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  If Reality is Fiction,and Fiction is Reality? Does that imply if I were KILL to you right where you stand,would it be considered IMAGINARY or a TRAGEDY!!!? I've spoken to GOD yesterday. The great one told me to "!!!aKKuFahtoM flesruoY LLiK" was that an archaic language,or was GOD speaking in ?
The size of the world has changed. It's changed to where you can control it with your hands, just like a pda. The world will keep getting smaller.


Kun Lan Heaven Smile Yakumo Battleship Island "The Eastern Threat"

"It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge."

-Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"), Vol. I

Quick fact: Optimus Prime is Jewish.

Kun Lan

He's Tibetan half Chinese. Kun Lan is the son of a governor.,
and born as an adult He is known to be an incarnation of the demon, Marla Parpiner.
At the tender age of three,Kun Lan became the leader of underground societies.
His power has made him known as "God's Hand."
Kun Lan's objective is the destruction of nations, using billions of Heaven Smiles.
Perhaps he dreams of a world of freedom, or utter chaos & anarchy.

Kun Lan was killed by Harman 30 years ago, but has since resurfaced. Officially the root of all evils, having created the Heaven Smile terrorists. Wields the power of the "God Hand," embodying the power of gods.
He mass produces Heaven Smile terrorists, and is aiming to bring ruin to the world.
In reality he's simply just playing a game of chess with his good old friend, sympathetic companion,& foe Harman Smith.
The world just happens to be their chessboard.

The catastrophe from the east, who has chosen a U.N. party upstart,Kenjiro Matsuoka to be his messiah.


Heaven Smile
The Smiling faces. They are the group of individuals who broke the harmony of the one world serenity, & have caused paranoia of terrorism throughout the world Heaven Smile are people who are touched by Kun Lan's "God Hand," lose their mind, and run wild. Once they become a "Heaven Smile," they turn into walking time bombs,and self-destruct wherever they can find people around.

What's more, they are able to camouflage themselves, and disappear into the urban landscape, making them nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. They're always smiling. If you hear one of their wicked laughs, watch out, for danger is near.



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Toru Fukushima:"It's a really old story... Union 7,a group made up of 7 young men drew up the Yakumo party cabinet policy. The heat of factional politics eventually broke down the Union 7. It was like a warm welcome in the world of politics. It became clear to me then... This country didn't have what it took to compete with the rest of the world."

Note: Japan's U.N. Party may have engineered the majority of the 10 million secret Japanese members spread across the globe.
The following are portions of an excerpt about the Yakumo from James
Clinton Howell's Plot FAQ that I have rewritten with my own perspective.

Yakumo = (Ya)eight (kumo)clouds

Japan is controlled by the politicians of their United Nations Party. The U.N. party of the Japanese government is in possession of the Yakumo. It is a cabinet policy which was created in 1953, by young members of the Liberal party called the Union Seven. The Yakumo was a modified cabinet policy which was created in order to bring (political) power back to the right wing. The right wing if given complete control will bring power back to the Japanese military forces.

As shown by Andrei Ulmeyda of the "Cloudman" scenario, people only judge a book by it's cover. Much similar to Ulmeyda's "First Life" corporation that only ran commercials, the title of Japan's "United Nations" party is but an illusion, and only a United Nations party in name only. Most likely to appease both their eastern & western neighbors, while still free of suspicion to accomplish their (Japan) goals.
The United Nations party within Japan are mostly composed of actors who are only playing the part of a politician.
The word "Actors" refers to a collective of individuals who take part in an orchestrated play that we call politics. When Toru Fukushima refers to politics itself. He's merely inferring about the inner nature of how politics is represented to the masses.


Politics : More or less a circus for your distraction. Voting does not equal democracy when "public servants" all take their orders, not from the people, but from their own greed or their puppet masters. In the US there is the breakdown of Liberal/Conservative. Mere ego identification, since they are both the same.

Source:Psychopathology of Politics

Note: The real life equivalent to the Yakumo Cabinet policy would be the "New American Century" manifesto
Vice president Dick Cheney, one of the founding members who created the project for the "New American Century"
Which is a Neo Conservative think tank that was devised in Washington D.C. by a small influential group of Neo Conservatives who wanted to see the United States transform into a benevolent ruler that would go unopposed & unchallenged. (No interference from the U.N., & other non involved 3rd parties.)
This declaration affords the United States the ability to skirt the bullet around the edges of international laws & the Geneva convention in the name of spreading "democracy & freedom" to the Middle East & the 3rd world.
This charter was created years before George Bush Jr. came into power. (1997 to be exact.) The similarity & relation between the Yakumo Cabinet Policy & the New American Century is that they are both cleverly veiled attempts at legalizing their right to control & occupy the world under the guise of "democracy" or "divine right".

Source: The Third Stage

Battleship Island
The interior & the island of Battleship Island itself are based off the likeness of
Gunkajima (Warship island)

Gunkajima was formerly known as Hashima island. Gunkajima closed down 3 decades ago. Only urban ruins populate the warship island now. The Target: Lion was actually modeled after Gunkajima's ruins.

