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Note: These are only a handful of the cast from FSR.


Sumio Mondo Toriko Kusabi Edo Macalister Sundance Yayoi Hanayama Yoshimitsu Koshimizu Remy Fauzlie Tokio Morishima Yuri & Seiji Natsuko & Takaoka Stephan Charbonie El Soulfight
Barboa Bros. Step Mati Maria Sue Ritz Youtaro Kaishi


Mondo, Sumio 

Sumio Mondo profile

The main character detective Sumio Mondo,
is one of the few characters who reprise their role from the "Silver Case"
Sumio was employed for the High Degree Murder 2nd Division, and was most often paired up with Toriko Kusabi's father, Tetsuguro Kusabi.
Due to an irresponsible act on Sumio's behalf, he was relieved of his duty as a law enforcer for the Kyoka 24 ward.

Kill the past *spoilers* Silver Case ~ background story from CASE#3 PARADE
Some links direct you to a .wmv file that further illustrates Sumio's background.
Sumio came from a town called Mikumo mura. Everybody from Mikumo mura was under the pay roll of the Iregyura Yuki factory.
Waste water from the factory greatly attributed to the rise of pollution within the area.
Adults of Mikmomura demonstrated protests against the factory every week.
The protests gradually became cruel, and disorderly.
The chaotic nature of the protest's became to be known as the "Parade" referring to the congregation of protesting madmen.

The "parade" attacked the manager of Mikumo 77.
The manager's family tried to flee, but they and the house they resided in were nothing more than a husk of cast-off skin by the end of the night.
The manager's daughter Ril, was the sole survivor of the family.
Sumio grabbed Ril by the hand, and tried to slip out of the city.
They were eventually caught by the "Parade".
The adults of the "Parade" antagonized Ril & labeled her a witch.
Sumio & all of whom who tried to protect Ril were punished for their transgressions.


(Hiseki & Fyuki are Sumio's childhood friends. Ril the eldest of them all was a girl that he yearned for.)

Hiseki's punishment, so as not to see the witch, eyes are crushed.
Fyuki's punishment, so as not to call the witch, the mouth is sewn.
So as not to hear the witch's voice, oil was poured into Sumio's ears.

And, Ril is violated & raped to death by adults, she was only eight years old. Sumio held a grudge against all Iregyura Yuki, especially the ringleader and he had a grudge against the ominous Mikumo.
20 years later-
During a case that involved investigating Mikmomura. Sumio executed the plan to manipulate the Iregyura Yuki to annihilate the city from his child hood. One by one the members of the Iregyura Yuki committed suicide by either blowing their selves apart with time bombs or fell to their deaths. The chairman of the Iregyura Yuki self detonated the Snow Tower which resulted in taking out the entire village of Mikmomura along with it.
With the Yuki conglomerate eliminated & the city burnt to ashes,
Killed the past *spoilers end* .

-------------------- Click here to see Kill the Past Silver Case source
- Hiseki: Direct perpetrator of the Iregyura Snow mansion explosion
STATUS:. His neck is hung and he committed suicide.
- Fyuki: Direct perpetrator of the kidnapping of Iregyura Snow chairman.
STATUS: He suicide bombed inside a chimney & plunged to his death. His body was burnt to a crisp. All that remained was a diamond.
- Yukimura, Ril: The manager of Mikumo 77's daughter. She was assaulted & lynched by the "Parade" and died in Mikumo mura ..20 years ago...
- Kodai, Sumio: Direct perpetrator of the kidnapping of the Iregyura Snow chairman.
STATUS: Sumio was indirectly responsible for the genocide of an entire city. He was arrested after the destruction of Mikumo mura & was stripped of his duty as a detective of the HMD. He tried to conceal the injury of his ear, but was eventually caught & detained when his conversation was leaked through lip reading.


A couple yrs. after the events of the Silver Case, Sumio resurfaces as a "Searcher".
If there is request, as a matter of principle he will search for the answer.
Sumio's partner in crime is a cryptographic decoder known as “KATHARINE” a metal device concealed within his briefcase.
He dresses stylishly in a custom made suit & drives his beloved Toyota Celica.
It's been said that Sumio is a rather nihilistic man , and some what of a womanizer or playboy.
Although he is an adult, Sumio has a hard time recollecting his past.
(Leaving one to wonder what has transpired since we last saw Sumio.)

