Game Info:

Title: Killer 7
Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture inc.
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Action/Adventure
Theme: Acid Noir
Year: XXXXXXXX 06/09/05 XXXXXXXX 07/07/05 XXXXXXXX 07/15/05
System: Gamecube,PS2


Final sales: 370,000 worldwide
Killer 7 (PS2, GC)
- 12,000 units in Japan
- 150,000 units in North America
- 100,000 units in Europe

FAMITSU SCORE: 9,9,8,10 

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The Killer7 SINdicate site is such a pain in the ass to both edit and navigate so I have hot linked the individual links for easy acess.The K7Sin had a conspiracy theory satire theme during 05-09.The layout even replicated typical conspiracy site styled web design which caused the layout to be a hindrance to navigate..

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