• Generation 7 Gaming Retrospection

    Come & ride with me on my journey with Gen 7 starting from the Xbox360 to my eventual end with the 3DS. I shall be elucidating an in-depth account of my own experiences regarding the systems' exclusives, online service, durability, customer service, & rate of personal customer satisfaction. 

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  • Japanese Avant-Garde Soundscape

    Ranging from Shibuya-kei, Trip-hop, to even some of their Rap & R&B. Japan is home to an eclectic soundscape of rhythmic beats overlaid with abstract compositions & production which are punctuated by soft-spoken whispery voices that evoke both an aura of tranquility, and an absolute creeping horror.

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  •  Sexy, exotic, but obscure JAV Actresses.

    There's an interesting story to be told regarding the obscure actresses of JAV's past and present. Everybody knows of Maria Ozawa, a gorgeous mixed-race woman of mediocre Kama sutra talent, but what about all the other exotic women of equal or superior beauty who not only have never been a success, they also have had to subject themselves to far more embarrassing acts of indecency just for a third of Ozawa's paycheck.  NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

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  • Intro to South Korean pop-culture

    I've been told many times before that South Korean entertainment is just an imitation of American produce.  While this is indeed true in terms of marketing & gimmicks. I find that this generalization eschews the abundant creative wealth which is ready & willing to be plundered by all those who know exactly where to look. Lucky for you, I am your cultural tour guide who shall guide your way to cultural illumination.

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