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  PERSONA!! PERSONA!!! call out your PERSONA!!! Nothing compares to the sensation of DEATH. To BE or not to BE KILLED tis a matter of EXPECTATION... My only REGRET is that DEATH is a ONCE in a LIFE time experience. I've spoken to GOD yesterday. The great one told me to "!!!aKKuFahtoM flesruoY LLiK" was that an archaic language,or was GOD speaking in code?


Matsuoka's fate

During the 2nd part of "Smile", Kun Lan & Harman were both violently gunned down. Or in other words they were erased from Emir's conscious. Kun Lan & Harman's metaphoric game of chess remains unfinished with both sides on check. It's all up to Emir to decide the outcome of the game, as he's the one holding all the pieces now.


You boys are almost done.
You don't need to go around killing everybody anymore.
The last of the Heaven Smile's is in the back, the big boss.
If you do him, then it means you've eradicated all of them.
No more terrorism...hmm hail to the free world.
but I wonder what will become of you guys if terrorism is the law of nature.
Now you should kill me now, cause you don't want us hanging around, know what I mean.
If I'm alive I'll give you a run for your money.
Even an assassin like yourself.
Better be prepared, cause blood must atone for blood. So which will you choose?
Your own country, or watch our retribution.
Your fucking decision.

Kill Him!

Choosing to kill him means you have decided to ignore your past & have sided with your country the United States. Kenjiro Matsuoka's death signifies the end of a Japanese threat of terrorism. Matsuoka was Japan's last hope of survival. Without his influence over the voting process, Japan just doesn't have the means necessary to gather enough international support to attack the U.S.A. The RISING SUN shall rise no more.

Let him live.

Choosing to let him live means that you have stayed true to your roots as an assassin for the Japanese government. As such Matsuoka finally shows signs of respect for you, and addresses you
Douzo: By all means)
in his mother tongue. (Though with a heavy American accent.) With the political power of Matsuken's "unshakable vote" he is able to garner enough support to convince the U.N. to launch an attack on the U.S.

Possibly starting another World War, right where WW II ended...Japan v.s. U.S.A. Except this time Japan is supported with the U.N. alliance as the offensive & the U.S.A. on the defensive. This marks the first time ever in history that the U.S.A. has ever had to defend a full frontal assault on their homeland. Seems now they will feel the brunt of what Europe has endured during the first two World Wars. ECONOMIC COLLAPSE,& utter calamity.

Which choice is right?

None of them are. Both choices are nothing more than opposite sides of the same coin. They are as equally wrong or valid as you want them to be Either way you look at it the Heaven Smile gets eradicated anyway. It matters not, whether Japan gets destroyed once & for all by the U.S.A.,

or the U.S.A. being plunged to the Dark Ages, finally experiencing what a true war for survival feels like. It matters not, because the world keeps on turning. 100 years later in the red-light districts of Shanghai. Kun Lan & Harman are brought together again for another game of war. Only time will tell what the "Third Eye" has in store this time around.

In order to keep Japan silent, the United States is seen blowing up gunkajima. With Matsuken alive he has coerced an allied attack against the U.S.A. through the use of both his underground supporters in the U.S. & the secret that he found out about the United States voting system.
A rather Ironic end, as can be shown by the epilogue.

The game hints at China(Shanghai) as a possibility of being the country who indirectly started the conflict between the U.S. & Japan.

Target: Lion is actually a reference to the Sleeping Lion: China, although the game uses Matsuken (a Japanese man) to represent the Lion. (China)

Eagle is represented by the African American. (Garcian Smith.)

The logic of the ending is centered around the cosmic lawof
casualty: cause & effect. Otherwise known as Karma.







Quick fact: Mai Shiranui has big ass (+Y+)

So what are you? A republican or a democrat?
Golgo 13:
A bourbun man."

Golgo 13 from Golgo 13 Queen Bee



Tetsugoro Kusabi from the Silver Case.


Harman Smith/Emir Parkreiner
FBI Tapes
Matsuoka's fate
Above top secret

Topdrunkee's Note:

What strikes moi most about the story of Killer 7 is the cold bitter irony that we call the "plot".

The entire scandal could've easily been avoided had either the U.S.A. complied with Article 9 or had Japan undertook specific precautions to prevent such an event to occur in the first place.

Neither Japan or the U.S.A. lived up to expectations so they were both to blame.
Which is why no matter what you choose at the end of the game.
One of the two countries gets destabilized.

It didn't matter if it was the U.S. or Japan, as long as one of the countries faced retribution for failure to comply with the current state of geo politics.



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