Travis: "You wanna hear something? I'll tell you straight up, okay? Basically, these talks are a war of proxy for the owner, Fukushima. But the attendees are 3rd-rate bureaucrats. And when the prey is sub-par, so are the assassins. What a charade. The US has given up on the talks. Fukushima was the backbone of the UN Party. But now the UN Party is a toothless organization. These talks will determine the fate of Japan."

Battleship Island is a Japanese military stronghold, that serves as a hub for the creation of Heaven Smiles.

During February 2010 an onslaught of about 200 missiles were launched toward Japan. It was the "Eastern Threat" that initiated thy attack. I assume the unprovoked attack is due to some unsettled disputes in the far east. Who or what were the "Eastern Threat" is never specifically identified, but I believe that the main powers behind the eastern threat were China, or North Korea,& possibly Russia. With South Korea & Singapore playing second fiddle to either China or India. Taiwan is unspoken for as they're the only nation in the east that's still on somewhat mutual/friendly terms with Japan. Or at least when compared to other nations of the East.

Japan is not in possession of their own Defense System, As such Japan does not have the ability to launch "the fireworks." (The explosion that occurs when missiles collide.)
Their survival as a country is completely reliant on the United States. However the U.S. delayed their response in order to see the true "test of Japan's value". Sadly the consensus amongst the countries of the world feel that Japan is not worth saving, and not a single one of them feel any remorse for the eminent demise of Japan. With the destruction of the Japanese government, the former Japanese territories would be open bounty for all neighboring countries.

The fate of Japan rests in Toru Fukushima's hands, but if he were to fall who would have the ability needed to follow in his foot steps?...


"The Eastern Threat"
Note: The term, the "Eastern Threat" was coined by Suda51 during an interview in the brady games strategy guide.

Disgruntled Korean man feasts on the Japanese flag. A dramatic political statement to say the least,
but not very effective.

In order to understand the predicament that Killer 7's Japan is in. You must first educate yourself about the current geopolitics of the Asian hemisphere. Out in the east, almost all social ills,& problems within their society (Mostly China & Korea.) no matter how unrelated the events may be, are usually erroneously attributed to Japan. Why you may ask? Because it is a political maneuver meant to divert negative attention away from the "Eastern governments" ,and place all the blame on Japan, the scapegoat of Asia. For the collective will of Asia still feels that Japan must pay for their transgressions during WW II.

Click here for a more detailed account about the Eastern threat!

Members of Parliament

Here's a basic rundown of the three key players of the "Eastern Threat".

CHINA: The Chinese have always been the center of Asia ever since the beginning of time.
The Chinese dynasties of ages past were said to be the Eastern equivalent of the Roman Empire.
All Asian nations in the world have originated from either China or India.
The Chinese take great pride in this fact, and often gloat about it to their asian neighbors.
As followers of the religious Confucian doctrine they have been brought up to believe that they are the fathers of Asia.
The Middle Kingdom otherwise known as the Sleeping Lion.
However during the 19th to early 20th century their status as a global power began to diminish due to a combination of both foreign invasion, and a string of corrupt/weak imperial Chinese dynasties that were emperors at the time.
China longs for the days when they were the most dominate & only political/economical power in Asia.
Many individuals have speculated that China might rise back to power within this century or the next.
They are a communist nation that happens to regulate most if not all info that can be seen by the public.
(Many website's are blocked out in the Chinese internet.)
China only has one sanctioned history book that is used in the education system.
Much of it is fabricated propaganda to further the Chinese agenda.
China has a legitimate case to antagonize Japan since they were directly affected by the "Nanjing Massacre".

JAPAN: An Island nation of dubious origin, though it is believed that the earliest ancestors of the current Japanese (YAYOI) were once inhabitants of the Korean Peninsula.
Through out the history of asia the Japanese have always been considered feudal savages, pagan,& nothing more than a backward nation that would amount to nothing.
If the Chinese are considered the Father in Confucian belief, Korea would be the Son. Japan being the youngest would be forced to follow the whims of the elder nations that came before her.

Although Japan chosed not to comply, and they even had the gall to ignore the authority of both Korea & China during the Sengoku Jidai period of war.
This brings us to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, successor of Oda Nobunaga.
After uniting most of Japan underneath his banner. Hideyoshi decided to go on a conquest to invade & consume Chinese territory.
However there was one nation that stood between them and it was Korea.
Hideyoshi sent envoys to convince Korea to stand aside for the Japanese war effort.
Korea being the son of China refused & denied Japan access to China.
This resulted in a war between the 3 countries.
The Japanese were pushed back to Japan with the aid of the Chinese reinforcements.
Decades later Japan became the only non white world power that had the means necessary to confront Western imperialism.
Coincidentally this made Japan the most dominant force in Asia.
Which pretty much means that they completely disrespected the Confucius belief to always follow & stand below their elders.