What was originally intended to be a relaxing time,
at the most reputable paradise in the world.
Quickly turned into a nightmare of confoundery  & contrivances.
He undertakes a job requested by Ed Macalister, the manager of Hotel Flower, Sun, & Rain.
to defuse an airplane bomb at Lospass airport.
Upon arrival he constantly finds himself being bombarded by
Lospass tourists & or residents who need his help.
This usually leads to Sumio not getting to the airport in time.

However he seems to be caught in a limbo of time as every day he spends in Lospass seems to have the same beginning & end.
(A phone call from Ed Macalister wakes him up every morning. Telling him that his breakfast is ready. Although not once has Sumio ever receive his breakfast.
His day ends with the airplane bomb exploding.) Every time Sumio tries to complete the job that he was contracted to do he almost always ends up having to deal with local dilemmas of Lospass island.
It's as if somebody doesn't want him to reach the airport.
If that wasn't bad enough there's also a mysterious man with a silver eye who claims to be familiar with Sumio's past.
By the way who is that strange girl who always appears in Sumio's dreams. Why is she always accompanied with a pink alligator?
I can't believe they actually let her in the hotel.

Kusabi, Toriko 

Toriko Kusabi profile

A strange girl with long black hair who's usually accompanied by her friend Christina, a pink alligator.
She seems to have a connection with the mysterious man, Sundance.
Toriko is the female main character of the game, although you rarely get to play as her.
Unlike most female leads she is not a love interest nor is she some random girl who's magically special for some contrived reason.
In fact Toriko & Sumio don't really interact with each other. She acts more like a buffer between you & Sundance.
To top it off, Her & Sumio never meet each other through out the entire game.

She is the beautiful girl who constantly appears in Sumio's dreams ever since he arrived at
Hotel Flower Sun & Rain.
It's not certain, but some how she ended up lodging at the same hotel as Sumio.
She raises a pink pet alligator named “Christina”.
In Sumio's reoccurring dreams, Toriko is often depicted chasing after Christina.
(Who usually escapes from Toriko's hotel room.), Toriko is usually seen tracing the route where Sumio walked during the day time.
Judging from her speech and behavior it's plainly visible to see that she is alluding to an upcoming crisis that will befall Sumio Mondo.
It is not known whether or not the Toriko Kusabi who we see during Flower, Sun & Rain even exists.
Is she a figment of the imagination or is she the genuine article?
Sumio some times ponders if this woman form his dreams is a past sweet heart/girl firend or what not.

Toriko & Sundance were originally planned to appear in the "Silver Case". Both characters have concept art, but they were not actually used during the game.
Toriko Kusabi Silver Case concept art

Toriko Kusabi concept artClick thumbnail to enlarge
Toriko is the daughter of Tetsuguro Kusabi.
During the Silver Case, Tetsuguro Kusabi often broods about how his daughter
Toriko often despises him due to his excessive smoking habit.
You know what they say,like father like daughter.
Although Ms. Kusabi acts nothing like her hard boiled father at all.

(Tetsuguro Kusabi is one of the key characters  from Grasshopper Manufacture's debut game,"The Silver Case". He led a one man crusade against his former allies at the HMD & killed every single one of them. Well almost, Sakura Natsume shot Chizuru Hachisuka in the face. ")


Edo  Macalister 

Edo Macalister profile

Killer 7 fans should already be familiar with Mr. Ed.
(He was the bell hop at Union hotel. The guy that disappears with out a trace.)
He is the author of the Lospass guidebook that you use through out the game.
Kind & sincere he's diligent & faithful to his duty.
Edo Macalister is the Hotel manager of "Flower, Sun & Rain" at the Lospass island resort.
Ed's request/commision for Sumio is the main objective of the game.
Which is to defuse the airplane bombs planted by terrorists at Lospass airport.
His very polite wording & his excessive politeness, make Sumio feel a bit uneasy.
Another detail to add to that list is Ed's constantly weird behaviour.

He wakes up Sumio every morning with a telephone call.
Informing Sumio that his breakfast is ready.
Ed's eerily awkward speech and behavior was one thing , but why is it that every time Sumio is awakened for breakfast time, he is never given his breakfast.


Contrary to what his endearing serene demeanor would lead you to believe, Ed Macalister  is  more aware about the mystery of  Lospass than you might think..
Some would even say that he's involved with it some how.
*Cue in eerie music* Although Ed's intentions aren't malicious at all.


Sundance Shot 

Sundance Shot profile

Sundance Shot is his full name.
He's one of the few characters who reprise their role from the "Silver Case".
(Actually Sundance only appears during the Silver Case intro & the instruction manual . )
Sundance is believed to be the main antagonist of the story, or at least the nominal villain.
(FSR,as with most Suda 51 games, doesn't really have a villain.)
While his intentions are usually honourable, his methods are a bit suspect.

