasukuni shrine.
Many individuals across the globe have been led to believe that the Japanese are worshipping war criminals who have been enshrined at Yasukuni shrine.
Which is an inane belief to state the least.
Considering that there are no bodies buried at Yasukuni at all.
Yasukuni shrine itself was built an entire century before WW II.
Learn more about the Ysukuni debacle at
Yasukuni Shrine by Mike Rogers

George Bush Jr. throwing up the bird. I'm not sure when this was shot at. Contrary to popular belief,

Bush JR. isn't the ignoramus that he would lead you to believe.

Killer 7 isn't actually criticsizing the United States, it's only using the USA as an example. Since THEY ARE the most renowned "democracy" in the world.
K7 is saying that democracy is a manufactured lie. Instilled to the masses through propaganda. (Propaganda in the form of comic books,tv shows,pop songs, any other entertainment that's widely available to the masses.)

Killer 7 is saying that our current power structure of the world has been established through lies & deceit.
(The flawed voting process being one such example.)
The established power structure will stay the same as long as the world is controlled through the use of logic that spawned from politically distorted man made creations & ideas.

The world has never had a true democracy.
(A country that is governed by the people.)
Much like how the world has never had a true communist state.

The governments of both Japan & the U.S.A. are both made out to look corrupt, but the sad reality is, their portrayals seem like they could be pretty close to the truth,

Click here to listen

"Fukushima:I always wanted to be a tea master,it's one of the reasons I chose this profession.
Harman:Which profession might that be?
Fukushima:Hahaha You're an interesting man,and you ask a very difficult question.
Perhaps it's a sense of humor that only comes from someone who lives life on the edge.
I wanted to become a politician who could be a true leader,
but the world of politics was like a stage where people only acted.
They were merely actors playing the politician.
Harman:Did you ever think of becoming an actor?
Fukushima:Well,it just so happened I got a call from the government asking
me if I wanted to become an architect.
Harman:You mean,to design and devise?
Fukushima:Yes,I took the offer with delight.
Harman:Is that the only thing you do,Mr. Fukushima,the founder?"

Part of what Mr. Toru Fukushima said is true.
Especially when applied to the Japanese government.
I may have only lived in Japan for five years of my life,
but from what I've seen,I tend to view some Japanese politicians as a joke. Knowing most of them were former celebrities.
(Remember the uproar when Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected California gov. awhile back?
It's even worse in Japan they have several former sumos, wres tlers,actors & the like that are employed as politicians based on their popularity.)
Click the following link to learn more about
Japan’s celebrity politicians

The slander that Killer 7 says against the U.S. seems to mirror real life as well.

Click here to listen

"Matsuken: The press is gonna to be all over this one.
The United States cover will be blown.
Garcian: Hmph so this is dirty politics.
Matsuken: The presidential election is in the hands of the education ministry.
They manipulate the votes & bring forth political leaders."

Ask yourself how is it that individuals such as Bill Clinton & George Bush Jr. get elected president more than once.
The answer is because they had no competition,but have you ever wondered why their competition is so meager?

In Killer 7 both Japan & U.S. are being accused of practicing a fake democracy.
With Japan maintaining their old ideals under the guise of a democratic government,
& the democracy of the U.S.A. was never truly a democratic government at all.
As every single one of their presidents have been predetermined before hand.
Presidential elections are only held to appease the American public to
give them the illusion that the government is decided by the people.


An introduction to propaganda

"Propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of public or mass-produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific purpose, whether military, economic, or political." Linebarger, Paul Myron Anthony. 1954. Psychological Warfare, 1954, Combat Forces Press, Washington (p. 39)

"Propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of communication designed to affect the minds, emotions, and action of a given group for a specific purpose." (page 39)

"For psychological warfare purposes, it is useful to define the enemy as: (1) the ruler, (2) or the ruling group, (3) or unspecified manipulators, (4) or any definite minority. It is thoroughly unsound to define the enemy too widely." (p. 51) The rank-and-file member of the opposing side is not "the enemy." He or she is a victim of the enemies suggested by Linebarger: his/her ruler, ruling group, etc. "The sound psychological warfare operator will try to get enemy troops to believing that the enemy is not themselves but somebody else- the King, the Fuhrer, the elite troops, the capitalists. ... 'We're not fighting you. We are fighting the So-and-so's who are misleading you.'"  

White, Grey, and Black Propaganda

From Psychological Warfare, page 44
    • White propaganda is issued from an acknowledged source... This type of propaganda is associated with overt psychological operations.
    • Grey propaganda does not clearly identify any source.
    • Black propaganda purports to emanate from a source other than the true one. This type of propaganda is associated with covert psychological operations.

Propaganda is every where in Killer 7.
From Andrei Ulmeyda's "First Life" to even Garcian's own trailer home.
Disinformation is apparent as Garcian Smith himself is a product of government placed misinformation.
The entire game itself is basically just Garcian Smith being manipulated by the United States government in order to secure his loyalty as an attack dog that serves American interests.
(Garcian Smith is bound by his loyalty to a man, whom he believes is Harman Smith.)

K7 also dealt with propaganda in the form of media control during Alter ego
(Love Wilcox spreading political propaganda in the form of a famous comic book called the "Handsome Men")
Here's a relevant quote from Hand in Killer 7.


The failure will involve the Killer7's personae.

Also, the failure will extend to the Heaven Smiles . . . but this is the chance
for victory that Kun Lan has been working toward. If the world is controlled
according to artificiality, then the balance of power established by logic
won't fall apart.
But if chaos breeds, then another providence could consume
the current status quo.

In other words, the Killer7 needs the guidance of others. The guidance of LOTS
of people.
And I . . . I am one of them.

I am one of the pawns prepared by the government, to follow and to protect the
king piece, the Killer7, and to be discarded for the sake of preserving the
king. I was forced to play this game. I should clarify, though, that while I
said "government," the "government" is being manipulated, too. Manipulated by
one single man . .
. .

In a sense, this man is a blood relative to the Killer7. A violent, blood-
gorged, savage relationship arises between them. The Killer7 is the single
unpredictable force, placed in this set of events controlled by logic and artificial automatonism.
The Killer7's winning chance, too, finds its power in the
fact that it is totally unpredictable.





Quick fact: Mika Slayton from Hideo Kojima's "Snatcher". Is a Japanese Jew.


"The day Bison attacked your village was a defining moment in your life. Everything that followed was set in course by that one event. But for me? For me... it was tuesday."
M. Bison from Street Fighter II


Tetsuguro Kusabi from the Silver Case.

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