A century later due to a lack of natural resources, and an embargo imposed on them by the United States, Japan again pursued conquest of Asia.
It is during this period of time where Japan gains the majority of their infamous notoriety.
After their defeat in WW II, Japan reforms as a pacifist nation, and has become an economical power thanks to the efforts of the USA.
Currently they are being ostracized by neighboring Asian countries for deeds they have committed during WW II, and even the Sengoku Jidai.
(Which occurred a couple centuries earlier.) Asians also accuse Japanese of being wannabe American, because Japan  seems to care more about their relationship to the United States rather than the other Asian countries.
Many Asians fear that Japan is planning to remilitarize, and unleash hell amongst the Asian populace once again.
They are accused for revising history within their history books.
Although it is true that some Japanese history books teach revisionist history that serves as propaganda for the interest of remilitarizing Japan.
It should be noted that as a democratic nation the Japanese have access to more than one "history' as Japan carries many history books that allows students to decide for themselves which history is the "true" history.

KOREA: Korea is perhaps one of China's most loyal tributary states. Unlike Japan, Korea actually respected their father, son relationship with China.
However it is this relationship with China that probably causes Korea to be so erratic with all foreign nations.
Unlike Japan, Korea hasn't really achieved anything of much merit, and pretty much spent their whole history in the world being invaded by foreign countries (Russia, Japan), and paying tribute to countries mightier than them. (China, Japan)
In my opinion the collective will of Korea feels cheated, because Japan a nation that was often regarded by both the Chinese & Koreans as barbaric pig footed monkeys are actually much more recognized in the world than Korea is.
As such Korea has currently had one goal in mind, and that is to be a more powerful, recognized & respected country than Japan will ever be.
The Japanese & Koreans often share similarities with each other, because one of the royal blood lines of Japan happens to be of Korean descent.
It's due to this fact that some individuals in Korea believes that all things Japanese are actually Korean. (Anime,manga,J-pop,Karate,Samurai,etc.)

Korea's eternal grudge first began when Hideyoshi invaded Korea in order to gain access to China.
In the beginning of the 1900's Korea was annexed by the Japanese, but today's Koreans believe that the japanese usurped control of Korea. Well actually I should stop here. Much of Korea's current history has been fabricated so it's hard to tell the difference between the fabrications & the reality.
The only absolute truth that I can come up with is that Korea is a living paradox that proclaims to be democratic yet happens to be anti-Japan & anti-American.  (Mostly for illogical reasons.)
The United States is usually their next target, whenever they're not busy defacing Japan.
They're conditioned to believe that all zapanese are short legged imperialist midget monkeys, and Americans are immorally corrupt barbaric baboons. What's quite ironic about South Korea is that they spend the majority of their time worrying about an Imperial Japan that no longer exists when the dictatorship of North Korea should be the far more immediate problem to Korea's national security. (Actually it's because most Koreans are taught in school to revere Kim Dong)
A reoccurring theme about Korea is that they seem to antagonize every country that tries to help them out,
For a country that is so opposed to "Zapan" one wonders why the educational system mirrors that of the Japanese WW II wartime propaganda that was being taught to Zapanese during WW II. Than again this is the same country that makes anti-America songs utilizing American styles of music. (Rock, Rap)


My opinions on the three countries in a straight forward un-pc blunt manner are

China: Worthless snobbish aristocracy that has been recently regaining it's past wealth & status. Many speculate that they might become the next super power. (I doubt it though. China doesn't have a big enough middle class.)

Japan: Worthless thugs that turned out to be far more resourceful than they were originally thought to be.  To the point that they even surpassed China's leading role in Asia for most of the 19th & 20th century. (Japan is in a state of stagnation & their situation is only getting worse. The rising sun is about to reach it's dusk.)

Korea: A worthless parasite that's amounted to nothing for the majority of it's whole history. While their economy is catching up to Japan, their political methods are even worse than Japan's. Resorting to mostly fabricated historical distortions to try to convince the world of Korean superiority. (Even though they get their asses kicked in more wars than the French ever did.  So I can't really see how they could fool anybody. )

 So who's right & who's wrong

It's the fault of all three countries combined. Japan is the country that should be blamed the most, not because of their war time atrocities, but because of their pacifist nature that has led the asian hemisphere into becoming the quagmire of geo political chaos that it is today. Japan's silence gave China & Korea enough room to convince the world around them that Japan is practicing a revisionist history. Which isn't too far from the truth, as a couple of history books do tell a slightly altered story that occurred differently from reality.
However what Korea & China neglect to mention is that they too are also teaching a revisionist history to their people as well, and it is  a far more critical problem in Korea & China, because the only historical text that most citizens have access to in those nations happen to be the one that teaches the fabrications.
(Korea & China are trying to take advantage of the fact that most outsiders don't speak Korean or Chinese. So they can act like they are paragons of virtue in front of the world.)

In a sense the term "Sneaky yellow bastards" describes the entire "Eastern Threat" ordeal in a nutshell.



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