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  If Reality is Fiction,and Fiction is Reality? Does that imply if I were KILL to you right where you stand,would it be considered IMAGINARY or a TRAGEDY!!!? I've spoken to GOD yesterday. The great one told me to "!!!aKKuFahtoM flesruoY LLiK" was that an archaic language,or was GOD speaking in ?
The size of the world has changed. It's changed to where you can control it with your hands, just like a pda. The world will keep getting smaller.
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Who is Emir?

Disassociative Identity Disorder



The 3rd Eye

 Who is Emir? Quotes are from this thread

FBI Tapes

is merely a government lap dog who has stolen the identity of a dead man.

In other words he's (Garcian/Emir) just a random guy who's identity was erased by the "government" while he was still a kid.
After they erased his identity, the "government" created a new one by stealing the identity of a dead man.
The name that's on his birth certificate (Which would be Emir Parkreiner) is not his real name.
There's no possible way to determine what Garcian/Emir's true origins really are since both Japan &/or the U.S.A. have severely tampered & falsified his identity records.

When I list the real Emir is dead...
I am referring to a random unspecified individual who died shortly after WW II ended.
A man who we never actually see.
(Since he's already dead & buried. It doesn't matter who he was. All that matters now is that the government is exploiting the name of a dead man.)

Or do the fabricated documents just speak that Emir is dead, but he really isn't.

Emir Parkreiner's identity records are real.
(In other words those records once did belong to somebody with the name Emir Parkreiner.)
It just so happens that those Emir records are being purposely attributed to the wrong individual. (Which would make them fabricated.)
The real Emir Parkreiner is possibly not even of African or Native American(Indian) origin.
From what I gathered from the Coburn FBI tapes,
The "government" utilized the official documents of Emir's identity & planted them on the Emir who we know as Garcian Smith.

The one who we know as Garcian Smith is just some random African/black kid who was orphaned because the government killed his parents in an alleged car accident.
I label Garcian as just some random kid, because we do not know what his real name is.
The government erased all traces,records & details of his identity, & gave him the identity of Emir Parkreiner,a dead man.
("Emir Parkreiner" is a code name given to him by the government, & Garcian Smith is a persona that the young African/Black teenager created in order to escape his past.)

What I'm trying to convey is that Emir's real name isn't Emir at all. That was a pseudonym bestowed upon him by the government.

Note: Ayame Blackburn is an example of another assassin who identifies herself under a pseudonym.
Since she too is an orphan, we only know her by the name that Curtis Blackburn gave her.

In effect the real identity of Garcian Smith has been erased the entire time.
Don't even bother looking for his real name, it's not important.
Forget about the Emir in the records as well, since the real Emir Parkreiner is also of no importance.

I see your point an it makes sense that Emir is really dead, and Garcian really is..Well that's my question. Garcian does confront Emir on top of the Hotel. And he opens his case and see the guns, etc. in it. Who is Garcian?

Emir at the top of the roof top is Garcian Smith.
Garcian doesn't confront Emir at Union Hotel.
He is actually confronting his past. (Kill the Past)
During the brady games strategy guide interview,Suda 51 said laid out some information that the 3 eyed Emir Parkreiner who we see at the rooftop is an after image of Garcian's past.

When you listen to the second Young Harman cutscene. Harman says himself that he first met & recruited Emir at the roof top of Union Hotel shortly after the murders.
this is around the time when Emir starts going by the name Garcian Smith.
I'm guessing what happened next is that the government started the Killer 7 operation.
Or the construction of Garcian's "orchestrated reality" in order to convince Garcian to kill targets willingly for the government.

Orchestrated reality: Which would be to plant moles (Samantha) & disinformation agents (Chris Mills) in Garcian's life to keep a watchful eye on Garcian 24/7.
Garcian's elite assassin skills are only useful to the government if he is held on to by a leash.
(Again that "leash" is Garcian's samurai like loyalty to his shogun "Harman Smith")
We all know what happens when Garcian isn't controlled by the "government".
If not I'll say it straight up. As can be shown by Target Lion, Garcian makes his own decisions.
(This exactly what Linda Vermilion suggested that he should do.)
This is the only part of the game where you can actually affect the outcome, because Garcian finally broke free from the "reality" that the "government" subjected him to.

The government had nothing to fear about Garcian as long as the government made Garcian believe that he was serving a greater good.
I suppose this is exactly what young Harman meant when he told Garcian that he is constantly being monitored by the government.
However this leads moi to a contradicting question.
What government does young Harman work for?
Why does he help Matsuken?,Why does he appoint Linda Vermilion as your new contracter? (Who incidentally killed the former contracter, Chris Mills.),
Why did Young Harman bother to tear down the walls
that was keeping Garcian from living life outside of his bubble?

With Samantha dead, & Mills shot full of lead, there's nobody else around in Garcian's immediate life who could influence him into believing the reality that he was living.

Note: Notice that Garcian learned the truth about the Killer 7 a couple of hours after the deaths of both Samantha & Chris Mills. Had the truth been delayed to Garcian any longer, it's possible that suitable replacements for both Mills & Samantha would've filled in as successors to their roles.
(Linda Vermilion doesn't count since her ideals & allegiance are most likely loyal to a foreign government.)

合衆国政府に雇われた情報屋としては不自然な面がある。 黒のコートの下は素肌に近い大胆な服装の美女。劇中一度しか登場せず、その行動には謎が多い。

Linda Vermilion
There is an unnatural aspect to the informer. Her speech and behavior denies the United States national interest and the dependence of the government, yet she is also employed by the United States government.
More speculation about Linda's background.

Further more, both Matsuken who Young Harman sent to Coburn in Smile, & Linda Vermilion are directly tied to young Harman.
What doesn't compute in my mind is that this Harman seems to be affiliated with Japan.
(Or at least I assume so with Young Harman's association with Matsuken, & his association with Linda Vermilion whom I suspect to be a "secret Japanese member" judging by the whole Meiko Kaji / Female Convict Scorpion homage that she has going on.)

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