The FSO party leader.
He once controlled a nonprofit organization for environmental preservation. They were extremely conservative in their beliefs.
It is assumed that the assassin,Uehara Kamui was sent to the TRO/CCO union 20+ years ago & slayed ten of the allied parties executives. The events that followed created a domino effect that escalated & matured into the "Silver Case".

(It's later revealed that the Event 20+ years ago was committed by Fujiwara Kamui,a hired killer that Sundance used as his trump card.
Fujiwara invaded the television tower where the VIP's of the TRO/CCO alliance gathered and tried to exterminate as many as he could.
Tetsuguro Kusabi shot Uehara Kamui & arrested him. The aftermath of this event was later to be privately known as the "Silver Case")
At least that's what the urban myth says, Fujiwara (Format) Camui was actually killed during the assassination attempt,but the remaining VIP's killed each other to obtain his Silver eye.
The deaths of the other vips were later added on to Fujiwara's death toll.

Sundance's FSO wanted to defy the TRO/CCO's Camui Mass Professional plan. To keep this short let's just say that the FSO did not agree with the "shelter children" program. The FSO political party was dismantled before the events of the game "Silver Case" (1999)
The FSO party lost credibility after the Silver Case incident. They were soundly defeated in struggle for supremacy.
The administration center of expulsion,
Relegated the FSO as becoming nothing more than an illegal organization composed of radical groups.
(It's later revealed in the Silver Case that remnants of the FSO party infiltrated the highest ranks of the 24 ward police borough)
The former leader, Sundance was nowhere to be found.
It turns out that he was actually biding his time at Lospass resort during the 1999 Silver incident.

An enigmatic man with a suave demeanor.
Sundance kills Sumio Mondo half way through the game. (Sundance shot Sumio point blank in the face.)
When Toriko Kusabi asked him why he shot Sumio.
Sundance claimed that his sole purpose was to shoot Sumio into a time slip.
A time slip that will result in bringing back Uehara Kamui & restoring order to Lospass island.
Sundance figures that the detective Remy Fauzlie will fall for the ruse & become a stock body of Kamui.

Like Toriko Kusabi, Sundance also had concept art for the Silver Case,but he didn't actually play a role in the game. (Although Sundance is still referred to (FSO) during the Silver Case.)

The Silver Case Sundance art
Sundance ~ Silver Case

Sundance Shot FSR
Sundance ~ FSR
Killer7 Sundance Shot version
Sundance ~ Killer 7 prototype trailer
Silver Case 25 Wards
Sundance ~ Silver Case 25 Ward

note: I'm not sure if this is Sundance, but he sure looks like him.

Sundance continues the story of the "Shelter children" or "Seed children" if you will. They're the stocks of Uehara Camui. Orphans who were segregated from the rest of society. They were closely monitored to weed out the irrelevant inhabitants from society. In only four years Uehara Camui exhausted his supply of about 1440 people. (Mostly women & children. The women were his Snake Lilies.) The Shelter Children are usually used to transport their Silver eyes to Uehara Camui.

As if it wasn't obvious enough Sundance himself was one of the "Shelter children" (seed)
Which can be proved by his Silver eye.
Peter Bocchwinkur, the man who drove Sumio to Hotel FSR & the same man that Sumio leaves Lospass with, also has a Silver Eye. (Though it's usually concealed,because he keeps one eye open.)
Peter Bocchwinkur is it Tetsugoro Kusabi?

Sundance was arrested by Koshimizu & Remy by the end of the game. However it seems that he didn't stay in the pen for long. Sundance came back just in time for the Silver Case sequel.

Hanayama, Yayoi 

Yayoi Hanayama, also Moonlight Syndrome and The Silver Case

She's attractive, single & is spending her vacation at Hotel FSR room 204.
She spends the majority of her time in a black bikini relaxing at the pool side top of the Hotel FSR roof.
Ms. Yayoi is also seen wearing some rather big platforms whenever she's not in a bikini.
Her theme song is "Air on G String"

There is an amoralness in her overall expression. The kind of woman who you wouldn't hesitate to knock boots with if given the chance.
An extremely witty woman who happens to be a cock tease.
However it's that very same factor that causes her to be poisoned by a hotel FSR guest who was jealous of Sumio Mondo.
It's been speculated that Yayoi represents or his an incarnation of Sayaka Baian.
The pop star from Silver Case who committed suicide due to a desperate need of some privacy.
Since Sumio is a womanizer & he pretty much lusts for at least one chick in each game that he appears in.
Yayoi Hanayama happens to be that object of lust that he yearns for.

Topdrunkee's note: I died a little inside when Yayoi decided to check out prematurely & leave Hotel FSR after surviving her near death experience. (She looks god damn sexy in that black cocktail dress & the slutty ass platforms.)

Koshimizu, Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu Koshimizu

A federal criminal investigator.
He came to Lospass with his partner Remy to investigate the murder of Sumio Mondo. He's very hot headed & temperamental
Koshimizu & Remy both become playable once Sumio dies half way through the game.
Koshimizu has worked with Sumio in the past. Check out Sumio's timeline for future reference.
He crosses paths with Sumio once again during the final chapter of "Silver Case 25 ward"
Case: Digital Man.

Remy Fauzile

Remy Fauzlie

Remy Fauzile, a federal criminal investigator. She is a Micronesia Federal graduate.
Remy came to Lospass with Koshimizu

Morishima, Tokio

Tokio Morishima, reporter from The Sivler Case

 Tokio Morishima the true hero of the Silver Case.
Although he pretty much did nothing but check his e-mail everyday , smoke & went out drinking.
Kiyoshi Morikawa, who was quite intimate with Chizuru Hachizuka.
(Daughter of the chief of the 24 ward.)
Handed over his pocketbook that recorded the events of the Silver Case to Tokio Morishima before the crack down of CASE#5 Lifecut began.
(Shortly after Morikawa was gunned down by Tsuguro Kusabi. Morikawa's,lover Chizuru was shot once in the heart & took another slug to the head from Sakura Natsume.)

Tokio Morishima was given the pocket book,because it was thought that he could be trusted.
(Tokio is a distant relative of Chizuru Hachizuka. Well more like brother & sister.)
However it was an error on their part, since Tokio Morishima took the next plane out of Kyoka, and went on vacation.
Depriving their father of the silver eye.

Tokio is a journalist who was investigating the "Silver Case" Turns out that he's been hanging out at Lospass since the events of the "Silver Case".
Upon arrival Morishima greets Sumio with the words "Welcome home"
He gives Sumio Mondo one last job before he leaves Lospass, & that is "To reset time."

Tokio MorishimaTokio Morishima ~ Silver Case

 Yuuri & Seiji 

Seiji and Yuuri

Seiji Fujita: He's on vacation to Lospass resort with his girl friend Yuri

Yuri Otowaya : They were planning to have an engagment/marriage?, but Sumio missed the ceremony.

Natsuko &, Takaoka 

Natsuko and Takaoka

Takaoka, Gunji: The local v.i.p. of the Nikei enterprise. He's weird & eccentric, possibly even a pedophile.
Every time you meet him he's always wearing something crazy. (Like a school girl uniform & pig tails.)

Natsuko, Akai: She has pale skin, red eyes & blue hair. Resembles Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Akai has a first class hotel room that resembles a Queens abode.

Stephan Charbonie 

Stephan Charbonie

Engineering analyst. He is writing a thesis at Hotel FSR.
He informs Sumio that Yayoi Hanayama has been poisoned, and asks Sumio to save her. Charbonie is a bit of a two face backstabbing bastard. He even steals your car during the final stage. (He didn't want to be around when the bombs detonate.)
Plus it was actually Charbonie who poisoned Ms. Hanayama in the first place.
Stephan spiked her beverage while the waiter ignorantly served her the drink.
He proposed it as a game to Sumio Mondo.
If he can not find the cure within two hours.
Yayoi dies.
When choked by Sumio, Stephan confesses that he's jealous of Sumio & how he seems to have it easy with the beautiful women.

EL Soulfight

El Soulfight luchadore

The legendary Mr. Pirate, a luchadore. He is currently staying at room 302.
he is challenged by a rival wrestler during his stay at Hotel FSR.

 Barboa Brothers 

Barboa Brothers

Profile coming soon


Step Flower Sun & Rain

Profile coming soon



Sue's superior. Is employed for Hotel FSR. A hard worker,Mati



She is a drunkard.



Some what of a care taker for Sumio Mondo, she later replaces Edo Macalister as the save point manager after Edo collapses.



A paraplegic wheelchair bound woman, that may have the key to solving the mystery of Lospass.

Youtarou, Kaishi 


He kicks you in the genital area with a soccer ball if you don't agree to help him out.


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